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To quote J. A. ” This man was named Desiderius Erasmus and through his eyes we can see Bibles whose roots stem from the Apostles and whose branches spread around the globe, bearing the fruit of the Reformation Bibles, such as the German Luther, French Olivetan, Italian Diodati, Spanish Reina-Valera, and the King James Bible. In Erasmus of Christendom by Roland H. Bainton we are told that Erasmus’ father became a priest and went to Rome, supporting himself there by copying manuscripts. Mangan also says that because of their location in Holland this group was not tainted by many of the heresies of the Roman Church. This week was fun, in that it illustrated just how much of a difference weather conditions can make. For much of the week I was in chilly DC, which was just about perfect temperature for running. But I flew down to Tampa on Wednesday for a two day conference, returning on Friday afternoon. Which meant that I did Friday's scheduled workout of two miles at tempo/half-mile jog/one mile hard in Florida, on a bike trail abutting Old Tampa Bay. It was tough getting out there, but I dug deep.

Nothing horrible, but still a shock to my January-in-DC prepped system.

All I can say is that it is too bad this years Fargo Adventure ride won't be taking in a ride on "Mr. Raftypants".


But sometimes we have had just too many sweets! How do we use self control, When the smooth creamy fudge is calling my name? Or those cute little Christmas cookies Cut out and baked and frosted with care look so tantalizing! They sparkle and look cheery and bright. Eat and enjoy His sweet leading in what we eat and drink! Whether you eat or drink do it all unto the Glory of the Lord. Cake and goodies can be eaten and enjoyed Because He has made provision. A dirty joke can be a work of knowing absurdity: witness Benjamin Law on Jane Eyre's core strength. Here is my video nasty-themed effort:. The Sheriff’s Office has been on hand unloading Christmas trees at the MARC House this season. He replaces Kevin Adams, a Bristol Bay fisherman, in the position. Ketchikan fisherman Tomi Marsh was elected board vice chair. She replaces Mark Palmer, president of Ocean Beauty Seafoods. Mine workers arrested during a union strike in South Africa have been charged with murder. They said the shootings were in self-defence. "The violence was sparked by a wage dispute at the mine and a turf war between rival trade unions. The shootings caused uproar in South Africa and around the world, and led to President Jacob Zuma denying the killings were a government directive. Del Zotto earned the game's second star for his efforts so now that Del Zotto is "healthy" then we want to see more nights like these. That is the price a first round pick has to pay when the microscope is on you. We also do believe that by mid-season that we will be shocked if Del Zotto is still wearing a General's uniform. C. Not much is yet known about the other two.

I am a big one for making lists - grocery lists, to do lists, lists of quilts I've made and of quilts I would like to make.

So that I am working on a list of New Year's resolutions isn't a surprise to anyone who knows me!I will not bore you with the lose weight, walk more, be better about taking my meds stuff and just focus on the Quilting and travel "fun" stuff. OK, this has been on my list every years since I first started quilting. Lets just say it is a process! I am planning however clear out the fabrics I have no plan on using in the next two years and donate it.

I also want to finally clear out some craft things that I don't want to pack up and move back to the U.

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The Senate, you may remember, was designed to represent the property owners.

Nice to see the system still works. Two Rights Make a Wrong: Iran has the right to develop a nuclear power industry. And yes, it has the right to develop missiles. But nowhere is it written that they have to be so damned stupid about these things, especially when the US is more than willing to misunderstand. On the Never-Never: The FDIC wants the banks to give it an advance on its allowance. Mexico is starting to talk about being part of the solution to the current drug policy car wreck. On Tuesday, President Calderón announced that he would consider opening a discussion with his government about legalizing drugs in Mexico. That was an amazingly brave statement for a man who is known for his cautious conservatism. Anyone who remembers the body counts of the Vietnam War will recognize the rest of the statistics announced on the same day. If cynics and haters and Carrie Brownstein say there's nothing original happening in today's music, well. plus more, as always. i've finally gotten off my butt and started working on some things around the house. latest addition, a bedskirt to match tay's headboard. i'm having one of those days. where instead on posing gracefully on this old truck, i would be the girl beating her head on it.

You guys, another WIP is done.

I know it's getting a little ridiculous. I need to ride this wave of productivity as long as it lasts! Here is my Orchid Pillow before stuffing. The applique was actually finished soon after the class. I needed a handwork project for last night's TV watching, so I took this out. I had to go find the purple thread that I had been using. Why did I put it away? I rinsed out the blue pen before I went to bed and it was dry by morning. I hope your week has gone well. We can not guarantee people will read your posts, but we know there is a higher chance of people reading your posts and returning to read other posts if you make them interesting with pictures and good hints and tips. and as it turns out both of theseChilled soups are vegetarian. So The Boss has been in the kitchen cooking up a storm.

see photos below.

You can always pick the failing salesman by his devotion to administrative duties. Thus it is with politicians. Today Australia is in recession and All Turnbull and Shorten can talk about is same sex marriage and black fellas' rights to not ever be offended. So, thank your lucky stars you have a National PartyPM leading a gummint which oversees a thriving economy. Everything else is a sideshow. In view of Gravedodger's post below claiming that John Campbell got his arse handed to him by the PM in this interview about the GCSB legislation, I felt obliged to offer an alternative view. I've watched the interview, in which Campbell does indeed struggle to pin down a very slippery corporate-weasel-turned-politician, and note the following points about how cleverly Key manages to sucker the more simple-minded of Campbell's viewers. Key defends his view that the media should be concentrating on snapper quotas because it's a more popular issue. Well, duh - anything that will directly affect you personally is more important to you than arcane constitutional issues, but so what? A quick perusal of Stuff's most popular stories over a few days should be enough to demonstrate that by Key's definition, the truly important issues of the day are celebrity gossip and anything involving tits. Campbell suggests Key's finally agreed to appear and answer questions because National's internal polling shows people aren't happy with his "snapper" blather. Love how you just add a sentiment. We flew into NYC yesterday for a little family getaway- a little work and a little play. I have my favorite stops while I'm here and today we hit up two of them. They are such inspiring little places. I received an email from Adam today and was quite surprised there is a matching p-pad out there for the Bates solo seat I have on the Slow Poke.

Like the solo seat, this p-pad appears to be naugahyde.

Its possible these two seats were separated after birth. The pad is up on Ebay now but its pretty pricy, even with the rips. Good eye Adam!. I honestly haven't followed the event details much but for more information please link to either Born Losers or FMA above. The point of Lost and Found is to level the support playing field. When LFCA works correctly, the newest blogger with the smallest readership can receive the same level of support as the oldest blogger with the largest readership. Please support the list as well as anyone posting announcements below.

Question: Bea, who just started blogging on IF from Brazil, has a question she has asked many times and is not satisfied with the answers she got so far.

The question goes for the lucky ones that got a positive after treatment. scam-job-emails. tk to learn how to tell when a job offer is a scam. Our HR experts have assessed your filled Interview Form/Resume, and noted your impressive educational and professional background. God never judges you but only and always loves you infinitely. Enormous changes are underway as your attitudes and beliefs go through extensive cleansing, releasing, reinterpreting, and renewing in preparation for your imminent awakening. It is imminent, and the chaos and conflict that fills your news channels is a very clear indication of this. Nothing happens to anyone without their agreement and permission.

On Earth that often does not appear to be the case, but that is only because your awareness of your true nature is so deeply buried that you cannot access the knowledge or memory of what you incarnated to do.

It is very confusing for you as you go through your “dark night of the soul” experience feeling lost, alone, and abandoned. .