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I'm not being flippant. Without this knowledge, I don't know where I'd be. So much of our lives—so much of my life!—is mundane. Mothers wipe noses. Factory workers sort parts. This week looks a whole lot like a normal first week post-marathon. Which is appropriate, since last week's half-marathon felt a whole lot like a marathon. After that race, my coach had asked me to take some time off. The fact that I didn't want to argue with him for even a second over this was a pretty strong indication that I really needed the rest.

For much of this week, I was really tired, and didn't mind the lack of activity at all.

I just slept a lot, ate a lot, tried to minimize the work stress, and pool-ran a little bit. I did manage to get into the doctor for a physical exam and bloodwork - the physical exam found a white patch on the back of my throat, but fortunately all the tests came back negative for mono, strep, etc. The conclusion was that I have some random persistent virus, just like umpteen other people each year. The explanation is simple - I raced a half-marathon when I was still recovering from this virus, and my body's response was to wave a yellow flag of "hey dummy - this was not a good idea. He'd said that it was one of the best models of recent years, in his opinion and, with a couple 'in stock' for possible future projects, I was moved to dig one of them out for the DVD project.

Not least as they're out of my 'region', so to speak.

I wasn't pleased – couldn't see how, even at workshop rates, it could take that long, even if I was being charged for someone to just stand around waiting while the taps emptied the water tank. Workshop rates are probably fair enough for expertise that I don't have – but I can look at running taps with the best of them. He had an old water pump, so connected that to the battery, removed the pressure valve / outlet port from the top of the tank, and sucked out the water through a convenient bit of hose. Then, while in bed one night it suddenly occurred to me that siphoning would be straightforward provided I did it into a bucket, not the canal. From Brenton Sawin's Mysteries To Search: Debby tells about Bigfoot in Ohio. This Sasquatch activity has been going on around Debby's house on a regular bases. The Ohio Grassman has been roaming the Ohio area for many years and you don't want to miss this episode. Buenos Aires based photographer Pablo Franco is one of my favourites photographers. As usual, don't mis the blog. Waking up to election results, I'm thinking about this week's Torah portion, Lech Lecha. Abram is challenged to "go forth" to a new place - ". to a land that I will show you. As a nation, we have been cast into uncharted territory.

Like Abram and Sarai, we do not know what we will encounter as we travel on our journey into the future.

I'm reminded it was eight years ago Friday of the passing of longtime Bay Area broadcaster, Bill King. Miss you Bill King. Since switching from ADW launcher to Go Launcher Ex a year ago, I can see that GO dev. The GO developer team keeps making some really wonderful apps to go with GO launcher.

A+ grade from me.

Al-Shuaibi, also a professor at the Earth and Environment Sciences Department in Kuwait University, stressed that weak seismic waves only affect Kuwait and we should not fear earthquakes ever hitting the country. He pointed out that humans can actually cause earthquakes through the random withdrawal of oil reservoirs and continuous use of groundwater. - - - End - - - I'm no expert, but. In with the new and out with the gross. Soon after we were married, we had to replace our full size bed with a king. But since we were unable to fit an eastern king mattress up the the steep and narrow staircase to our first apartment, my husband had to buy two extra long twin pillow top mattresses as a substitute. He made a contraption which kept the mattresses sandwiched together and we bought a pad to fill the gap in between them. It wasn't the best set-up, but it worked.

Anyway, this thing lasted eight years and somewhere along the way, I began to despise those old beasts.

I guess what instigated the whole process of getting a new mattress was my husband promising to clean behind and under the bed. the brands… tights: hue. shoes: nicole miller. skirt: target. top: ny&co. I’ve always loved tights, but recently realized that I’ve worn tights so often this season that my boots have been neglected. This place is up the street from whereI took yesterday's shot. Excerpts from an myth-busting report in The Telegraph: According to popular myth, thousands of New Yorkers fled their homes in panic, with swarms of terrified citizens crowding the streets in different American cities to catch a glimpse of a “real space battle”. The true extent of the panic seems to have been that a small band of Grover's Mill locals, believing the town's water tower on Grover's Mill Road had been turned into a “giant Martian war machine”, fired guns filled with buckshot in an attack on the water tower. They asked: "To what programme are you listening?” Only two per cent of people said they were listening to The War of the Worlds. Experts are intrigued by his death mask and the elaborate nature of his grave which indicates his importance. He was buried with the massive fang of a bear embedded in his nose, seen as a sign of his strength and power. A decorated mirror - a bronze plate - lay on his chest, inside a birch bark cover. Inside the caskets were metal figurines of fish with their heads broken off.

