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First let me apologize! I have been extremely busy lately and I have cards sitting here that I did for challenges but I haven't had the chance to post them. The other night my other stamping friend Lisette, you can view her blog Totally Inkspired, came over to check out all my new goodies from the Stamp Shak and to pick up her new goodies! She brought over some of her new Magnolias so I stamped a few of those and this weekend I plan on playing!! My hubby will be gone most of the weekend, so it will just be the kids and I. So hopefully next week I will have lots of cards to share. I also have to get prepared for a workshop that I am holding on Thurs for Close to my Heart. I made a Mothers Day card for the Just Magnolia Blog hop. I wasn't really thrilled with the layout, but it came out ok.

The Magnolia is courtesy of my friend Lisette, thanks! She is colored using Prisma Color Pencils and Copics.

The papers are from Close to My Hearts, Miracle Kit. By Gulfmann.

If you are on Instagram, you know about the variety of daily hashtags you can join.

This morning, the tags #makesmesmilethursday and #myowndrumdecor , got me thinking about how I decorate and what about my decor makes me smile. The mantel makes me smile, not just because Steve hung a recent painting, but because Cindy of Consider It All Joy came to visit in August and she brought me the cute ceramic pumpkins that are finally on display. People have asked where my primary colors are and I told Cindy I blame her. In August I posted this picture on Instagram and it didn't just make me smile, Steve loved the photograph and just finished his rendition of my photo. While setting our bedroom back to rights after painting, I came up with a silly night stand for my side of the bed - a striped wooden box turned upside down holds a bunch of my favorite books and it definitely falls into the "my own drum" and "makes me smile" category. Red & Blue Striped Oxford Shirt and Canvas Tote, both by Matt Singer. Yang-Yi Goh, editor of the new online magazine Handlebar, sent me this great interview they did with one of my favorite brand/designer's Matt Singer. Here are a few excerpts. Cotton Short-Sleeved Shirt, Woven Pencil Case, and Canvas Brief, all by Matt Singer“The great luxury I had was working for an incredibly creative boss like Andy Spade,” Singer says. “He was willing to question every sort of traditional accepted path. Having a really creative leader like that, who had a vision and allowed you to explore, allowed me to learn a lot and not be afraid to make some errors. It was the greatest opportunity I ever had to go, ‘What do you think about this idea?’ and almost always hear, ‘I think it’s fantastic, go ahead and do it. ’”“I don’t respond to details for details sake,” Singer says. In the Brontë-related world is celebrated for performing in Currer Bell, Esq. by William Luce. Later on the play was adapted for the stage with the name Brontë. William Luce wrote Brontë first as a radio play for actress Julie Harris to perform on Masterpiece Radio Theatre, Elinor Stout directing. Entitled Currer Bell, Esq. The Professor tells of a young Englishman in Belgium who falls in love with his student, a story that is reprised in a slightly different guise in the romance between Lucy Snowe and Paul Emanuel in Brontë’s Villette.

According to Brontë’s biographers, the storyline is derived at least in part from doomed feelings Brontë herself developed for a married professor who taught her when she studied in Belgium, making this an instance where a personal disappointment spurred a work of art—actually two—that would prove to be far more enduring.

