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Whatever you want! Next weeks challenge is HOLIDAY WISHES! .

With the magazine feature 'in the can' I can take my time and sort out the few problems and get everything up to scratch.

I'm also planning a small extension on the colliery side, with the rest of the washery/loading building, plus a short run-round loop. I've yet to finish the fiddle yard as well, but that should keep me busy in my spare time over winter. Although, I have a dining room to re-plaster and some radiators to replace. Royal Flush swagger.

Robert Dodson shares some more amazing audio he has recorded in his bigfoot research area in Oklahoma.

What's making all that racket? Is it the fabled sasquatch howling?. This is why you can't believe everything you see. People do in fact make fake bigfoot evidence. Whether it's a prank or a hoax, you have to pay attention to things. In this video, a popular prankster shows you how to make fake bigfoot tracks out of things you have at home. If you were out in the woods, would these tracks fool you?. Good Morning Augusta. This morning it is wet, its been raining this morning for quite a while on and off. Overcast with a chance of rain, then rain in the afternoon. Problem You have just created a document service with the wizard. You need the document to contain an unbound value. So, you create a display method on one of the tables, and add a corresponding parm-method to Ax class. Then you refresh the services, but the new field is not presented in the schema. Solution Check the new Axd class. This is why your new parm-method in the Ax class is ignored. P. S. There are actually TODOs added to the auto-generated methods. According the M. K. Hope many turn out for this event, to raise money for a great cause!. Connections made through blogging with the right attitude can make a difference in your life. When I first began to blog, I told Far Guy, I just needed to write for the grand kids, so that they would know more about me someday if they cared to read my drivel.

It had to be that way, for me.

I was a blog reader before I became a blogger. A customer gave me a big bag of peaches, and I have been making all things Peach lately! We had peach ice cream, peach salsa and peach upside down cake. I made the Peach upside down cakes in the small loaf pans so that I could share. I used the CTMH Mayberry and the Workshop on the Go Mayberry stamp set to create a little gift for the customer who gave me the peaches. I was insipred by this post and the creative use of the jar. Sadly it has not had any ink on it till now.

I love the tea pot images in the stamp and they go well with the new Bliss Paper Line.

I don't normally like to feature all room reveals for the Frugal Round-up, but this week I thought it'd be fun. I hope you agree. It's absolutely charming. I am especially enamoured with the bookshelves full of clocks. I love clocks! Next, I think this coral Tween bedroom shared by Lolly Jane is adorable. Love the color palette and that polka-dot wall is darling! Always Chasing Life shared a fresh and pretty laundry room makeover. So many cute details in this one. Anglers CP: The Cuckoo was heard and then it called from around Wintersett Res before it was seen on the east bank. Lepidoptera: The first SPECKLED WOOD was seen SW corner, WRes and then another on the Woodland Walk ACP. . The work of NYC photographer Joanna Van Mulder always manages to blow me away. She manages to create such a lovely little dream world in each of her photographs. Some summertime lesbian reading for the Kindle ok ? I can get horny just reading the descriptions. a woman's first lesbian time. Reruns: The Saudis have pressured the CIA into giving “select Syrian Militants” shoulder-fired weapons capable of downing aircraft. Can't wait to see one of them hit a Russian chopper. But not to worry, ISIS will take them away from the Good Guys and use them to bring down a civilian airliner or two.

” Ryan, who at least wants to pretend to be their leader, said he will pursue major revisions in entitlements.

