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When I started this blog over ten years ago, I stated that it was a "Bicycle and guitar oriented elixir. ". Well, the "guitar" part sort of got pushed out by the bicycle stuff, but I've always been playing.

Hopefully ya'll enjoy the change in pace.

I'll post something periodically throughout the year.

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"The Rover," out in U. S. theaters on Friday, follows a lone character, Eric, who has his car stolen and embarks on a journey to recover it, handling threats and obstacles along the way. Australian director Michod created a stark, stripped down, decaying setting in the outback of his native country and said he was inspired by his "despair" at the world today. "I felt like I was literally making a movie that was set in a strange, dangerous and inhospitable version of the present day," the director said. And yet, Michod said he still wanted to feature some hope for Eric, played by Guy Pearce, who finds it in an unlikely friendship with Rey, played by Robert Pattinson. Rey, an American petty criminal left for dead, is rescued by Eric and forms a bond with the introverted man, who takes him on a journey to recover his car and reunite Rey with his brother. and again some mind blowing creations from Japan. custom capital of the world found on the fantastic daikoube blog. The Employment Law Update webinar series, presented by Miller Law Group and produced by EKO, is a free monthly series focusing on hot topics in labor and employment law. More:. Rick's website, Quantum Cafe, is also worthy of your curious perusal. I have a patient who I see regularly for my second job as a per diem Visiting Nurse. Interestingly, her mother-in-law, who lives with her as well, was a patient of mine seven years ago when I was a full-time Visiting Nurse. Although the redundancy and sameness of the visits can sometimes feel monotonous, their collective and individual sweetness keeps things fresh, and I see it as yet another opportunity to be loving and accepting of others. This particular patient is not very educated and has lived a very sheltered life. Be that as it may, these professional therapeutic relationships are a way to open one's heart to those who one might not encounter otherwise. My patient sleeps in a hospital bed near the front window of the cramped room, and her husband sleeps in another hospital bed along the adjacent wall. I call my patient's name softly, take off my coat as she stirs in her bed, her husband snoring loudly across the room. "A local man has been jailed in connection with the armed robbery of a local convenience store in north Shreveport. ". I finally did it. A few of my scrapbooking friends have been encouraging me to jot down some of my ideas and put something together in a book form, and I was approached by Big Picture Classes and Ella Publishing about a year ago to put an eBook together for them. I wasn't sure what people might want to learn from me, but the folks at BPC/Ella wanted to know why I choose the embellishments that I choose in my work and tips on how to embellish more effectively. So. Look who moved into the duckhouse nursery today! Seven little sweeties. Hello little one. I put all the babies in a bucket today to carry them out to the duckhouse. Normally when I do this, the mama duck freaks out. She throws herself at me, then chases after me as I carry her babies out. Occasionally she is waylaid by a sex-craved drake en route. When I returned for her, she was sitting there with a slightly bewildered look on her face. If you want to know what may have acculturated Friday's initial encampment in SF, this one nugget was just the beginning.

The implication of this on customary Land tenure system is that no holder of customary or statutory right of occupancy can alienate this right of occupancy without the consent of the Local Government Chairman or State Governor, as the case may be and if the alienation is done without the necessary consent, S.

Alienation simply means to assign by away of conveyance, mortgage, lease, sub – lease or part with possession of the land in whatever way by the holder. From this side of the desk, I can tell you that it’s a harrowing experience to sort out the pitches I heard and the flood of requested submissions that fills my inbox in the days and weeks following a conference. Most often, what I receive is quite different from what I was expecting, and this can be a disappointment or a pleasant surprise. If there’s one thing that I could share – which I’ve repeated to the numerous writers I’ve met this year – it’s that pitching your book and writing your book are two very different skills. Some writers embrace this and approach the pitch with energy and optimism. Others feel that it’s a form of torture, which we sadistic publishing industry folk enjoy putting them through. Whether you view it as fun or evil, you should think of it as necessary. It's a really nice feeling when you can look around and find happiness in everything. It took me a lot of long years to be able to open my eyes and really see all the gifts around me. I know I JUST talked about our garden, but it makes me so happy to go out there and grab what I need! Also, this ring! All of the rings I loved the most got stolen when our house got broken into this year. This one dropped to the floor and survived. Its been a heavy day in the studio today! Ian has been laying down drums for a couple of the tracks on the new album. The vibe is is great, but theres much work to do!Photos following soon!/Europe. With our friend Lola, who is now the mayor of the village, we paid a visit to the top of the tower. The views are amazing in every direction.