K. Eliz used soft pink teardrop-shaped beads in this upper section of Gale Marshall's Queen Mom Memorial Crown, which she is adapting, although they look rather brown in this photo with the black background. A drive to Memphis with her daughter meant that she had lots of tatting time to work on the Norma Benporath Mystery Cake Doyley. When she got home she did some more work on the crown. While playing around with it she made a mistake and then kept going to see what happens when you weave a chain under or over another one and attach it at random places. That's also known as designing, even if the results aren't spectacular. She really likes the central star, but it's obscured by some picots, and some of the picots in the "fluffy" part overlap each other which always annoys her, so I tried it again with her original variations but removing more picots. Cloud Dr. MAP Link: Curt Harrington is a high-tech patent attorney and a California Board of Legal Specialization Certified Tax Specialist. In addition to his J. D. , Curt holds an LL. M. - Tax from the University of San Diego and masters degrees in chemical and electrical engineering, and business. He has prepared and prosecuted hundreds of patents, and has published and spoken widely on Patent, Trademark, Licensing, Intellectual Property Taxation, and Business Start-up. Curt is currently chair of the California Board of Legal Specialization, a unit of California State government that oversees California's Legal Specialization Program. I made this little scented heart sachet for Aimee Grace, my friend's granddaughter, as she loves girly things, to hang among her clothes. I scented it with a tropical refill for a car air freshener. it smells really pretty without being overpowering and when it fades she can dab it with any other perfume. The B-squad Jaguars won at Kimball. We have a friend over tonight, so I will post later in the evening. In the meantime check out Amy W's and Selena's sites for freebies. Somerville is KTVU's Face of the Station. He was asked by bosses to read the apology for the station in the Asiana fiasco. Somerville obliged but was not thrilled with the task. Somerville's influence used to stand for something. It didn't help. I knew Vida Vegan Con would be a whirlwind of new friends and presentations and good food and general non-stop activity, so I made sure to give myself one extra day at the end of my trip to explore Portland and visit with my friends and family there. My sweet friend Sandy picked me up at the conference on Sunday night, and we headed over to Prasad for some dinner. I ordered the "Ganesh Bowl," with half quinoa and half brown rice. Just thinking about it makes me want to eat it all over again. Monday morning, Sandy and I made our way over to Vita Cafe, for the first stop in a crazy vegan-errand day of fun. Victor Pierce bears a resemblance to notorious death-cult leader Jim Jones, which is a tragic accident of nature. He also deeply imbibed the authoritarian Kool-Aid ladled out by the Homeland Security State, and force-fed it to the residents of Barry Township, Michigan, the tiny and unfortunate village where Pierce was employed as Chief of Police. Like the Rev. Jones, Pierce demanded that everyone within the area of his claimed authority partake of the divinely inspired vision he has received. “I have preached a vision,” Pierce declares, “and the Lord put me here for a reason. ” To be more specific, Pierce was providentially deposited in Barry Township to steel its torpid citizenry against the day when Jihadists, school shooters, drug lords, and perhaps even killer robots descend upon the village in an outpouring of apocalyptic fury. Sure, this hasn’t happened – but it could happen, in the same sense that a convergence of atmospheric anomalies could cause the skies to rain artichokes.


Please standby at noon tomorrow for the next announcement. People have been getting my stickers in droves. They have been a huge success. I'm sorry I haven't been posting at my usual high pace. I am involved in a few big projects at work but I will get back on it soon. These products are now in stock- don't miss out!. AA's coach is involved with the local girls golf and mentioned that they were hosting a free event to try out the new TopGolf venue in Jacksonville. AA signed up and enjoyed playing. A huge group attended! AA was originally paired with two very young girls, but Coach Kathy came and gave AA her own bay to hit balls. They didn't play any of the games, so we will go back and have some more fun! The plans were for AA to spend the night at sister Leaa's home and see Beauty and the Beast with Livi and Dylan, but not to be. Turned out they were exposed to hair lice, so will be treating that for a few days. We will head off this afternoon to see it with her Daddy and Mommy - me!It was a great movie with tons of music, singing and a few disjointed scenes, but overall a stunning show. The actual story-line, if you dive in deep, may not be what our diverse culture demands today, so take it as a fairy tale and enjoy!. I am a major typography/lettering nerd, and this laser-cut wood alphabet piece totally feeds my obsession. Beberapa tahun lalu, Nokia adalah jawara dalam dunia mobile atau ponsel. Hampir semua orang berduyun-duyun meninggalkan Nokia dan mencoba perangkat baru dari RIM tersebut. Dinasti Nokia telah berganti dengan berkibarnya bendera RIM hampir di seluruh penjuru dunia. Namun, ketika Apple memperkenalkan produknya yang diberi nama iPhone dan banyaknya dipasarkan perangkat-perangkat smartphone berbasis Android, nama, BlackBerry semakin tergeser. RIM semakin terpojokkan dengan diciptakannya perangkat handset berbasis Android dan munculnya generasi-generasi baru dari iPhone. Selain memudahkan para penggunanya dalam mengakses aplikasi, layar sentuh yang terdapat di dalam perangkat Android dan iPhone merupakan hal yang baru bagi pengguna handset, sedangkan RIM tetap mempertahankan era keypad QWERTY. Seperti yang diulas oleh Gounce. Banyak pengguna handset yang sekarang ini mulai melakukan segala aktifitasnya dengan memadukan antara gerak personal dan teknologi. Hal tersebut menandakan bahwa penggunaan aplikasi dalam sebuah perangkat handset sangat dibutuhkan untuk memperingan kerja dan membantu aktifitas pengguna handset setiap hari. I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving! We enjoyed a lovely holiday dinner with a few cousins at my aunt Kim's house. I'm really lucky to have such an amazing extended family! We are so blessed in so many ways, and it's nice to take a day to reflect on everything we are grateful for.