That may be his price for TPP. VooDoo: A new episode of The Walking Dead Iowa poll shows Bobby Jindal ahead of both Jeb and Carley. This Time It'll Work: Wisconsin, not understanding that every state that has tried drug testing welfare recipients has discovered that the poor do not use drugs any more than the legislators do, and that the testing is a waste of time and money. But of course, in Wisconsin as elsewhere, the point isn't to catch drug users, it's to humiliate those who need assistance. It's the whole thing. It's the jerkwad passenger getting her what-for, it's the tedium of airplane travel utterly relieved in one instant, it's the brilliant means of exit. It is the rare soul who hasn't dreamt of going out in a blaze of glory and saying what he really thinks when he couldn't take one more day at work. At the post office, even those of us who were not disgruntled had to be on the lookout for the ones who were likely to snap. The official post office line is that we don't have any more people snapping than in any other workplace, which would be true if it weren't false. We were all seriously nuts. Some arrived nuts on their first day and others had nuttiness thrust upon them. I don't actually understand it, having always thought it was a rather pleasant and straightforward job, but there were an astonishing number of people around who were royally pissed off at everybody: fellow workers, customers, and definitely the bosses. I believe most of those came pre-packaged with rage and continued to sharpen their own edges as time went on and it became clear that no one ever gets fired. How time flies when you are busy! I can't believe I haven't blogged in such a long time. And its sad to say that it has been even longer since I've sewn, or done anything crafty. Moving into the new house, the holidays and just plain life has seemed to have taken over any spare time that I have these days. But I am hoping with the holidays behind us and the new year upon us, that I'll have some time to start sewing again. Well, that is at least my goal. There has been some exciting news that I have been wanting to share with you for quite some time, but in my lack of blogging time haven't been able to. We are expecting a baby girl in June!!! Yay!! I am so excited. I was so hoping that with this news I would be sewing up a storm in preparation for her arrival, but to my disappointment I haven't sewn one thing for her. Very sad. I have had so many plans and big ideas for when I had a little girl. Oh the things that I was going to make for her. But it hasn't happened yet. the fact is that lot of people who make amigurumi doesn't know how to embroider onto this material, they find very hard giving any expression, to provide with personality their faces. i think this is the most important while making a doll. A SnoRidersWest reporter, Jeff Cooper, has already gone out to Yahk and chatted with the Yahkites! SnowRidersWest put together a great story about my potential trade in Yahk. I've also been talking with proud Yahk resident Penny A. P. She's got all kinds of surprise Yahktivities planned for the trip too! This is going to be fun, I can't wait to get out there. I think Ben capitulated to this virus first but kept pushing himself to go to college. Then Paul got it. "How are you feeling?" I'd say, and he would go through a disturbing little routine of looking at me with watery eyes and saying Uhhhh? and wiggling his fingers over his head while putting his chin in the air and waving his head from side to side. And now that's exactly how I feel. Very Uhhhhh and very much like something is wrong in my head, besides the usual. So I am lying in bed with a teacup and a thermometer beside me and my head anointed with mint oil, which is supposed to stop headaches, and since I have lots of time to think, I am thinking that it's too bad we only live one lifetime. John Moss Family. Watch this video to see how it works!. Later, it became the grassroots arm of Obama for America. How about a little holiday packaging. We are getting ready for Easter around here, What's better than a few chocolate bunnies to have on the Easter table? Eating their ears off! Haahaaa!. We used the molds from the craft stores and dark chocolate. Used the cello bags to package them and tied linen thread at the top and added the tag. Research is highly important factor to the success of your paper especially that you will depend greatly on data and information from various sources. Research MBA dissertation help hone the ability of the student to do investigative study and simultaneously influence their critical thinking. Research Methods in Your MBA Dissertation Research MBA dissertation writing methods are widely used by many students in order to simplify its research on its MBA dissertation. It is important in the research process to decide which of these modes can help attain your purpose effectively. Utilize books, magazines, encyclopedias, lab reports, historical documents, recordings, etc. No not me. been there done that got the T Shirt. Here's a teaser:What kind of research did you do for Something More Than Night?Once I decided that parts of the dialogue should embrace noir tropes, I knew I had to devote time to reading the classic noir authors: Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, James M. Cain, etc. I tried to read their work on several levels.

First and foremost, I tried to extract as much of that delicious noir vocabulary and terminology that I could.

I also tried to get a sense of the tropes of the genre: how are these stories structured, what is the role of the protagonist, what kinds of environments do they navigate, how do they relate to their surroundings, etc. It started out purely as an assignment for myself. Have you heard. Google will be discontinuing Google Reader. And from the looks of it. most of us use it. That was NOT my workspace on the cover of Ballard Designs. How was your Mother's Day? I hope it was special for you. I made dinner and dessert for my Mother and Dad. Nice and quiet eating and talking around the table. I am starting off the week with a post for RRR! I am ramping up with the red, white, and blue. which I adore. I hadn't made a banner in such a long time and had so much fun making this. Hello Friends!! Happy Thursday!! Heather here and I would like to share with you one of my ATC's that I have created for a swap that I am participating in. I have used some beautiful ribbons and trims from Really Reasonable Ribbon as well as some fabulous digital images from Gecko Galz. The theme for our swap is to create an ATC that represents "you as an artist. " I thought I would use some of my favorite things for my ATC. I started off with the Fairest Rose digital paper from Gecko Galz, I of course used GIMP to alter it, and add some music notes. I created the scallop shape, and added the text "I love to play with Beautiful things. .