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Pi door handles, National Museum of Mathematics, New York City. For other appearances of pi, see "Pi Places" and "DC Pi. " Photos by I. Peterson. Menswear Trading Cards Great idea from a great blogger. Paul Arnow from Dreams of Perfection presents: Menswear Trading Cards. Collect them all. I'm going to try and collect them all. Eric Berger, associate professor of law at the Nebraska College of Law, will discuss lethal injection secrecy and the Eighth Amendment due process at a lecture on Monday, Sept. m. The lecture is free and open to the public. Berger’s scholarship focuses on constitutional law and he has written extensively about lethal injection. “There have been several botched executions recently, notably in Arizona,” says Paul Statler, president of the Drake Law School's chapter of the American Constitution Society. “It seemed particularly fitting to bring Professor Berger to campus at this time. Derek Yee feels Hong Kong films will not disappear and his film SWORD MASTER will be released next year courtesy of mingpao. Hong Kong Directors' Guild president Derek Yee Tung Sing revealed that the first day meetings mainly examined the chaos that ensured from the Mainland film market's rapid takeoff in recent years, he also hoped through this forum a new generation of young directors could meet and have exchanges with each other. He said, "Perhaps in the next few years, the China film market would surpass the U. S. Uh, okay. We saw a couple of cyclists at the end of our laneway as we were driving out for lunch today. As we drove up to the end of the laneway, we saw one cyclist dismount and go down into the not-particularly-deep ditch, where there ain't no tree cover, baby. As we drove by, I got a CHARMING full frontal view of his, um, MAN-BITS as he urinated into the ditch, FACING the road. Unfortunately that just put his man-bits at car-passenger eye level. He's lucky I didn't have a camera on me, or there'd be more than words in this blog post!!!! He's also lucky I wasn't a cop. I've heard rumors of mythical parks existing in towns of faraway lands that are always packed with kids. Everyday. Rain or shine. We don't have that here. I'm not sure if it's due to lots of working parents, Navy families or parents that are too busy to venture out with their kids. Fortunately my children love going to parks and when we arrive it's like bringing your own gang of kids to play with. We finally had some time to stop and invade and inspect. And also "Non, non, Madame!"Usually these little courtyards are well-hiddenbehind massive locked doors. It would not do to let this day go by without expressing gratitude to St. Ambrose. He, and his most famouse protege, know well my indebtedness, and I am happy to say, publicly, thank you!. Last century, I glazed a bunch of tiles for a backsplash in our new kitchen. My friend Katie set me up with all the proper glazes and instructions. All I needed to do was draw out the design, fill in the glazes as though coloring in a coloring book, and then put two more coats of all the colors on. Then anyone with a kiln could fire them for me. There are easier ways of going about this. It will look like a watercolor. But I wanted the thick, jewelly, luscious version. The deep, yummy, stained-glass version. The Apothecary Shoppe WindowThis week's class with Elizabeth was to get the niche cut out of books and decorated and once I had located the clamps the fun began!! Thank goodness for Elizabeth's very detailed instructions and photographs, this was a lot easier than I had first anticipated! OK. The definition underneath reads:apothecary: N. when Jove sent blessings to all men that are,and mercury conveyed them in a jar,that friend of tricksters introduced by stealthdisease for the apothecary's healthwhose gratitude impelled him to proclaim:'my deadliest drug shall bear my patron's name!'from Ambrose Bierce Devil's Dictionary. Time for the photos I promised. I’m about ready to leave for sample spree, but wanted to get theses posted! Walking in this AM it was a lot busier. These are shop owners figuring out their school house schedule for the day. They go from room to room and listen to different speakers. Really fun and you get a lot of info! How things change in one day. It’s looking a little better from the walk way! Special exhibits are getting set up… Fork lifts are everywhere! Sales Meetings happen in the middle of aisles… And the best part is we get to see lots of friends… Like Brenda from Acorn Quilts… And Moda Lissa and me… And Sandy Klop’s Adorable booth… Opps, gotta run…more later if it isn’t too late. Anne. Good morning guys. It's time for another jocklines update to the sidelines section of the site. Anywho, the folks at Wikipedia say that his last stop in the pros was at San Fran, but I don't think he's with them anymore.

Whatever he's doing now, we can all appreciate the pics from his jockstrapped days at Miami.

Add a splash of Melon Mambo, sprinkle with pearls and tie it up with a bow. Makes a lovely treat for any occasion!. This past weekend was one of those priceless Orange County weekends. Our apricot tree and rose bushes:and my new summer purchases. It is really hard to start these morning reports without talking about weather. Weather is everything here. It's what plans the entire day, maps out each morning, and is the decision-maker for the evening plans. Being a homesteader there is no fighting that, and it may be the biggest difference between people who live this life and those who don't. If your work means being indoors without anyone outside needing their breakfast delivered - you can wake up, get dressed, and only experience the elements on the way to your car. Here I am outside working at every dawn.

And how cold the night was changes everything from diets to firewood types.

