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I am making a servo based tyrannosaurus modeled after my wooden version. Here is a picture of the two of them side by side. The biggest disappointment is his head. Well that problem is solved. Now to make him longer and taller. When I first tried to print it I had fingers flying all over the place. I even tried gluing them down to no avail! Here is what you can do to make printing small parts possible. Clean the glass with a razor blade. Treat the glass with acetone and/or hair spray. The Husband, The Younger Son, and I decided to eat at The Half Shell recently. The Husband had never been, which I hadn't realized. You can see their menu here. Our waitress was helpful and attentive. I had the fried mushroom appetizer, which was delicious: and the lunch special, which was fried fish: The hush puppies were a disappointment, but everything else was good. We were too full for dessert, but their desserts are especially tasty and worth going back just for that. This is a popular place for lunch, I know, but I've never eaten there at night. This post is scheduled in advance.

Here are some evidence and opinion.

Some evidence to believe : Mayan crystal skull, produces sound like soft music, someone who can hear it can have a long life. Mysterious mummy with a large triangular shaped skull found in Peru, believed to be aliens. And difficult to explain how humans build those huge buildings, even though that time we have only very early human technology. Pyramid Stephen Hawking believes there could be a UFO and they need a source of energy and a big place, they can and will destroy human. Some opinions expressed aliens are able to control space and time, so they do not use the transportation known to man. While an alien can move from one place to another without moving in a certain distance in certain time, possibly by using wormhole.

Something to look forward to on television.

As The Bookseller reports, "The Secret Life of Books", a new BBC Four series created in partnership with the Open University, will explore the creation of six great literary works by returning to the earliest texts and writers' notebooks and letters. The show will include Simon Russell Beale exploring Shakespeare’s First Folio of plays, with a focus on King Lear. Chapeau, Tim Tonndorf. Chapeau, Chapeau! Alles richtig gemacht. Wenn schon Emily Brontë, dann so. Nicht wohlfühlig, nicht weichgespült, nicht konsensfähig. Today is our rewind day, where we pull out an old set to use - today its Free Spirit - Boy, just in time for Father's Day!My first card was so simple, I felt a little like I was cheating!I just used one of the tribal patterned stamps to create the pattern. I couldn't leave you with just that for today, so here are some more goodies using Free Spirit - Boy. This card is for today's Waltzingmouse Sketch Challenge. Isn't it cool that this bright, summery card came from a 'boy' set?And one final project. Have you ever tried this? It contains crystals that don't stick when you heat emboss it.

Left: talking with John Carnochan before the conference opened.

Right: me, Laura and John As conference chair, I had a perfect opportunity to listen and to think about lots of different issues throughout the day. Perhaps my single biggest reflection was about how we tend to think a lot about safeguarding in terms of having the correct policies and procedures. When things go terribly wrong and a child is seriously injured or killed, there will be a formal investigation called a Serious Case Review. These are often published. Reading them, whilst harrowing, is a good way to find out how things can go wrong and think about what individuals, or the system, might do differently in the future so that children are better protected. A man from Cape Canaveral, Florida was airlifted to a Miami hospital after he sustained injuries in an altercation with another man.


The man was reportedly unresponsive and appeared to be highly intoxicated, lying on the ground in front of the restaurant. Witnesses gave differing information about what happened but said the man had been in an altercation with another man. He is still at Jackson Memorial Hospital, reported to be in critical condition. Russia's Sea of Okhotsk pollock fishery has won Marine Stewardship Council certification as a sustainable and well-managed fishery. That's the same certification the U. S. Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska pollock fisheries hold. Here's a story by Hal Bernton of The Seattle Times on the impact of Japan's earthquake and tsunami on the seafood industry. Kinda like a scarlet letter. Or - shave all the hair on their heads - including eyebrows. And ok, "eve teasers". The male mummy is now located at the Boole Library at UCC but is not on public display. A spokesman from the Egyptian Embassy in Dublin said they are aware of the mummy at UCC and are in discussions with the university on the matter.

He said they are waiting to have the mummy assessed by an expert or somebody at the embassy.

the brands… blazer: express. blouse: max studio specialty products. pants: the limited.

shoes: nine west.

I love mixing up a professional suit look with color and pattern. I also love the bright reds and blues that are out this season. I want to scoop them all up and wear them incessantly! I considered wearing a bright blue pencil skirt with this blazer, but figured I’d pass on looking like an American flag for today. . Pahoehoe lava meets the ocean. The Big Island of Hawaii was beautiful and we had a very relaxing and stimulating vacation. Lots of exercise, which was good for me and made me want to try to fit in more regular exercise in my daily/weekly schedule. Tide pools The second part of our trip we went to the other side of the island and stayed in a small cottage in the rainforest near the volcano.