Looking east, in the far distance are the Ports de Beceite, the range of mountains which separate us from the Mediterranean.

To the south our house on the right with the ermita to the left look as though they're in the middle of the countryside - well, ours is the last, or maybe the first, house in the village. To the north you can see the viaduct which was the old railway line crossing the Rio Matarraña and is now the Via Verde. To the west, you can see along the Matarraña valley and make out the road bridge which leads into the village. The inside of the church still needs a lot of work. When you always think you found the love of your life and you realize it was not. The "Love & Tears" kit is about all that I've tried to express the best I could these sentiments. The show went great. We had a lot of fun, and we raised a lot of money for an amazing cause. The fashion show is the FAB's major fund raising event of the year, and the money that we raise is used to fund several important programs, including our monthly Pizza Nights, Educate and Create, Parent-to-Parent training and support, holiday gifts for NICU families, and our popular Annual NICU Reunion. These programs and gifts support and touch the lives of families during what is often a very emotional and stressful time, and often have a lasting positive impact on NICU families. The girls were good and cooperative for the most part. I can't say it went off without a hitch. Anna had a better inward half than Louise and Nicola. Then Louise had a better last three than Nicola. H/T to The Deacon's Bench. Ever since I can remember I always had crushes on boys. My first crush's name was Tristan. he had blond hair and was sooo cute. I don't get crushes on boys anymore, excluding my husband and Robert Pattinson, but I do get crushes on pretty little things. parking on the Cambrian apron. He might still need their financial support in his next endeavor, so he's more likely to make their biggest concerns a priority. "Obama is going to be a very young when he is done his second term," Rabe said. "Who knows what he'll do next, but we've never seen a president so engaged in ongoing fundraising. He's continuing to court donors. It doesn't surprise me that their voices seem to have influenced this new agenda. ". Hello my dear friends, I'm finally here with you!!!! It was a very busy time for me indeed!!!! I'm so glad to show you some pictures of my wonderful market in Formigine, I think pictures are talking by them self!!! Thanks to ladies who came to visit my table and to all my dearest friends I met there.

You're all special!!! Buongiorno care, eccovi finalmente qualche foto di Formigine 'Fili senza tempo'.

A presto amiche. xxx Niky. When you get a chance, take a peek at our blog hop. It is pretty awesome. The winners will be announced Monday night on the Unity blog. The capital city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife stages Europe’s largest carnival and the world’s second biggest outside Brazil. It's about enjoying the satirical approach - through costumes, songs and skits - to popular characters, public figures, situations and events in pure, light-hearted fun. Inspirational Quote of the Day:"Nothing will work unless you do. " - Maya Angelou Nothing will work unless you do.

The night's cold still lingering and the sun is keeping itself tucked away.

Inspirational crystal quote of the day: "The future starts today, not tomorrow. " - Pope John Paul II It's as if mother nature knows when the festivities are over. Nice day to sleep in and have some coffee, maybe read a book. I made marshmallows for all of my little friends yesterday. I will be sending them with homemade cocoa mix.

I like making marshmallows because they taste about a million times better than store bought, they are fun to make and you can make them without using high fructose corn syrup.

Let that sit. You can use light Karo syrup if the whole corn syrup thing doesn't bother you but I use Lyle's Golden Syrup instead. I would very much like to introduce you today to Jen Arnall-Culliford. It is a mountainous task but Jen is the sort of girl who loves a challenge! We work very closely together on every pattern, in our efforts to give the knitter the best pattern possible, without radically altering the design. Jen has agreed to write some blog posts explaining some of the more challenging situations we are encountering and how even so, we are managing to maintain the integrity of the original designs.

So over to Jen.