"Kenya" sure did a nice sit-up, to my knowledge she was the first African Elephant to perform in the ring in this Country. “What have been its fruits? More or less in all places, pride and indolence in the clergy, ignorance and servility in the laity, in both, superstition, bigotry and persecution. ” James Madison on Christianity James Madisonimage from here Last night I dreamed the Bible was being rewritten- though it has been done with this venerable book time and again- I thought why? Is it possible the next text the Texas Board of Education will "work" on is this one. Though the Bible is subject to vast interpretation-why not narrow that now so it will state Christian Conservative values? Surely the founding fathers of that great book meant it- their way. No? OF course there are always a couple of crackpots in any text where a number of writers exist. Can these educators undertake such a task? eradicate the Radicals? Problems arise. read Jesus the radical pastor. Your weekly dose of Spurgeonposted by Phil JohnsonThe PyroManiacs devote some space each weekend to highlights from The Spurgeon Archive. ach age would fain have its own gospel, and the present is not behind hand in the desire to be its own prophet. Many are ready to help in this presumptuous design. Men who would never have been known if they had acted honestly have gained a cheap notoriety by vending heresy, and yet wearing the garb and eating the bread of orthodoxy. The most fashionable form of this evil just now is the production of novelties with regard to the future punishment of the wicked. This is the old doctrine of falsehood with which the sinner blesses himself in his heart, saying, "I shall have peace, though I walk in the imagination of mine heart. "The punishment of sin has been doubted from the very beginning.

I'm having a few problems getting myself back to posting.

I'll be back properly tomorrow, in the mean time, let's work on this software list. I think it will help many of us. I've been designing a few things here lately and although I have used Photoshop in the past, now I rely on open source software or freeware. I was thinking about this today and wondered what other great open source software is out there. Most of us know of Linux and Firefox but have you heard of Gimp? Gimp is a package similar to Photoshop and I use it to resize and adjust photos. I also use Inkscape, which is like CorelDraw, to make my blog banners. Both Gimp and Inkscape are available for Mac and Windows and they both Open Source. Southwest Chicken Soup. and yes, those are GLUTEN-FREE chips. Have a great day!! Yours Truly, Miss Bloggette . Spackled into every crack in the crumbling wall which protects our Elite Beltway Overlords from any form of accountability you will always find the vast and pervasive fraud of Both Sides. The Big Lie of Centrism. In fact, once you start to look for it you'll begin to notice that the wall which protects our Elite Beltway Overlords wall is now mostly Centrist spackle: that our system of political reporting is now so entirely on autopilot that whenever there is the slightest threat that Republican perfidy or bigotry or sabotage might be reported as explicitly Republican perfidy or bigotry or sabotage, one of the system's extremely well-paid maintenance drones will immediately appear to squirt a gob of Both Siderist goo into the fissure. This Friday's featured Loyal Beltway Maintenance Drone is Mr. I would say the change in the filibuster rules was a disaster, and then the failure to pass immigration reform, which really has majority support. So I think that is three pretty big strikes. Two seconds later, we find Mr. by nitecall Lorna had worked with Jason Gibbs for about three years in the lab and hadsecretly developed feelings for him. Being professional she had tried to keep her feelings to herself in the work place. He never seemed to really pay her much attention other than as someone who assisted him in the lab. She was thinking about showing him signs of how she felt and what would be the best way to go about it. After all she did work for him and that made it a little more touchy than a usual relationship. Her train of thought was suddenly interrupted when he excitedly burst into the room. A topic in Christian apologetics and atheism is "the problem of unanswered prayer". God only seems to answer prayer sometimes is because believers confound coincidence with answered prayer. Answered prayer is an artifact of sample selection bias. What's left over when you ignore all the misses. A basic problem with that explanation is that an atheist must shoulder an astronomical burden of proof to make good on his claim. The onus is on him to show that every purported answer to prayer is sheer coincidence. He was born with a lethal heart defect called Transposition of the Great Arteries. The sweet little fella has undergone a couple surgeries in his first week of life and his recovery will take some time. He is doing pretty well considering all that he has been through. This sweet couple is standing fast in hope and faithfulness for their son's full healing and recovery. Will you please pray for Little Gideon and his parents and everything that Yah may put on your heart surrounding them? Wendy Pecci has established a webpage for them at You Caring, so people can remain updated as to Gideon's progress. They have extensive medical bills and other associated costs during the treatment of their son. AkrisBlugirl, via nymag. Yesterday was the kids last day at the center for the rest of the month. The center is having budget issues and has to cut two weeks out because they can't afford it. I wanted to make the kids a nice Valentine's tread so I made them these delicious rolls.

I made homemade pizza dough but you could easily use store bought.

Just roll the dough out and sprinkle it with diced cooked bacon and chicken. I also sprinkled grated cheddar cheese over them. Good morning ribbon fans! Today I have another card to share with you, using lots of pretty ribbon and trim from Really Reasonable Ribbon. To embellish this card, I also used the flower I originally made when I posted this tutorial.

Sorry, I've been a bit scarce! We are so insanely busy trying to get the house move in ready.

Progress is a little slower than anticipated, but it's shaping up quite nicely! But it's going to be a while before everything is said and done on this move, that's for sure! But we might as well get it right BEFORE we move all our stuff in! I think I just had a lot of "buts" there lolOur "babies" had their first days at the montessori school this week too. Max apparently climbed out of his bed and wasn't so good on the dismount or got caught on something, fell and smacked with his head into the tile floor. I just heard this almighty BANG and then the screaming. He wouldn't let go, or sit up or walk and even after he stopped crying he seemed quite lethargic, only wanting to hang off of me and not moving much. This is of course nothing like Max. I gave him some homeopathic stuff for head trauma and he did perk up a bit after a while and he agreed to have some juice and lay in bed cuddling his blankets. Record-breaking, while a logical use of a rocket-assisted motorcycle, isn't the only possible venue. M. .