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One of the things I didn't like was the degree to which the central characters seemed to be acting irrationally, along with consuming considerable quantities of alcohol and, in one case, drugs. Another was the degree to which the whole picture did not entirely make sense and the feeling that that was not an issue the author cared much about. It occurred to me that perhaps my response was the flip side of the objection some readers make to my fiction, that everyone, and everything that happens, is too rational.

Partly, I suppose, that is a disagreement about what people are like, partly about what they should be like, partly about what is interesting or entertaining about other people's behavior.

One of the throwaway lines in the book was the suggestion that violent video games are an alien plot introduced recently to human society by agents from an alternate timeline capable of making the introduction retroactive by changing our memories to fit the new reality. Which started me wondering. True beauty is a heart that is pure,. reverent and respectful, quiet and humble. Although they don't look like much, these inner qualities - this purity, this reverent fear, this quiet spirit, this humility - are really worth something. They're expensive adornment as far as God is concerned. Just before we left on vacation, I created a beach theme in the living room. It all started when Steve found this old Tic Tac Toe board in the garage - I painted it years ago and it obviously has seen better days. And, who would think that this old board would trigger changes in the living room. A quick paint job changed the Tic Tac Toe board from Americana to nautical. We have tons of "found" sand dollars from our beach, but a bicycle ride to the harbor was necessary to buy tiny starfish. With the Tic Tac Toe Board sitting on the cedar chest/coffee table, the entire room seemed to need a beach motif. I brought home a bouquet of peony tulips, a variety I've never seen before. I panned out so that you could meet my other photography assistant - my dining room mirror! She stands in when Mike isn't home to assist but let me tell you that she's not nearly as fun to 'work with. ' I have to keep her clean, she only works during certain day time hours and her conversation is always quite bland. Hubby is much more perky and requires much less maintenance. .

Found this movie yesterday.

A non rider on Paracinema wrote a nice review of the movie.

I edited a bit because it's a a lot of words and some of is just wrong but it's a nice read. These dudes don’t just take the highways and bi-ways though. Oh no, most of the time they’re cruising through forests, deserts, and beaches on non-off-road bikes. Hell these aren’t even dual purpose bikes, they’re straight up street rides which is pretty amazing. Driving over tree branches, crashing through jungles and swamps, these guys are hardcore. They eat shit a lot too which the narrator points out to us viewers in his sarcastic, older-brother bullying way. Speaking of the narrator this film is filled with sexist remarks, women are annoying “beavers” and our fearless trio is always on the prowl for “their favorite kind of meat. VLP needs your help to assist clients attempting to secure unemployment insurance benefits. This training will give you the foundation you need to represent a claimant in an administrative hearing at the Division of Unemployment Assistance. VLP provides training materials and mentoring. You must be admitted to practice in Massachusetts to be covered under VLP's malpractice insurance. Unemployment appeals are a good pro bono opportunity for recent law school graduates and for attorneys who are looking for client interaction and advocacy experience. Please see the VLP Training Policy. By:Volunteer Lawyers ProjectQuestions?Contact Hsindy Chen More Information. Having spent no more than seven days of my life in a hospital over the last forty years, I'm blessed with relative health, intelligence, priviledge, and assets of many kinds. I may feel sorry for myself from time to time, cry into my beer and pray for a change of lifestyle and scenery, but I can count myself among the many who are not enslaved to the care of a chronically diseased and debilitated body which seems to betray one at every turn. There are many times in my day when I can say, "There but for the grace of God go I", and today was yet another of those times when that phrase can save me from further morose and self-indulgent rumination. Once again, I am reminded of the blessings I hold in the palm of my hand, the ways in which I self-indulgently revel in my sorrows, and how I can choose to see my half-full glass as actually overflowing with abundance. "There but for the grace of God go I" is a reminder that life can turn on a dime, and one must seize what one has in the present, since the most fleeting of blessings can be lost in a flash, without warning. Self-indulgence is a choice, and one is well-served to allow its visits to be short and few and far between. The weekend's AGK event has received a thorough blogging by myself over on Central Station: LINK. I taught myself most of what I needed to know, and I still learn something new everyday. I’ve had a number of people ask my advice on starting their own child care programs, so I thought I’d do a mini series here on Preschool Ponderings to share my insights with you. This is a lot of information, so please don’t be overwhelmed. Do you want to be an LLC? An S-Corp,? A Non-Profit? If it seems like I'm speaking a foreign language, don't worry The Small Business Administration has a ton of resources to help you figure it out, their website, sba. THEY CAME WITH US IN MAY AND JYOTI HAD A LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE AND BROUGHT HER FAMILY BACK WITH HER TO THE YOUTH FESTIVAL.

I had all my statues and images to the different gods and goddesses and did all my prayers always.

