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Updated: The Plush bedroom has now been updated with separated mattress and frame. I also fixed the lamp issue, so now it should look correct when lit. Finally, I fixed the shine issue on the hamper. Wheels- They make the bike go around. These are from Red Bear Products You know, I was thinking again about wheels. Without them, bicycles are impossible. Wheels are obviously super important, but they even helped define things besides the bicycle. In fact, the front wheels on the old "ordinary" rigs were so big, overshadowing the tiny rear stabilizer wheels, early riders were dubbed "Wheelmen". Yes- it's all about the wheel. Wheels even tick people off for no other reason than they are different from each other. Maybe some people feel threatened that their wheel size will disappear, while others may think you do not need a different wheel size. North Jersey features a collaborative project which has resulted in an opera based on Jane Eyre. Although both were on the faculty of New York University, township residents Louis Karchin and Diane Osen did not meet until they brought their children to a local preschool. The opera is Karchin’s second, but for Osen, who wrote the libretto for "Jane Eyre," it is her first.

This week we have some beautiful wintry colors for you: mountain top, icy blue, and snowflake.

And here is the card that I created: For this card, I used the Four Framed Snowflakes set from Hero Arts. I added a little glitter and some white ink.

I like the tile look of this, especially with the sparkle.

You can join us by linking up your creation over at The Play Date Cafe Blog. While you're there, you can check out the Cup of the Week prize from our fabulous challenge sponsor, ScrapbookPal. Hi there, friends! TGIF, right?I am popping in to share the card I made for Bill for his birthday. I am stamping up a storm, but you'll have to wait until Sunday to see what I've been up to. Until then, something from the archives.

I know I'm not the only one that loves the postage themed items popping up in the papercrafting world.

There is something I find so appealing about those office typed things. For this card, I started with a card front that had been die cut using the Postage Stamps dies from Spellbinders. I bought these and this is the first time I've used them. I love the way they look, and think I need to a make a point to set them out on my desk. Doctors who get all their diabetes "education" from newsletters that summarize recent research in oversimplified sound bites have misinterpreted two recent studies in a way that is starting to hurt people. But this is not the case here. These people are controlling with diet.


". Nam Nguyen has had his share of challenges. He moved to the United States from Vietnam when he was in the eighth grade and encountered a major culture shock. When he transferred into Mansfield ISD, Nguyen said everything was going well. Now that he’s a senior, he has a set routine of going to school during the day and earning college credits at night. But he said the news he received earlier this year nearly sent him on a downward spiral. “He went to doctors, and they kept giving him allergy medicine, but it kept getting worse. We fly the American Flag on Far Guy’s garage. When I was in fifth and sixth grade, the students put up the flag in the morning and took it down at the end of the school day. It was then that I learned about the flag and how it should never touch the ground and how to fold it properly. Do you know that each fold means something? I did but that is probably only becauseI am an avid reader and I read about it someplace!. Ah, memories of our anniversary trip to Massachusetts! More of the usual silliness. We have had an early week of summer. In fact it has been warmer this week than it is sometimes during the summer. I went to town without a coat. I put away my good snow boots, and resurrected my crocs. I will wear them with socks if it gets cold again. My down parka is still hanging at the ready. I might need it yet this spring. No one has dared to carry the snow shovel away yet. the building is rooted in the slope between the two sports fields of the school.

the structures are connected with a bridge that is open to the elements which curves and mimics the topography of the site.

an angled exterior pattern of trapezoids and triangles along the platform, south edifice and roof surface of the institution creates a rhythmic language which is modeled after the vertical and horizontal architectural facades. via. Leggi l'articolo pubblicato su "Industria vicentina" cliccando sul link . There has to be a better way as it seems that every weekend that a New York Ranger or New York Islander prospect is playing this insane schedule. All rightie. Vacation knitting. It is a practice sock and I'm still not sure I'm knitting it's mate.

I have ALWAYS really, really liked June.

Right now Paris is covered in colorfulvines. This building in the Maraiswas just dripping with them. Yo see more ABC posts, go here. EMIRA IZZATI BINTI ABDUL AZIZ NURFARAHEEN BTE RAMLI NURHIDAYAH BINTI ZAINU SITI FATIMAH BINTI SULAIMAN. Clothes make the man. I am not certain I agree with that. But I do agree that new clothes can make a man feel new. When I was a dashing young captain, putting on a fresh mess dress uniform made me feel like Beau Geste. Or should that be Beau Brummel? Whatever. It made me feel as if the republic was in good hands. I added a new picture of Ernests Gulbis this morning to the brflines site. While I was watching some tournament on TV that featured a Gulbis match, they said that he was the son of some kind of Latvian industrial magnate. Hmm? Cute and rich. I just wanted to send a note out that all calls for designers are now closed. This includes new Design team Members for Sketchabilities, Cardabilities and Sketch Designers.

