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Hi all, I honestly don't remember where I got this calculator, but I think I want to share it with my blog readers.

" My parents were educated. Both had degrees. Dad was a an investigator and Mom was a writer for a big paper. Neither had been infected with racism.

Thus, my parents' child, I was not reared a racist.

I don’t believe that I've ever used the insult. But I’ll admit that I didn't want to be called the name. Names hurt, no matter what they are. No matter how old you get to be. Having just given a list of Jacob’s sons, then an interlude where Esau’s brief genealogy is given the narrative returns to Jacob and focuses on Joseph, who, in many particulars is a type of Christ.

Joseph is his father’s favorite.

The Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, a prestigious institution focused on orthopedics and rheumatology, closely affiliated with Weill Cornell Medical College, just announced its newest trustee, whose qualifications for the position turn out to be just a wee bit curious. Here they are as described by the press release:He is a former CEO of WachoviaHospital for Special Surgery announced today that Robert K. Steel, former President and Chief Executive Officer of Wachovia Corporation, has been named a member of the hospital's Board of Trustees. Steel facilitated Wachovia's merger with Wells Fargo to create the second-largest retail brokerage in the country. Before then, he served in the Treasury DepartmentPrior to running Wachovia, Steel served in the U. S. More:. And here is my example for you today:I printed the leaf in a few different sizes on Green Cardstock. I then cut out each leaf and layered it under a handmade flower. We have started a brand new month with a brand new Design Team. There are lots of chances to win free images, but SATURDAY's SKECH CHALLENGE is your only chance each week to win an entire set!. ". Cuma günü Mr. Memo'nun kaydını yaptırmak ve kilosunu ölçtürmek için sağlık merkezine gittik.

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İlkinde BHS'te alışveriş yapıyorduk, bayanlar tuvaletinin içinde küçük bir emzirme ve alt değiştirme odası yapmışlar, orasını kullandım. İkincisinde ise alışveriş merkezinin Baby Care Center adını verdiği, oldukça geniş alanını kullandım. Get the look. The site's been quiet for a bit so hopefully this will ripple the still waters. Valtor, a man of exceedingly great power. Raised from childhood by the Ancestral Witches. Hope to see you there!. Here's notice today of the federal government's second attempt in two years to impose a one-fish daily bag limit for halibut charter boat anglers in Southeast Alaska. But would Deckboss be going out on a limb to suggest we might now see another lawsuit from charter captains aiming to block this rule?He thinks not. “Catch share programs that allocate the total allowable catch to participants in the fishery give a strong incentive to fishermen to conserve fish stocks. "Halibut fishing along the Pacific Coast is managed under overall limits set for each fishing area. Follow me on Pinterest for many images to inspire! Can you imagine?? This is certainly a long weekend project. For one of my boards titled HOW TO DO FLOWERS. I love most graphics especially when it seems easy enough for me to do.

Find a colorful floral and print over any black and white newsprint, music sheet or advertisement.

A collection of graphics from the back of old playing cards. Wouldn't this make great fabric or wallpaper??!!I had a few dozen watch faces for sale on the website which would have made this amazing necklace. Greek style using neutrals. Another wonderful way to display Old Glory. Use a thin, vintage flag as curtain. Halloween version of fashion doll. Make a slit at the front. Sew a ribbon to the neckline. Attach star spangles. Hat. Broom. Just a quick note to let you know that I haven’t been sitting around whistling Dixie while snowbound. I love scrap quilting and I’ve been making strip blocks. I love the one above. I liked that block so much and it was difficult, but I made two half square triangles out of it. You’d never know these were from the same block. I made lots of HST and came up with this. This is a closer look at a couple of the blocks. I figure this is a good time to make some charity quilts. It was an interesting mesh of grandmas and those doing court-mandated service. We joined the grandma side of the room. Meanwhile, the sweetest old ladies in the world took Matt under their wing and taught him the ropes. Det ser da frodig ut i kjøkkenhagen. All regn som har kommet og varme dager der emellom virker grønnsakene like. Til venstre har erter, sukkererter, bønnevikke, jordskokker , bønner, lukterter og solsikker laget en djungel. De er alle godt over mitt hode og inneklemt står mine mais som jeg hadde trodd skulle bli høye, det er de ikke, rekker meg toppen til brøstkassen. Rødbeter og sallad vokser, dem burde jeg sikker spise snart. Broccoli har vi spist men de ser ut å ha stoppet i voksten. Sjarlottenløken er delvis tatt opp og henger til tørk, de andre har vi snart spist opp. Marvelous Zoids collection It's like a warehouse of ZoidsThese are the vintage onesAt the lower portion are Zoids from the EmpireSome of Alan's built ZoidsMore of Alan's built ZoidsThis is Alan's storeroom.

The box from King Gorjulas sure are huge!Indeed a store room full of ZoidsAfter visiting CSC today's early afternoon, a toy collector namely Alan, whom I know through Jason, had visited us to his house.

Generally, the cheerful and outspoken Alan likes toys related to dinosaur and this explained why he like Zoids so much. I have given Alan a nick known as Zoids King. Alan aka Zoids King. I wanted to give you flowers for Valentine's Day. We all need those and heavens knows we all deserve them. But outside, old man winter is still hanging around. So off to My Pictures I went to find some flowers to share! Look what I came up with!My favorite antique store, Ruthie B's is in Springfield, Oregon. I've been known to spend hours at this shop. Every single inch is filled with treasures. Open a dresser drawer and you might find stacks of vintage linens, buttons, trims and trinkets. Hi all, I had a fun weekend yet busy, like most of you. Saturday I went to a barbeque and needed a hostess gift to take, so I thought flowers would be nice.

Well, I also wanted to put them in a vase.