” “I’ve even visited Catholic Churches with my sister-in-law and attended masses but I never thought it necessary to change religions” “My daughter at first called me crazy. Later she phoned me from Australia saying she had a strange dream and woke up to find her Sai Baba image snapped off her ring” “My sister-in-law was telling me about Medjugorje. ” “They said they were going in May and my sister-in-law said to me ‘lets go!’ – and I said ok!” “My view was that all religions were just all different ways to pray and it didn’t matter. InspirationA little glimpse of bulletin board inspiration from Country Home. Love the louvered shutters - though I think they should hang a few pretty cards from those slats don't you?I have this secret wish that one day I'll see a picture of someone's beautiful bulletin board in a magazine and one of my cards will be pinned to it!. By the time the end of the month gets here I am down to just a few small bits of pattern paper. These are great for tags. I love to have tags on hand for little gifts of even to add to the front of a card. My current favorite is to tape them with washi tape to the front of a treat bags. I also really like the look of all the tags together in this little container, its so cute sitting on my desk. Supplies from CTMH-Sweetleaf CS, Colonial White CS, Crystal Blue CS, Cocoa ribbon, Pattern paper from Emporium Creative Basics, Pretty Pins, Cocoa ribbon, Vineyard berry ink, cocoa ink,pewter bitty brads, Bird Basics stamp set, Playful flourishes stamp set, foam squaresOther-nestibilities die cutsIn addition to a card box, it will make a wonderful gift box. Here I created a really cute baby gift. Inside I put a cute little onsie I found at Target and some baby Lotion. Time is changing, so is the WAEC examination board. ‎. Saw this Ramen in the supermarket, bought a packet to try it outCook it with mushroom, tofu and egg. While watching and photographing this year's Perseid Meteor Shower, something unexpected happened: a gigantic jet erupted from a nearby cloud. Gigantic jets are a rare form of lightning recognized formally only a few years ago. The featured high resolution color image, taken near the peak of Shikengkong mountain in China, may be the best image yet of this unusual phenomenon. The same event appears to have been captured simultaneously by another photographer, further away.

The gigantic jet appears to start somewhere in a nearby thundercloud and extend upwards towards Earth's ionosphere.

In a recent interview, Kate Winslet has agreed that there was room on the door for Jack. A WaPo article discusses the issue and the Mythbusters investigation of the buoyancy of the plank. Jetsam is part of a ship, its equipment, or its cargo that is purposely cast overboard or jettisoned to lighten the load in time of distress and is washed ashore. Thank you so much to everyone for following along throughout the Scrap-Basket Sensations Blog Tour! I hope you enjoyed visiting all the blogs and seeing the projects in the book. And thank you to all the wonderful bloggers who participated. If you missed the chance to visit with them, go by anytime and get to know them. I'll let you know how it works out!. to put off your old self. , and to be renewed in the spirit of your minds, and to put on the new self. Rich Leonardi "tagged" me. Ok, I'll play. C.


Lewis: I began reading C. S. For Louise Kenney and Stephanie Meadow the Vagliano Trophy match will be their first appearance in a Great Britain and Ireland team. The team of nine chosen to play the Continent of Europe is made up of the five selected some weeks ago for the Astor Trophy – Amy Boulden, Kelsey MacDonald, Kelly Tidy, Holly Clyburn and Pamela Pretswell - with the additon of Louise Kenney, Danielle McVeigh, Leona Maguire and Stephanie Meadow. Irish players were not available for selection to the Astor Trophy line-up. Kenney, a Dunfermline schoolteacher, has recently won the Scottish women’s close amateur championship at Machrihanish for the first time, having been beaten in the two previous years’ finals. I went for a night of board games and cold cuts in Kenner. and ended up in Metairie.

Borrowed from Dear Adrienne's blog, where it was borrowed from 'Nox.

A long, but interesting, read. Learn more about it in the workshops section of the blog, on the right hand side with the crow and fiddle!. Over the years I've been asked many times what is the key to a simple life. I've thought long and hard about it and I reckon there are three main keys and a thousand smaller ones. Of the three main keys, the first one is to think about your life and what you want get out of it - your life is unique and it doesn't have to be like anyone else's.

If you define your own path, and have realistic and satisfying goals, you're less likely to listen to people telling you you HAVE to have certain things.

You'll be less likely to be swayed by advertising. If you really KNOW yourself and where you're heading, you're more likely to stay focused. The second key is the ability to be content with what you have. Many people don't have that ability and never will. Sad but true. Today's kitchen is in the beautiful far north of my state of Queensland.

It's Joanna's kitchen, I'm sure you'll enjoy her story.

Joanna writes: "We live in Far North Queensland on the Atherton Tablelands, in a small Queenslander cottage. It has a double burner gas stove and a smallish wall oven. Ouse Fen - Whitethroat in the scrub and the hedgerow along the side of the conveyor belt at c. Instead of just launching you into one of my websites. I thought I'd give you a little background on who I am and what I do. I am a Christian married to my wonderful wife, Andrea. This is really quite remarkable. Their lives would have intersected with these. In other words, I knew a guy who met some guys who lived at the same time as these guys. How brief the experiment has been when placed in that context. What do you suppose these men would have thought of the ignorant, chaotic and slovenly degenerates trying to destroy everything they endured untold sacrifices and hardships to build?. Flowering started within a week. The first cucurbit! YaY! I thought it was ivy gourd, Dad says its a pumpkin.

It is getting fatter.

I still don't know what it is. May be a cooking cucumber. Yes it is a cucumber, gifted it to my Uncle MJ, Aruna Kaki made sambar with it. Diwali is over. Stop over eating right away. This is a confirmation that you have emerged successful and being Appointed in Tune Hotel Westminster United Kingdom. Mode in which your data is being presented on the employment data sheet. Work experiences. Sitting indoors relaxing for the day. Made a turkey yesterday so I don't have to spend the whole day cooking.

I usually do just a small turkey breast, but I figure I can vacuum pack and freeze some of the meat for later use, so I picked up a small turkey.

Don't think I will poke my head out the door today. Some silly people will be out starting their Christmas shopping today. Day should be for one and all to enjoy with their families. I refuse to patronize businesses on holidays where people are forced to work when they should be at home with family and friends. I cook way more often than I go out to eat, and not a huge fan of fast food. Go here for a news report about the concerns expressed by two researchers from Harvard and an audio interview with one of the authors. Their concern is that with low cost medications often paid for in cash that the data bases used for various purposes will be even less reliable that they are currently. These data bases are used for such things as pay-for-performance and various programs which purport to be quality improvement efforts. I find myself with little sympathy for what they claim is a dark lining in an otherwise silver cloud of cheaper medications and will have even less for the "solutions" that may fix the "problem". .