Those selected have been emailed and once confirmations have been returned, i will put the announcment up.

There's an interesting snippet in this Melissa Kite article for the Telegraph. If true, it's rather a damp ending to Nick Clegg's self-declared ignition of the debate over government interference where it is not wanted. Mr Clegg himself has abandoned a Bill to "get rid of bad law", palming it off on the Home Office, and so appears to have distanced himself from Tory attempts to free the citizen from unnecessary interference. Hold on, Nick. This was your great big bells and whistles triumph. Your attempt to stamp your mark on history. Or, as you yourself termed it:"As we tear through the statute book, we'll do something no government ever has: we will ask you which laws you think should go,"Then came that video, of course. You know, the one where it became apparent that people were asking for things that Clegg's party didn't much fancy. Izithakazelo Zakwa Sishi Sishi, Nzimase, Mathenjwa, Ncwaba!. by Dan Phillips Ask a group of Biblically faithful Christians how God is known. Some will likely answer, "In Christ.

" Others, "Through the Bible.

" I had just such an array when I asked the other day, as we have been studying how God reaches out to us and how we must respond. Well, which response is right? Broadly, one could say that three answers have been given in the history of the Christian church.

Taking "A" as representing "In Christ," and B as "Through the Bible," we can treat them thus:A, not so much B.

This would be broadly the view of Christianoid liberalism of all stripes. Inspirational crystal quote of the day: “Play for each other, not yourself. Win each moment. Win each inning. It's all we have left. Surf and sun grace us this morning after a dreary yesterday. Beautiful sunrise is reflecting through the crystals and radiating pure stoke and joy across the town. " - Abraham LincolnGood morning to the second day of October all of you surfers of the deep.

The swell that was here is now in it's death rattle as we are currently experiencing diminishing returns.

but what the heck! Take a little break between the swells as there is ALWAYS another one on its way. CHANNEL: Still a little something here as the set waves look to be waist + but not a lot of oomph left behind these little churners as the swell 'Fades Away' like the Buddy Holly tune. PATCH: The Patch is back to it's former self. Morning overcast already giving way to blue skies. Super smooth and glassy ocean with low tide conditions right now. Still a little bit of S swell remaining from a very steep angle. Small surf conditions and perfect for beginners. Pack the SUV and bring the whole family. Road construction crew in the center of Brighton so SLOW for the cone zone. CHANNEL: Thigh high waves making an effort in the Channel as tide starts filling in. Happy Earth Day. Overcast skies with patches of blue and the sun trying to burn its way through. Ocean surface is smooth and south swell showing up with a bit more surf than earlier in the week. Channel: Very low tide but the Groin bar is working. Nice little spinning left in the thigh high size. Rideable on a longboard and insinde on something smaller. Patch: South swell showing here.

Outside waves and small horizon lines.

Waves in the thigh to waist high size. Batata Harra recipe consists of potatoes, cayenne pepper, coriander, and garlic which are all fried together in olive oil. In a pan saute cilantro, garlic and olive oil, add potatoes and toss, season with salt and pepper. I've got some more scans of Ben for tomorrow. Bradford, starring William Powell and Jean Arthur. The film is part of what I call the Husband and Wife Detective Team genre. I did enjoy the movie, which sped by at a brisk eighty minutes. But The Ex-Mrs. Will you put your money to someone you know nothing about at exchange centre and give him position in noble club which you created?What if I would be cabal?My name is Peter Kasaj and I dare to say Im truth seeker. My intention was to challenge you for this response and you did,howewer you didnt answered if cabal have hands in this global change.

You instead answered translating ''how dare you say or ask such things'I received atleast answer about Jesus lineage which is fascinating and new to me.

I think I will explore this stuff more deeply. I apologize for my unconventional methods how to pull informations from someone otherwise you would never respond. We in dinarland are played like testing mouses atleast I catch you now?Thats the problem when we see deeper into rabbit hole,where truth resides,its like addiction to me. I think is better look for truth and ask unconvenient questions than sitting in the couch and watching lies. .