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pictures Anthony Favazza Painted brick walls, a concrete counter and a vintage desk lamp.

What a stunning entry! This "it never stops raining" day brought my thoughts to this great restaurant in Milan called U Barba! An beautiful industrial space full of vintage findings and an outdoor dinning terrace with an adjoining bocce court for after-dinner games. They opened their restaurant last summer. Watch: Water pressure problems Here are some fascinating stories from MuldersWorld. Many people use call blasting to try and lure bigfoot in close. Prehistoric Bone Hunter on youtube posted this video where they try out their new call blasting rig. Check out the video to see what happens. . Taipei Sanchong post office will provide a special pictorial FDI postmark to serve all philatelic collectors. Anita Chui puts in a lot of work for this dance sequenceAnita Chui has a daring performance with Eric Kwok courtesy of on. Anita in the trailer appeared in sexy lingerie and even danced erotically. She revealed, "My doctor character not only can cure what ails you, but also sexually satisfy what her patient Eric Kwok needs!" Eric even had a daring scene in which he felt up Anita. He played Chui Bik Ka and let me try! Anita worked very hard. I knew that she had a dance scene that she practiced many times for before hand. " Director For For was rather pleased with the actors' performance. Earlier, Ms. Ms. Sponsor: Attorney ProtectiveCLE credit: Attorney Protective is an Approved Multiple Activity Provider in CA and NJ. This webinar is approved for. The Upper Keys Explorer Post held a special event over the weekend. The Explorer / Parent challenge took place at Key Largo School Saturday. Five Explorer / parent teams participated. To prepare for the event. Explorers were given the task of training their parents in the law enforcement tactics necessary to participate. We would like to thank Publix of Key Largo for donating food and drinks. Lester’s All Pro Inc. for donating trophies. Thanks also to Sgt. Geçmiş yıllardan saksılarımız da tamam. Tek eksik toprak. Bir türlü alamadım. Kimisini bu ay içinde ekebileceğim. Kimisi için mart ve nisanı beklemem gerek. Buldukça başka sebze ve otların tohumlarını da almalı. Daha önce defalarca nane yetiştirmeyi denedim ama bir türlü çimlendirememiştim. Çok zormuş tohumdan çimlendirmek.

It seems like only yesterday that we had Thanksgiving and now here we are at another one…where does time go anyway? Time stands still for no man or woman.

This is a favorite photo of mine, I took it one very cold day with almost perfect light a few years ago. Happy Thanksgiving, may your day be full of family, sunshine and laughter!. Our sister Julie was born in the summer and was only a few months old so she was not in the photo. I am holding my other baby brothers hand, we were buds, he spent a lot of time with me. Happy Birthday Jody! . One last Layout for this week inspired by the great Susan Williams and using more Picture My Life Cards. Light easterly cleared the mist gradually. Anglers CP Vis. That player is Henrik Samuelson of the Edmonton Oil Kings who wound up scoring the game winning goal on Friday night. We'll talk about him later. It was the the WHL champs, the Edmonton Oil Kings with Rangers prospect Michael St. On the surface it didn't look like it would be much of a matchup as the Oil Kings were five days removed from game seven of the WHL finals while the Cataractes had not played in over five weeks since being eliminated in the second round of the QMJHL. Some fascinating images!. I had a really great time this past weekend at our annual married's retreat. Even though hubby and I didn't necessarily 'get away', I always enjoy spending time with him. We did sneak off to a late ten thirty dinner date which was really nice. We stayed out till after midnight which is something I haven't done in a long time and I was sooo tired afterward. What was I thinking?Yesterday we did a little Target shopping and made some bedroom sleeping changes which may be temporary, or may be permanent. The Scottish Ladies' Match Play Foursomes has reached the quarter-final stage. This is where I’m going to talk about interesting brainy factoids like:How to grow a brain. How the brain controls muscles. How memories work. What’s a neuron? What’s up with dreams anyway? If you have a question about the brain, send it to me! I’ll try and answer it as best I can. Today has been one of those days. My husband is in California trying to sell our house and still processing the shipping for Bunny Hill. I'm in Oregon sewing away. The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. Not that we ever do, but long distance seems to make it worse.

My first business call today went something like this.

Almost every day after school, Julia and I head down to the sheep barn to visit the new arrivals. Often there is a just-born lamb, like there was yesterday. Sometimes we get to witness the birth of a baby.

Lambing season is the most exciting time to be living here on our farm.

During the day, the greenhouse barn is really quite warm. It’s amazing to me that mostly the sheep and the lambs prefer being outside during the day. They laze around in the sun, pick at the hay and generally do nothing. The babies do a lot of sleeping, just like human infants. WHAT FOREIGN LANGUAGES are most useful to yacht crews planning to go world cruising? English, of course, is the recognized language of the sea, but not everybody on land speaks English, and you have to make contact with those people sooner or later or you’ll never be able to buy provisions and beer. For those plying the traditional trade-wind routes around the world, I guess that French and Spanish are the most useful. If you want to get off the beaten track and explore the Amazon or the Yangtze Kiang, then Portuguese suggests itself, along with Mandarin, the most spoken language on earth. That having been said, the great majority of native English speakers seem to believe that English alone will serve them in any civilized country. They are also notoriously lax about learning other people’s languages. This subject came up recently on a bulletin board run by the British magazine Yachting Monthly. So I had these grand plans to bring in hardwoods into our kitchen. Then yesterday we finalized our taxes and well. m.


I'll have my new books on hand. well hello, SMAK kit! of all my stamps, you are my favorite! see here: my oldest started high school this year. i immediately thought of all the graduation parties i have ever attended. i figured that it would be oh-so-very-wrong to put up cheesey posters of pictures for my kid's party. so i am, for once, ahead of he game and creating project life style ablums for megan's high school years.

These pre-unit photos came from this swapmeet last weekend.

The fishtails look pretty cool on the pipes in the second picture with the white grips. This picture is so cheesy but I like how it came out. I'm going to be printing posters for sale here. NOT!. The insurgency has had great success in the last two months. It has taken over much of Ninewa, Salahaddin, Kirkuk, and Anbar provinces, and has a strong foothold in Diyala and Babil as well. Behind the scenes IS has been attempting to dominate the other groups by demanding that they pledge allegiance to it, and pushing out its rivals from its bases. This has led to open warfare with the Islamic State in the Hamrin and Sadiya areas of Diyala. That was one major reason why other groups turned against it in Iraq during the civil war, and is on going in Syria. Now IS is repeating that trend today in Iraq in the midst of this summer offensive. Two increasingly contested areas are Sadiya and the Hamrin Mountains in the eastern section of Diyala province.

Hello, It's Connie again! I have a super quick and easy ribbon technique for you today! I was not sure what it is called so I decided on the puffy ribbon technique.

The wonderful DP is from Prima, and this sketch is from this week's Mojo Monday sketch!Thanks so much for visiting today! I hope you have a wonderful day!Connie. Words can not describe the things that went through my head as I saw these in the bakery yesterday. I found myself wondering how someone could deface such a beautiful and delicious maple donut. Maple donuts are one of my favorites. Especially if it has a custard filling.

mmmmmm And don't get me wrong.

I also have a love for bacon. Yes, you might tell me I can't judge until I try it, but I can't even imagine even taking a bite out of that thing! Can someone please explain to me what they were thinking when they created this???!! I'm sorry, I feel like this needed immediate attention, so my Thankful Thursday post has been moved to tomorrow. Designer: Stas SipovichCountry: Czech Republic. .