The volcano crater was pretty amazing at night - glowing orange and beautiful.

The beaches on this side of the island were beautiful - dark black sand and many swimmable tide pools filled with fish and coral. The U. S. Without being physically attached to it. This towering ginkgo tree is located within the walls of the Gu Guanyin Buddhist Temple in the Zhongnan Mountains in China. You can see more photos here thisiscolossal . My laguna is tamed. So I believe in my most fevered moments. At least, it looks a bit domesticated. When I returned to Melaque from my summer highland adventure, the water lettuce I had been battling to clear had returned with a vengeance. The photograph at the top of this post was my first view of my work undone. The water lettuce simply settled on its bed of muck. I was tempted to wade in and start forking it out. That plan came to a quick end when I discovered the muck was at least knee-deep.

A year’s inventory for The National Enquirer.

Instead, I waited for the day when the laguna would start filling, and, like some supply side dream, all lettuce would be lifted by the rising tide. " Just thinking about it makes me quake a little.

Today's announcement of winners shouldn't make you quake, though.

" And you know that there will definitely be a next time. So, without further delay, here are our giveaway winners. The fat eighths bundle, courtesy of The Fabric Quarter goes to:Andi! She said:Who can resist fabric folded so beautifully!!!! Thanks. Hi there. Just me. I've been trying to figure out what to post here for a while. hmmm. Hey guys, I added a new page for Jeremy Menez of France this morning to the brflines site. The page begins with two pictures. Cheers!. peace. freedom. discovery. adventure. healing. inspiration. Four old Italian Ladies These four older ladies who lived in Italy always sat outside together near the church and chatted about when they were younger. One month ago they pooled their money together and bought a laptop.


They read about "The Fountain of Youth" claimed by the Spaniards when they arrived there. As soon as it arrived they drank it as directed. The rest of the story will make you a believer, because here they are today. No. Less than an hour ago I was outside in a driving, cold rain. I was dressed for the weather, but that didn't matter. This is a big deal on this small farm, since snow in that volume can damage roofs, force the sheep into the shed for the night, and keep the pony in his stall in the barn. I had been outside for the better part of an hour, feeding pigs and checking on the rabbitry. I fed Jasper and closed the door Brett made for us, keeping him inside so raking the roof would be easier in the morning. For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe. The winner is: - Kevin Shallow, from Apollo Beach, Florida, USA Many thanks to all the participants!. Murrow - WRYNECK in a private garden, but no longer present. Now tell me again about his high approval ratings. The overload of both my outside work, my three day work schedule, and the unending scandals has left me worn out and dispirited. I believe Alinsky would call it "overloading the system. " I also apologize to those of you who have linked to me. I never look at my statcounter anymore and really have no way of telling who is linking. Good morning everyone and happy Monday. It's another sunny day. We do have a little wind onshore. The fog has been rolling in and out. Surfers say there's a few sets in the patch that are larger than knee high. There's a texture in the water, a little bumpy. I'll update as conditions change. Can you believe it's already time to start thinking about Halloween projects? Today I have an early peek at a new set by My Favorite Things: Trick or Treat with Who's That Girl. I had a lot of fun working with this one. The coloring is all done with Prismacolor pencils. Why is Flopsey green? It's Halloween! He can be any color you want!! I stamped one of the sentiments around the perimeter of the image to create a frame look. Trick or Treat with Who's That Girl, some brand-new spooky ribbon, and an assortment of spooky crystals are all part of the August VIP Bundle, which is available in limited quantities TODAY ONLY. On the last Wednesday of each month, the VIP Bundle gives MFT fans a chance to order one of the next month's stamp sets, plus other new products a whole week early. Orders ship quickly, so chances are good that you'll have your things before the official release. If you want to, you're invited to post teasers along with the MFT design team during the release party. For more info on this month's contents and perks, go here HERE. In other MFT news, the Bubble Bin has been updated for the week. Lots of good deals there, as always. Hair Clip Tutorial Make this adorable Bow hair clips in no time! Who knew satin ribbons could be so versatile and quick to work with. You can make these in just under ten minutes. Make them in different colors to match your outfits. You can choose to make it bigger or smaller by altering the size of the ribbon used. Satin Ribbons of two different widths. This specialty dessert requires a little bit of love and time, but it is unique and will be a great treat for your next dinner. Dissolve the sugar in the water and add the lemon juice. Add rose water towards the end of the cooking time. Let stand to cool and set aside. Next, prepare the ingredients to be assembled. kotodama. .