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For one thing, I actually know what goes on at a rave, unlike this story.

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The opening was well attended and it was exciting to meet some of the other artists that were represented.

My contribution to the exhibition was Handbook, seen on the right and left side of the table in the following pictures. The differing artistic interpretations of the theme of artist book was quite astounding. Select pages from each artist are below. The first question is 'Why?' The second question is 'How does he know he hasn't been hacked by the Chinese or Russians? Here are the money quotes:- Mr Turnbull’s non-governmental email account and server pose a security risk, exposing him to hacking and foreign ­surveillance. It may also be contrary to the Freedom of Information Act, by frustrating requests to access ­official documents from a minister and his office. and A spokeswoman for Mr Turnbull said last night: “The majority of government correspondence is routine and of a non-sensitive nature and is therefore not ­subject to sensitive security markings. ” Hillary tried that excuse too but the authorities pointed out that much of the information not carrying security markings was in fact sensitive and would later be classified.

I can only imagine the wall to wall outrage at the ABC if Abbott had done such a thing.

There is so much rubbish being said and written about the "nod nod, wink wink" deals National has done in Epsom that the truth gets left behind. So here it is. They wrote letters to their supporters and members saying they should vote for Richard Worth. They even asked Don Brash to sign a letter to the electorate on the same issue.

But he refused.

Act worked extraordinarily hard to win the seat. There were no gifts from National, in fact to the contrary. Much of this support was ingrained anyway. Obviously I lifted the top photo from TheSelfCenteredMan. Good Times.

This is my last week at the Shabby Tea Room as a Gourmet Blend Design Team Member.

N. F. L. Well, I have to update the blog for the Sept. We do not allow our designs to be used in any type of mass manufacturing process, whether this be via mechanical, photographic or handmade means. Digital files: are for your personal use only. TheStampsofLife. haaa. with Karl Marx, if that list of demands is any indication. The Opposite Day is strong in this one.

- Thanks to Steve D for enlightening us regarding TVG.

I don't know that exclusivity per se is the problem.

As Patrick points out over at PHBH, in the NFL, the AFC is basically exclusive to CBS and the NFC to FOX. .