So I took out this vase I purchased at the Dollar Tree and came up with this idea. Jute vases are all the rage so I thought I would try one. The directions are posted below on how to make this. The flower is suppose to be a faux burlap one. Here is the vase with the flowers in it. Start with a clean vase. Decide where you want to put the jute then take Alene's tacky glue and apply it to the area. don't get me wrong, generally i am a color kind of girl but lately i have been drawn to a soothing color palette and these neutral spaces are making me swoon. Email us the details and we will include it if we can. We can not guarantee people will watch your video, but we know there is a higher chance of people watching them and returning to watch other videos if you make them interesting with detailed shots and good hints and tips.


For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe Here's the blurb:The Red Queen is old but the kings of the Broken Empire dread her like no other. For all her reign, she has fought the long war, contested in secret, against the powers that stand behind nations, for higher stakes than land or gold. Her greatest weapon is The Silent Sister—unseen by most and unspoken of by all. The Red Queen’s grandson, Prince Jalan Kendeth—drinker, gambler, seducer of women—is one who can see The Silent Sister. Tenth in line for the throne and content with his role as a minor royal, he pretends that the hideous crone is not there. Witnesses claim an undead army is on the march, and the Red Queen has called on her family to defend the realm. Jal thinks it’s all a rumor—nothing that will affect him—but he is wrong. While I believe in rarely if ever looking back at my trading "life", I couldn't help doing a small amount of research to determine how many days I've had in recent memory that I would classify as "brain cramp" days that resulted in a significant loss. Although in some cases it may have been close to literally. The answer? Nine, which includes this past Tuesday. Whether you call it going on tilt, revenge trading, or whatever, it happened. And it hurt. - Retro photo. “That was way, way back. I worked with Don Rickles, The Smothers Brothers, a bunch of other entertainers. Eddie Rabbit. Oh gosh, so many.

I was the opening act for a long time.

Bounced around to different hotels, but this is my first residency. Inspirational Quote Of The Day: "A man must dream a long time in order to act with grandeur, and dreaming is buried in darkness. Parking? Not likely my friends, as the scramble is on just past dawn. Glass and foam are willing to roam and as one observes every shape, size, and color, as sliders seek satisfaction, and gaze longingly towards the horizon. The mythical "SOUTH SWELL" is still conjecture at this hour, but that stops no one. This quilt was made by Kimmy for her adult son. She used many, many browns and tans and most of them are flannel, with a few minkee fabrics here and there. It's going to be his couch quilt, so she wanted minimal quilting with a large meander. That's an easy one for me. Omni Safari thread and a poly batting. I still plan to make one of these flannel brick quilts with the fabrics I purchased at our guild auction this past May. I finished this one today and the more I quilted, the more I liked it. I knew that I wanted to do some Continuous Curves and tried them in the dark parts of the block, but didn't care for those. I like the definition of only doing the background. It rather looks like a flower. The half square triangle block design has some of the shapes of the quilting in the border. Oh, and if anyone wants to know what to get Ol' Groove for Christmas this year. but I'd "settle" for this. Happy Saturday friends! I'm excited to share my card sample for Reverse Confetti's November Sketch For You To Try. Here's the November sketch: And here's my take: I adore this sweet image from Bearing Gifts. I did my coloring with Copic markers, then die-cut the image using the corresponding Bearing Gifts Confetti Cuts die. The November sketch is perfect for layering patterned papers. I've pulled from Reverse Confetti's Very Merry and Warm Heart paper collections. The sentiment is stamped onto a banner that I die-cut from Cloud White card stock using one of the Flowers for Mom Confetti Cuts dies. I framed the stamped image with a Lacy Scalloped Circles Confetti Cuts die in RC Aqua card stock. A pair of sequin-topped snowflakes, die-cut with the Snowflake Trio Confetti Cuts dies, are perfect wintry accents. I couldn't resist adding a bit of Charcoal Striped Twine to the top. Enjoy the Middle Eastern Cuisine and learn how to make Turkish Style Eggs. An easy and memorable dish. I absolutely love this time of the year. Everyone is starting to gear up for the holidays and although Hallowe'en is not traditionally celebrated here in Australia, it seems to be more popular as the years go by. People are making costumes, decorating their houses and stocking up on chocolates and candies. Available In Store Now Janice has inspired us with this fabulous autumn-toned card. Viv has added a few fun extras to create this cute Hallowe'en greeting. Eret has made this super spooky card using all the fabulous colours of the holiday. . As Oskar endures the task of finding the mystery lock while simultaneously making sense of himself and the death of his father, he finds himself experiencing a symphony of emotions. Foer's selection of the phrase "heavy boots," attacks the reader's senses, while depicting Oskar's moments of confusion, sadness, and depression. When dissected, the phrase “heavy boots” seems redundant. Boots are typically heavy shoes that are worn in harsh weather, or when climbing or hiking on rocky, or uneven, ground. By choosing the word “heavy,” Foer wanted the reader to imagine trudging through deep snow or mud, as opposed to simply wearing boots. ” Foer transfers this weight to Oskar’s feet, to show that these emotions prevent him from moving forward in his goal to understand his father’s death, as opposing to merely being weighed down. Even since I heard the term "sarcopenia" I began to worry about this muscle loss that accelerates as we get older. I became convinced that we all-regardless of gender-should add some resistance exercise to the aerobic programs that we all advocate for general health and sometimes do. Now the American Heart Association has seen the wisdom of this approach.

The story of what goes on mechanistically as our muscles wither away is of course still being worked out but some interesting aspects have been investigated.

There is disconcerting evidence that at least one factor in the diminution of muscle mass as we age is loss of motor neurons in the spinal cord. Until I read this review I had not considered that the muscle atrophy of old age could be neurotrophic but there is considerable evidence suggesting just that. Details can be found in Dr. .