Most of all, I am thankful for my handsome, hardworking husband and our happy baby boy, our wonderful families, and the gospel that brings so much peace and joy to our lives.

Perhaps I will embrace the modern world again at last.

Clemtis ‘Multi Blue’ har det med å komme med en eneste blomst. En eneste bare for å påminne meg om at den fortsatt er i live.

From the archives:Aorta has an uncertain derivation.

Given all the blood vessels that branch to the viscera from the aorta, one can see how it may resemble a strap of sorts suspending the heart, kidney, stomach, and intestines. Hey guys. Good morning. I added two new pics of retired tennis professional, Fabrice Santoro, of France to his page on the brieflines site. Take care and see you tomorrow. Happy Stamping everyone!. Hello Ai Fans! Happy Sunday to you. Today I'm sharing a pop-up card made with one of the newest Art Impressions Girlfriends sets. Inside, the girls pop up when you open the card. It can be displayed closed to see the front or left open to see the girls. I absolutely can't decide which new set is my favorite. I'll bet you have the same problem! InLinkz. Phil discusses the dilemma of when to engage in doctrinal debate, and when to set it aside. One thing you'll quickly notice if you make even a casual study of historical theology is this: the history of the church is a long chronicle of doctrinal development that runs from one profound controversy to the next. In one sense it is sad that the history of the church is so marred by doctrinal conflicts, but in another sense that is precisely what the apostles anticipated. Even while the New Testament was still being written, the church was contending with serious heresies and dangerous false teachers who seemed to spring up everywhere. So the church has always been beset by heretics and false teachings, and church history is full of the evidence of this. Obviously, then, we who love the truth cannot automatically shy away from every fight over doctrine. Especially in an era like ours when virtually every doctrine is deemed up for grabs, Christians need to be willing and prepared to contend earnestly for the faith. On the other hand, even in an obsessively "tolerant" age such as ours, the opposite danger looms large as well. Since we made the decision to keep our garden going year round, there has been no need. Now I preserve only those foods I want to make into jams, relishes and cordials, and generally I freeze the juice for cordials when we have an excess. But we had a windfall of strawberries the other day so yesterday Hanno washed and cut the fruit for me and I cooked up a pot of strawberry jam. When you're making strawberry jam it's good to have the mass of strawberries fully ripe, for a deep and full flavour, and a small number that aren't so ripe, because they contain more natural pectin to thicken the jam. You'll need glass jars to hold the jam. " - Guy Debord A transcendent sun shines down upon largely vacant breakers as we greet yet another morn in the village. Shapes of merit and consequence roll towards the inevitable without foam nor flesh upon them. Perhaps the rare day for a minimal line-up is on tap? It seems that is so, make your plan and hold your line, as others seem destined for ordinary pursuits.

If one were to direct a loving gaze further towards the shadow of the mystic mountain, one may observe Seadrift working in mystery.

This is the way, step inside. This insane WR Race bike was one of the many cool custom motorcycles at the Mooneyes JP show. Check the following Sparetime links for other great cycles:. Who does not love them, Natural Ice creams? The vegetarian creamy super smooth ice cream studded with fruit. It is the ultimate desert. The list is quite something but to name a few, chats, samosa and ice creams. Yes there are the Kwality Walls and the Amuls but for the gourmet experience it has to be Natural. Last month when I was in Mumbai and went shopping to Inorbit, Vashi we found a Natural outlet on the top floor. I squealed like a toddler on spotting it. Bal who was with me carrying my shopping bags like a dutiful bro, felt his elder sister needed a treat. BTW I was also happy to see a Kailash Parbat next to it! You can imagine my excitement. - Patrick Biancone released a defiant statement regarding his one year suspension. "I am profoundly disappointed, but not surprised, by the stewards ruling issued against me this morning. I have remained silent rather than attempt to argue my case and defend myself in the media pending a hearing. And I've thought ever since that search of his barn that his continued presence was simply unfair to the betting public. Matt Hegarty reports in the Form that Biancone's attorney criticized the length of the penalty without disputing the stewards' findings. Some were from the assortments, the Monthly Ribbon Club and the new lace trims. I embossed them with black detail embossing powder on a blue/green vellum. Die-Cuts: Nestabilities Ovals/Scallops Ovals.

Inks: Versa Mark Dazzle.

Embossing Powder: Black Detail Embossing Powder. .