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Job and his friends all believed in God’s authority over them and all believed in God’s sovereignty so he questions why they are mocking his faith and putting themselves up as better than he is.

They are laughing him, an upright man, to scorn. These men were not pagans, heathen, mocking Job, but his equals, his friends, and his fellow believers deriding his faith and his character. I am extremely excited to announce that I have today launched my new blog on my newly designed website over at susancrawfordvintage. You can find my very first blog post right here and from now on this will be where I will be blogging from.

I do hope you'll join me.

So its goodbye from Ruby but hello from Susan xxx. My gut feeling is that the Rookie class will fill up much more quickly than it did last year. Then it took the entire week to go to the maximum but as you may recall, there were more spots to fill for the Rookies. This year the Registration runs together on the same week. Seekerville is closed today. as we pause to celebrate the American Thanksgiving holiday and count our many blessings. Among those blessings are the friendships that have been built in Seekerville these past six years. Thank YOU for being a part of that. Youtube or watch at the sourceYoutube. Mr. Mr. Harvard, stable boys, and Davy Mrs. Harvard, Davy, Adeline, and Mr. Davy, Mrs. some more pictures of my risers and ignition chopping, how interesting, ha!. My first ever card project. The March card kit, Neverland, is up for sale at Studio Calico, grab one quick if you haven't already! Lemme show you a few things I made. first I was inspired by the enamel dots. LOVE 'em! I created little flowers with them by cutting my own handmade leaves. I used the tape strips in the kit and some white cardstock to make a strip for the sentiment, then tucked in the little flowers and leaves. I wanted to keep the rest of the card simple and crisp, so I added the card front to white cardstock. Super quick and would be great to make a bunch of these to keep on hand, then stamp a sentiment when you need a quick card! On the Happy Day card, I added the tape strips to white cardstock to make the color really pop, then punched out a star and backed the negative part of the star with patterned paper. Then I added the punched star to the front of the card! Letter stickers from the kit make a quick sentiment. Made my own little notebook edge with a hole punch and then ripped the edges myself. Happy Tuesday! What do you have going on today? Taylor is having a play date so we are anxiously awaiting her friend's arrival. Nine more days until school starts!In scrappy news, Noel Mignon has asked me to be her guest designer this month! I was in AWE when I opened the new Core Curriculum kit, it's sooo packed full of goodies and is perfect for any type of school pages. Each Tuesday this month, you will see a new post by me with some creations done with this kit HERE. Today I made a page about my daughter doing homework. She really struggles with it, and it's not her favorite thing to do after a long day at school. But I'm so proud of her for getting through each and every night last year. Her having Attention Deficit Disorder really controls her ability to focus, so it has been quite a struggle. Get MK's look. Look at this lovely Bird House Made from the CTMH Milk Carton! For the rest of the Month of March when you make ANY purchase on my Close to My Heart Website I will email you the full color step by step instructions. Below I have provided a list of the CTMH supplies used to make this Bird House as a suggestion for your purchase. You can buy one or all of the items listed.

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In places, what’s in the JAMA paper seems to have been overplayed in the media.

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But the point is that Hawass and colleagues have done the science and put the results out there for discussion.

That’s how it should work. Though I have only known Houdin for a few years, his passion and boundless energy for this topic strike me as quite similar to Hawass’s. in SLOVAKIAVT Interiors.


Yesterday, my box o' wool got here. Two pounds. I put my foot in for scale. I don't want to ruin that, so I'm gonna practice on this stuff, first. Will threw me a birthday dinner! And many people came! Including Sprogblogger! How cool is that! I felt very loved and honored to have my birthday celebrated by a nice cadre of friends + Will and my awesome sister. And I have a bunch of new blogs to read. And I just feel so touched that you're out there. Reading. I mean. "And I have this pain in my shoulder. Just like Uncle Mark had. " The conversation is imagined. But it is exactly how I felt like Monday morning.

As if I had been sitting on the front porch of the local rest home rehearsing lines of passing with my fellow inmates.

But I was simply at my doctor's office getting my orientation to Coumadin. Having spent the last twenty years in medical litigation, you would think I would have known something about Coumadin. I didn't. I saw ben yesterday. He currently has a serious back problem which,apart from being very painful, is hindering his writing. And he can't believethat people failed to get his "meat" joke. But the most important thing is that the Strathaven player has guaranteed herself a place on the Ladies European Tour next season. As predicted, Thursday was "moving day" with many players producing their best round of the three so far to climb up the standings. The longer I am around sheep, the more I realize that they are a bit like humans. Here are "the boys" - better known as our rams. They are the dads of all the sheep and you can see them on the left side of the photo back by Eeyore, the donkey. There are two Romney crosses, and a Border Leicester. We also have a few more rams that aren't in the photo. See how they stand around and eat and eat and eat. I suppose they feel a bit useless at this point in the year. Besides eating, they can't do much that is useful - they can't feed the baby lambs. Here we are, back in my neighborhood to stroll by more homes More two story colonials. I can just imagine Frank Sinatra mixing cocktails inside right now. The house sits on three city lots filled with magnificent old live oak trees. Love the tropicals. Ah the white picket fence. A beautiful rambling ranch. Very Texas Hill Country. Charming. Another colonial. This west coast isn't the best for sunrises, but sunsets can be spectacular and the photographic light often inviting. Tide at Knott End Sunset - Knott End looking to Fleetwood Long before the tide turns to head upstream and fill the channel between Knott End and Fleetwood there are thousands of birds picking through the distant mussel beds. Large gulls and Oystercatchers form the myriad bulk with a mix of smaller waders and Black-headed Gulls making up the remainder. Natural England - “Mussel beds have a particularly important role where they occur on soft seabeds, as they provide a hard surface in otherwise muddy or sandy areas. This attracts and supports a greater range of marine life than would otherwise be found there. We got home a bit ago. All the celebrating is done. Saturday, we had Trevors pirate birthday party. It was family and friends, kids and chaos.

It was really wonderful.

After cleaning up, we headed to the cottage for the night.


W. JUKEBOX-rock & soul dance party-w/ CIRCLE RESEARCH & THE GILLESPIE BROS. The Gillespie Brothers have teamed-up with Circle Research to bring a unique blend of soul, funk and good ol' fashioned rock 'n' roll to the Underground. Toronto. I'm headed out of the studio with an big bag of boxes in hand. As the last of the ebay pieces end in the next few days, I'll be taking some time off to spend with loved ones. Wishing everyone a very special holiday season with those you love. be well. and I'll be back in the new year. For instance, Bart Ehrman recently published a book on the subject. That said, the claim suffers from another problem. For there's evidence that under the right conditions, oral history can be reliable across centuries or even millennia. For instance: One time when the Chief of the Below World was on the earth he saw Loha, the daughter of the tribal chief. Loha was a beautiful maiden, tall and straight as the arrowwood. The Chief of the Below World saw her and fell in love with her. He told her of his love and asked her to return with him to his lodge inside the mountain. Darlings, as you know, CC loves Perricone products!No Foundation Foundation is a perennial CC fave. It is the perfect lightweight foundation and looks so natural!CC is also loving this cream with dmae. A fabulous lotion to lift and firm skin. S. and Canadian residents.

Sal and Joe's art was a huge factor in how cool Incredible Hulk was during this time.

Teen Groove loved how their styles meshed. In fact, Ol' Groove would dare to say that Joe was one of Sal's all-time best finishers evah! Check out the following splashes to see if you agree. Or something.

But not to worry, the same picture appears here, along with a messaging utility.

I took a screenshot in case that page gets pulled. Like always, we have the tutorial on how to install this firmware on your phone with the most easy instructions.