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DZ has never been a fan of football. He regards it as a mind numbingly boring game. He's always been a little irritated by the fact that those around him who follow the game regard DZ as some sort of aberration, not quite a proper man, despite the fact that his disinterest is shared by about half the population. And kept in camps. DZ is therefore also irritated by the obsession the media have with the game, nicely summed up by this bit of film. So when he read this article this morning he had to sympathise with the sentiment expressed. Yeah! Those interested in archeology don't go around bending the ears of the rest of us do they? You don't find the media droning on incessantly about it all the time do you? So then he turned to the morning papers, and found this, as the front page headline of today's Indy. I just hooked up my new wiring harness, battery and a few replacement electronics - and for the first time since I brought home this beeza I see signs of life. cellspin. I had walked maybe a hundred yards or so up the trail, when I saw something squatted down in the trail about fifty feet from me. It had one fist on the ground and was looking at me intently. It was at this point I realized I wasn’t looking at a person, but I felt frozen to the spot and didn’t want to make a run for it. We stayed this way for a few seconds, then I heard something big crashing down the slope towards us. pic. I mean really, if you're going to concern-troll, wouldn't you start with the fact that he has no brakes? As for the video and the stupid jacket therein, it appears to be a year old now, and for all I know I've already bloviated about it. Anyway, who wants to take calls from the boss while riding? Unless of course that call is from the Boss and he has some important fashion advice for you: Seriously, unless you're in a Springsteen cover band you should not be wearing that much denim all at once. . All that work - here is the cassata here is the pavand here is the icecream. Still plenty left though. We had a lovely day with Kazuko and Bruce and Harley was out most of the day and enjoyed her Christmas presents.

We will sleep well tonight.

i love it here at this time of the year because it is quiet - everyone goes to Margaret River - I hope.

Hope everyone has had a wonderful day too. I have lots of great presents as well. The Jaguars wrestling team will square off with BOLD following that match. Labels: bbe jaguars wrestling, belgrade-brooten-elrosa wrestling. When I thought of my childhood I thought of the "Strawberry Shortcake sheets" that I had, and the "My Little Pony" Sleeping bag. Just goes to show the classics never die. Just glad it's the weekend and Monday is a holiday!!Yippee. The Nanny State Goes to War: Paramilitary Police lay siege to Maryanne Goldbodo's Detroit Home. Her captors have systematically poisoned her through injections of a dangerous psychoactive drug. There is also reason to believe that Ariana, who has reportedly tested positive for an STD, has been molested during her time in captivity. Ariana's mother, Maryanne, made a valiant but futile effort to protect her daughter. As a result, she may end up in prison.

If this happens, Ariana almost certainly won't survive.

UPS is doing their part for the environment by reducing their total overall Greenhouse Gas emissions with alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles. Enjoy the below video and see how they are reaching their goals toward sustainability. They are continuously finding innovative solutions to better serve their clients. Norscot, WSI, and Tonkin have some great replicas of UPS's journey towards innovation.

Michael St.

It was the battle of royalty in Edmonton as the Victoria Royals took on the Edmonton Oil Kings in WHL action on Sunday. Michael St. The Royals would take that lead into the first intermission but the Oil Kings would regroup. Michael St.

It was the performance itself in how Grachev scored those goals is what did it for Evgeny Grachev.