I attended a crop this past weekend hosted by Let's Capture Our Memories.

What a great time. The chocolate truffle was to die for. and the lazagna for lunch. ya. We have been living a very traditional marriage for all these years, until about a couple of years ago, when we started talking about the possibility of having an open marriage. At first, the idea was just interesting, but with time, we started talking more and more about it and started sharing some life long fantasies with each other, and the idea of having sex of other people became a huge turn on for the both of us. Me personally, have had this fantasy of sharing my wife for quite some time. The so called Hotwife fantasy. Hey boys, there's been a HUGE update to the Richard Gasquet page on the brflines site. One of the pictures included in the update has been attached to this blog entry. Richie is a huge favorite in the Y! brieflines group page and it's not hard to see why. His butt is perfect! :oPEnjoy!. So during the holidays I always end up using all of my favorite creative techniques to make my own gift bags out of paper bags! Doodling and drawing is a great way to instantly transform just about anything! I use my favorite pens and watercolors and treat a paper bag just like a sketchbook page. Yes, it it more time consuming than going out and buying wrapping but it transforms a gift into something really special! I'm a "use whatever I have on hand" kind of gal and you will often catch me using nail polish in my mixed media projects! Stamping is just about the easiest way to create surfaces with pattern! I used my rubber stamps to create some pretty gift bags. With a toddler around I find myself creating things that are whimsical and fun. Note: I rarely if ever use traditional holiday colors when I am creating wrapping paper and bags- instead I select colors the same way I do when I am working on art. An open letter to Fr. Clifford, SJ, Pastor of St.

Our Church is under attack from all sides, and we do not need to "invite the fox into the henhouse.

"In addition, was this cleared with the Archdiocese of Washington? It is my understanding that Bishop Gumbleton has not informed the Archdiocese of his intent to visit.

Maybe he and Pax Christi were hoping to pull a fast one, like he attempted to do to Bishop Morlino. Hello Ai Fans! Sherry here today and I am sharing a quick card that I created using one of my newest additions to my stamp collection. As you can see, it's very green around my patio. No fall color here, nor will there ever be. The azaleas stay green all year round. So any touches of fall have to be brought in from other sources.

The heat and humidity have returned.

Our brief respite lasted two days last weekend and now the steam bath has returned.

I am trying to recover from what I thought was a cold but has turned into a much nastier virus.

I really hate being sick and I am a lousy patient. I would really rather be up and around and busy doing things instead of being a couch potato, but that is all I can handle right now. Hope everything is well with you. Un bien joli mariage. Celui d'une amie de toujours. Gracie. Note the chart reflects auto-plotting of my actual trades directly from Trading Technologies' order platform. really? I didn't even know she was "black" until some libtard starting screaming racism a few days ago. I had to Google pictures of Ms Rice and finally found one that I could say with some certainty, "Yeah, I think she may have a bit of black ancestry. " Black people who continue to whine about their "blackness" are very tiresome. N. ambassador Susan Rice against Republican criticism over her remarks on the deadly Sept. Beautifully decorated whole baked fish is a favorite party dish. Clean a large, nicely formed fish well, leaving on the head but removing the eyes.

Salt and chill, as in previous recipe.

Sprinkle it with olive oil and rub it well into the flesh. “How will this affect my baby?” you wonder after you’ve recovered from the initial shock.

“Will I have to take medicine for it?” Which makes you question “how will that affect my baby?” And “how can I keep both of us healthy?” Like other forms of diabetes, GDM causes insulin resistance.

In GDM, the placenta, the living membrane that transfers nutrients, blood, and water from the mother to the infant, produces certain hormones that interfere with how insulin works. - On-track business is up at Gulfstream over last year, and rather significantly.

They've stopped announcing the attendance figures, which are increasingly irrelevant these days anyway, but apparently people are either getting used to the new facility, or just learning to accept what is now there rather than lamenting what once was.

I came across this article on the Major Wager. - On Wednesday, Pennsylvania's Gaming Board is expected to issue conditional licenses for racetracks to proceed with opening their slots parlors, subject to issuance of permanent licenses in December. With most, if not all of the tracks expected to get the go-ahead, Magna will no doubt breathe a sigh of relief if and when the Meadows gets past this point. .