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SALT and PEPPER This block really spoke to me last week as I reflected on and prayed for the victims of Hurricane Matthew. The storm caused such devastation to so many people. HURRICANE On Friday I had the pleasure of attending a very special Quilt Exhibit with dear friends at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley. There are a LOT of beautiful block pictures posted. My niece has bought new baubles for her tree this year and her colour scheme is green, white and silver. This was the result of my first attempt!. Why not. A polaroid taken by Far Guy’s Dad. Back: Ronald, Bethany, Janice, Jennifer and me. Far Guy, Trica with Baby Snuffer and Far Guy’s Mom. Isn’t this a darling quilt. Warm Winter Blessings, above, is the sample for the new Snowman BOM that begins in July at the Attic Window Quilt Shop. It is a pick-up only, so get your reservation in at the Shop ASAP to make sure your kit is waiting for you each month. Colleen made this sample and will be assembling the kits.

NEW! There are some new classes on the calendar this month that you won’t want to miss.

Today I’d like to show you something new and something old. Above are the new Robert Kaufman fabrics in at the Attic Window Quilt Shop. These Spot On fabrics are from the Sorbet, Sunshine and Silver lines. Lee Ann used the gray dotty fabric for the inside of her large bag that I talked about yesterday. I'm dotty for these fabrics. These fabrics are by Red Rooster Fabrics and are from the Calypso line. Calypso is perfect to use for anything from a nursery to a dorm room to a vacation home! Use it anywhere to add a splash of color. Brighten up the bath by sewing a new shower curtain. The baby has begun crawling over to the cat and rubbing her face on it. Near as I can figure, the baby has watched the cat do it as greeting, and is imitating. Can't rule that out. The baby has also tried to give the cat toys. The thing about the cat is, Sekhmet is a stray we picked up while in Hawaii about five years ago. She showed up at the back door one day and we kept her. Blue Shirt: not sure. I removed the tags. Jeans: HINT. Silver Detailed Shoes: Unlisted.

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Loving this color. Farrow & Ball Green Smoke. I'm sure having fun with Photo Apps on my iPhone!! Yours Truly, Miss Bloggette . Inspirational Quote Of The Day: "The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.

Magic in the air and full of sunshine and good tidings as well.

A range of long-term possibilities arise as new swells get set to find their way to our coastal environ. Currently on the small-ish side of things with glistening spinners in the knee high variety. Too nice a day to pass up and many are making their way west to sample oceanic delights. Temper expectations but always leave fulfilled inside. We had a wonderful time at our retreat! All the time and energy was well worth it. So, the wheels are turning and next year will be just as fun, I promise. I took lots of pictures of the festivities, the meals, the projects, the door prizes, the quilters and have a Picasa album HERE!We had tote bags printed and lots of goodies were packed inside. We made little zipper bags using pet screen, tropical fabrics, printed ribbon as a reminder of the event. We were taught how to do the hula. This could well be the beginning of the end. And he'll have only himself to blame. I would like to thank each and every one of my lovely customers for their support in my first weeks of trading. It's been a very hectic and somewhat daunting time and I really do appreciate all the lovely feedback I've received. To show my appreciation I have emailed some coupons out to each of you.

For my very first customer, Margaret J.

Enjoy!. He listens to my useless, baby talk blabber without judgement, takes me on walks every day, keeps me grounded and disciplined.

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There will be lots of other speakers throughout the weekend worth listening to, too, so check it out. And, as a special bonus, if you mention that you heard about it on this blog, I'll let you buy me a drink in the hotel bar. Oh, the stories you'll tell. .