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I recently purchased another pile of used projectors to repair and then send to Africa. However three of them need more than just cleaning. I have determined that the problem is in the optics. There are lots of dark spots in a blue background. The problem is that the LCD section is one unit otherwise I could swap the LCD's between the three projectors and hopefully get two of them to work. However the LCD's have an air filter and if it gets clogged the projector overheats and damages the LCD's.

Time to give Speaker Tweaker a little linky love.

I've seen him on my radar before, but just now found a moment to review his blog.

So here's his site: Where Sometimes Things Go Bang.

Labels: Blogger, Other blogs. As the pre-Flood geography would be impossible to know now where the land of Nod is would be impossible to determine although one would suspect, if one believed that Eden would have been located where God’s beloved Promised Land is, that Nod would have been in that nursery of great ancient civilizations, Mesopotamia. Although whatever Cain had built would have been destroyed in the Flood it could have been in the same general vicinity as the great cities that came after. In addition, each home in the ancient world was to have a sacred flame which was the religious center of the home and must not be permitted to go out.

This is not a blanket statement of course as just the other night I saw a catcher get hit squarely on the jaw by a foul ball, get his bell rung and stay behind the plate.

Many people use “just” and “fair” with usage tending toward “fair.

” It is an unconscious admission that the two words do not have the same meaning.

Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, “synonyms. Fair, Just, Equitable, Impartial, Unbiased, Dispassionate, and Objective. “Fair” implies an elimination of one’s own feelings, prejudices and desires so as to achieve a proper balance of conflicting interests. “Just” implies an exact following of a standard of what is right and proper. Equitable implies a less rigorous standard than “Just” and suggests equal treatment of all concerned.

”Notice the difference, “Just” is absolute.

The other words are relative. “Just” is God-centered. “Fair” is man-centered. Lovely And Natural Beautiful Hair Should we wear our hair long as we get older? Shall we color our hair? Again and again. Is this gray hair? Or Is it silver, And Her crown of Glory? Do men prefer their wives to have long hair? Have you ever asked him? Is long hair more feminine? Would you feel more lady like if your hair was not as Short as a man's? If you wear your hair very short, Do you find yourself acting Sassy and Perky? Does hair play a role in how you act and respond? Is our hair a non-issue? Have you ever worn a head covering, either just during worship. Yet, her hair makes her look soft. No new Sunday high in the e-minis. Good luck!.

The juvvies are still about so there should be plenty to see.

and if not you can always wander off and find a white letter hairstreak butterfly - as long as it's sunny!Update Saturday afternoon: the weather improved greatly for the Watch Point but the birds were somewhat absent for the first hour and a half. Investigators say it seemed like a typical domestic violence call, but instead, BCSO happened upon a house of horrors. “Claw hammers being used to torture a subject, a tazer, bloody drag marks. Andi Taylor of the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office. A woman told dispatchers she was being held against her will by her boyfriend, Marcel Bland. ". Mary-Kate Olsen mastered the dress over pants trend like a pro while out in New York City. She proves you can keep the unexpected look effortless and laid-back with the help of sunglasses, an oversized cardigan, a sweater dress, ankle slit pants, and leather ankle boots. Make sure to stick to black and grey pieces when re-creating the outfit. Kay was very kind giving me some tips on how to use the Copic Markers as I have not been pleased with my results. Up till now that is!I used them on Craftwork Cards Silver Ice cardstock which is a pearlised cardstock with a silver shimmer to it. They look fabulous on there and I am so pleased with the results. I dont think you will see the true beauty in the photo's - my pictures are not good enough. I have coloured lots of flower heads in different colours that I have yet to put together on a card but will do very soon and post it. I tell you, it always blows my mind how schizo members of the public are. etc. It's the first impression people get when entering your home, so making it a good one is important! Today I wanted to share some entry way inspiration with you!via Cote de Texas See more entry way eye candy after the break,. via BHGvia Country Livingvia Decorpadvia Desire to Inspirevia JSDPN. Nope, your father might have earned it. You yourself might have earned it. You dutifully paid taxes on it. exorbitant taxes as your success in life increased. I'd always intended to do some book reviews on "Life with Aspergers" and since I was sent the following book to review, it seems a good place to start. Raising a Left-Brain Child in a Right-Brain WorldStrategies for Helping Bright, Quirky, Socially Awkward Children to Thrive at Home and at School. by Katharine Beals PhD. Initial ResponseOn the face of it, the title of this book would probably not engage my interest - which is unfortunate because it's a really fascinating book. The Left Brained ChildKatharine Beals has used the label "Left-Brained" in place of other more judgemental labels. Miss the Swedish Meatball from Ikea Restaurant & Cafe. The other time after morning exercise, at nearby park, went there for a meal. Fried Bee HoonGinger Glazed Salmon with warm Potato SaladKid's meal Swedish MeatballChicken WingDaim Cake. m. m. Call the shop to register. Chris will be teaching the classes and she is a whiz bang teacher, sharing tips and techniques she has learned over the years. You won't want to miss this one. YouTube link. The gadget can not be released from urban residents who live in Jakarta. Can be ascertained where they stepped, always surrounded by sophisticated gadgets, gadgets and exciting. If people have the first Walkman, and the discman, now tergusur by the portable audio player that is very easy and the mini-where taken. Below are some urban gadget you can not miss. A fresh start. Until he got there, where he was turned away at the gate! He is now in Cardiff prison. Apparently they did not actually have a bed for him at Prescoed, yet they allowed him to get his hopes up and even get as far as the gate. Ed. It was Julia's winter vacation this week so we made plans to visit my sister Laurie and her family who live close to Boston. Julia and I both love to spend time with my sisters and their kids. But boy, are the burbs of Boston different from our lives on the farm. It was a trip that was not without a bit of guilt on my part for leaving in the hectic lambing season. On top of it all, The Farmer came down with a vile bug. Luckily, through this blog, we have met Terri who lives in the town next to ours. She is a delivery room nurse and wanted to help us out with lambing.