When the Brampton Battalion selected Grachev in the CHL Import Draft, we said that putting him with Battalion Coach/GM Stan Butler was going to great for both player and team. For the young man from Khabarovsk in Russia, the season has started to heat up in a huge way. We have discovered in tracking Grachev's goals that if you put the puck on his stick anywhere near the left offensive face off circle then consider it a goal. I'm leaving you for the week with some dreamy shots to start a hopefully relaxing and very lovely weekend. Gardens, Jessica Silversaga, Cori Kindred, Lauren Dukoff, and Irene Suchocki. After would-be looters broke into the famous Egyptian museum in Cairo in search of gold on Jan. The king, who formerly stood atop a panther, was severed from the animal after the break-in. With some twenty-five artifacts now in line for restoration, we looked further into the science of conservation. "Science plays a much larger role than it used to in conservation," said Paul Jett, head of the Department of Conservation and Scientific Research at the Freer and Sackler galleries. Conservation science has a three-pronged focus that includes the study of materials and their deterioration, treatment of those materials, and the use of scientific methods to answer historical questions. Use the regimental numbers and dates on which these were issued, below, to determine parameters for when your own Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders ancestor would have joined up. Note though that these numbers are only for regular enlistments. It didn't take much of a search, but I figured out where this odd urge to weave sixty million yards of silk to make my own kimono, or tapestries for the walls of my office, or overshot twill for my dining room table came from. Oh yes. I know who to blame now. Knock on wood. Alone we'll survive Anyone not familiar with this is in for a real treat. The band featured ex Exodus front man Paul Baloff who formed this band after he'd been replaced by Legacy's vocalist and was booted from Exodus. This line up only lasted maybe a year before Paul left Piranha to front Heathen. At some point he left Heathen and tried to reform Piranha with a new line up. Paul was a real character. He loved his drink, drugs, and thrash metal. William Kristol, in the Weekly Standard, raises an alarm about the President's decision to slide Roberts over into the Chief Justice position. Kristol himself raises the fearful proposition that we'll get something less than a a conservative as O'Connor's replacement. In short, the great hopes of conservatives that Bush would give us a new, constitution-respecting court, would be disappointed. Well. But I have. Observation:Paul is on trial before King Agrippa. He is giving an explanation of why he is doing the things he is doing. At this point he is giving his personal testimony of how Jesus appeared to him and called him to preach the gospel to the Gentiles. Application:The reason I live is to see people set free from the power of Satan and given access as a child of God. I want to see people move from darkness to light. I want to see people who nobody wanted, accepted into the family of God and given a hope and a future. Paul was sent by Jesus to speak to the Gentiles. I wish all who heard me speak of Jesus would have an encounter with Jesus at the level that Paul did. This guy had a dramatic encounter with the resurrected Christ and nobody could take it away from him. What a lovely weekend was had! Fifteen amazing women traveled from all over the country to my little hometown on the Oregon Coast for my You, Me & the Sea Art Retreat. We sketched, we painted, we hunted for treasures, we sat in the sun and had a wonderful weekend! I love to teach, to create and inspire others and to get the opportunity to share my little hometown AND teach in my studio is truly a blessing. I am humbled and feeling OH SO GRATEFUL for this crazy, creative life and thankful for those of you out there who support what I do. And asked me to take her email off the post. But I've decided to leave it up. Just for kicks. Hello! Alison here and I am sharing my latest card, featuring Bed Head Lady. When I first saw this image, it immediately reminded me of Lucille Ball. What more do you want. " I colored her with Zig Clean Color markers. For full details, you can visit my blog HERE. You can find Bed Head Lady in the A Day for Daisies Shop. Have an inspiring day! -Alison. Rev. WILLIAM J. Priest of the Archdiocese of Washington. Beloved son of the late Thomas C. and the late Ann B. What is lovely never dies, but passes into other loveliness,Star-dust, or sea-foam, flower or winged air. Thomas Bailey Aldrich. I Like Americansby Edna St. Vincent MillayI like Americans. You may say what you will, they are the nicest people in the world. They sleep with their windows open. Their bathtubs are never dry. They are not grown up yet. They still believe in Santa Claus. They are terribly in earnest. But they laugh at everything…I like Americans. They give the matches free…I like Americans. They are the only men in the world, the sight of whom in their shirt-sleeves is not rumpled, embryonic and agonizing…I like Americans. You just need different inks, some blank Project LIFE cards and your Unity stamps. Here are a bunch I made up using this fun SMAK kit. you will see the bigger sentiments are just perfect for this type of project. Sending out thanks to all of the visitors to my blog during the month of October who joined me in celebrating the many talented artists that have contributed to my new book The Mixed-Media Artist. If you enjoyed the creative inspiration that these posts have brought to you, I think you will really enjoy what you will find on the pages of the book. Copies are now shipping from the North Light Shop and pre-orders can be placed through Amazon. You can also order signed copies directly from me by going to my book page. My breakfast. It's called the green monster. Actually really good. Thank you all so much for you kind emails regarding Kirstin's injections. Unfortunately, the Botox did not work. we really thought this treatment would work. She is now on a new medication but due to the side effects, she has to start slowly. She won't be up to the full dosage for about a month. She is such a trooper. Greetings, For our weekend trip through the world of men's fashion. I thought I'd share a few recent images of the new Hackett shop in the Spitalfields area in London. Enjoy. Does anyone really think peaceful coexistence with such violence-minded lunatics is possible?. Or perhaps you have dotty ribbon, cardstock or buttons? Whatever you've got, use it to add some dotted goodness to your holiday creation. YOUR TURN: Add some polka dots to your holiday project. Upload a photo of your creation HERE. Stamps: "Snow Drifters" by Beccy's Place. .