السلام عليكم تم انشاء صفحة خاصة بالمدونة على الفيس بوك لغرض عرض اعمال الفنانين.

Sam Ward and Louis P.

Stern the best Boss I ever had.

does some book you know need an intervention?The Booklover's Repair Kit by Estelle Ellis, Wilton Wiggins and Douglas Lee, bookbinder and conservationist.


negotiators pledged to craft a global pact on aviation emissions that would not take effect for seven years. Handelsblatt Calls Germany’s Feed-In Act “Energy Madness”. Doge papercraft from Tubbypaws, a happy tribute to the Doge meme. Driller & Puchi the Dog PapercraftShiba Inu Dog PapercraftYorkshire Terrier Papercraft. What I have said so far is that we agree on more than we disagree on, and that one particular advocate of the continualist view makes a pretty broad error in his refutation of the cessationist view. But here's the thing: this same advocate, from whom I have learned more about the faith than I could count in a brief blog post, has also said this:When Paul and Barnabas reported to the Council in Jerusalem, it says, “All the assembly fell silent, and they listened to Barnabas and Paul as they related what signs and wonders God had done through them among the Gentiles. ”. Your weekly dose of Spurgeonposted by Phil JohnsonThe PyroManiacs devote some space each weekend to highlights from The Spurgeon Archive. ill we are rooted and grounded in the truth, new things have great charms for us, especially if they have about them a great show of holiness and zeal for God. Listen, then, dear children but newly born into the Savior's family: "Let that therefore abide in you, which ye have heard from the beginning. "Alas, even those who are older in grace than you are have shown a sad readiness to be duped by plausible persons who have invented fresh notions and methods. I have lived long enough to have seen a considerable variety of follies and manias in the religious world. They have sprung up, grown great, declined, and vanished. One day it has been one thing, another another. I think one of the most important, and certainly one of my most frequently used home skills, is bread making. It is important in that it allows us to have a good wholesome lunch most days that, with the addition of our backyard salads, or some local cheese or even a scrape of Vegemite, is food fit for the most queenly of queens. I have had the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes book for a few months now but I've been under-whelmed by it. It gives what look to be good recipes but it doesn't inspire me to rush out and make them. I will get back to sour doughs soon, I do believe they have an important place in my kitchen, but until this batch of yeast runs out and I perfect a good starter, I'm sticking to my yeasted recipe. This recipe is really just an adjustment of my white bread one - it's four cups of flour, bubbling yeast, warm water, sugar and salt. You could even leave out the sugar and salt if you wished, but they do add flavour. Rye flour contains a small amount of gluten, therefore the bread doesn't rise as much as a white loaf does. To help with the rising, I add half a cup of unbleached white baker's flour. It gives the loaf a bit of a spring. Let it froth up. Down on his luck most of the time and not always the sharpest tool in the shed, Cates' first person narrative has been a highlight since the opening chapter of the very first volume. As you should know by now, I've been pimping Somers' series as much as possible every time a new volume was published. Although it had been five years since the last installment, it was nice to be reunited with Avery Cates in "The Shattered Gears" and "The Walled City", the first two short stories chronicling the aftermath of the original book sequence. But now, someone is looking for Cates. Someone set up a trap to capture him. And in "The Shattered Gears" we found out that the answers he's looking for might be in Moscow. Only Moscow got turned into slag during the war. If you remember, I mentioned awhile back that we tried to take some new pictures of the kiddos for our wall. Coordinating outfits and all. Yeah. it was a fiasco. And that's putting it mildly. Aaron and I weren't expecting miracles, but we thought we'd get something. Our day went a little something like this: One looks at something, they all have to look. Strange days indeed. Of course the day will still never dawn when Mr.

Sullivan finally 'fesses up to the by-now-staggeringly obvious fact that Liberals were right about the Right all along because, as I pointed out several years ago:.

if Mr. Sullivan simply outed himself as a Liberal, he would instantly lose his place in the food-chain, wouldn’t he? Because like that microscopic number of self-loathing black Conservatives who make their daily bread by serving the interests of the Southern Bigot Party, more than any other single factor, it was always the sheer gawking, oddballness of the brazen self-delusion inherent in being the gay champion of the Christopath Homophobe Party that put Mr. Sullivan in the spotlight. Check out Damon's Nomad's Cycle blog HERE and you'll be impressed. Damon has a few very triumphs which you'll recognize right away and is a swell guy. Thanks to Dennis for forwarding over the blog link!. Gov. Cuomo will put the New York Racing Association out of its scandal-scarred misery “promptly” after the historic Saratoga Race Track meet that begins this Friday, The Post has learned. So wrote the governor's biographer, one Frederik U. Current NYRA President/CEO Ellen McClain will be fired as part of the transformation as soon as the meet ends on Sept. Of course, now that I've written this, it will probably happen before the ink is dry. I have been working on these pieces for a year, and have never seen them all together.

I was asked by the executive director, Tony Walsh to display my work in his fantastic venue over a year ago, but today was the first time I have visited The Center.

Many thanks to Kathryn Wills for giving me the grand tour! I am proud to say that the gallery is stunning! I zipped through it today with Kathryn to appreciate the Salvador Dali exhibit they are currently displaying. .