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It's Tuesday and time for a new challenge at Magnolia-licious! The challenge blog would like to see the colors "BROWN AND BLUES". I have used my favorite MME papers here. I just loveeeeee MME papers. My favorite and I can't wait to get my hands on the ones just released! I colored up "Tilda with Slate" using copics. Same old, same old. Dollar down, equities up, gold up, oil up, etc etc etc. Everything seems to be at a nexus. Oil is trying to backtest its broken trendline. Dollar is butting up against its long-running down trendline. Something has to give soon. pics from Otto Nero. Family law training for volunteer attorneys. Participants will learn how to give legal advice to incarcerated mothers in Cook County Jail about their family law case. They will receive an overview of guardianship, custody, and the foster care system. claim-il. Wish I could find some more time to farm. I did these a few weeks ago. I guess I'll keep pluggin' away at them. James Kuefler had one of Elrosa's four hits in tonight's game. The Elrosa Saints and St. Martin Martins went the distance tonight to settle a Stearns County League battle. Elrosa had its share of chances to score in the game, twice getting runners to third base, but couldn't get the needed hit when it counted. Final: St. via. I love the German expressionist film by F. W. Murnau The Last Laugh. The emotions evoked are partly due to the lack of titles. Every shot has emotionally driven acting and camera movements. During the drunk sequence the camera spins to create the effect of the room spinning around his drunken head. A terribly disorienting effect for the viewer but puts the eye of the lense as the character's own. Shots like that always get me excited!Emil Jannings is a great actor, watch him, his facial expressions are so endearing! The way he poises himself in any situation is remarkable. We have a really awesome little group of pals here, and I feel So Super Lucky to know them. We often meet up for the farmers market on Wednesdays, but we also try to have a potluck every couple months.

Since we are all officially Foodie Dorks, we always like to have a theme.

This time, the theme was Grilled Pizza. YES. My kind of party. Each of us came with some toppings for a couple of pizzas, to share with everyone else. It was so fun - because we all got to try out fun and different delicious pizzas. But it was so crowded that it's so difficult to walk and really look around what's there. Hello Kitty is there for a Meet and Greet sessionChristmas Decoration at Nex :. Style in the afterlife was just as important as it was during life on Earth – and coiffure was key. To this end, men and women alike would have their tresses styled with a fat-based "gel" when they were embalmed. Tomb paintings depict people with cone-shaped objects sitting on their heads, thought to be lumps of scented animal fat. "The hair was styled and perfectly curled. Urban Grace Interiors. I’ll be happy to be corrected on any of the assumptions that I’ve made here. The two men were brothers and joined up on the same day. I'm sure you recognize St. Peter's. It's not my favorite church in the world, but it's the biggest I've ever been in, and possibly the most impressive too. Beautiful mirrors. every room should have one!. Toilet's leaking. Every five minutes it slurps in more water pssssh for a second. I figured the tank was losing a smidge of water and refilling. Just to make sure I looked it up on Mr. An easy fix. You drain the tank, pull off the old flapper, go to the hardware store with it and have the nice lady pick you out a new matching one, and snap it back on. Vatten i trädgården, det är det faktiskt inte så många ställen som jag skulle önska. Bortsett från dammen i år så är det ett par små pölar till. eller fågelbad kanske man kan kalla dom. Water in my garden, it is actually not in so many places as I could wish for. Apart from the the little pond there are a couple of small puddles to. or bird bath perhaps one should call them. Jo då, jag har gjutit rabarberblad jag också, även om det är många år sen. Flera bidrag till blommig fredag hittar man hos Roses and Stuff.

Happy Tuesday.

did you get through Monday ok? I am trying to get use to shorter and shorter days. Losing daylight does not make me happy. It is that exciting time again. cupcards to go has a new kit out called SWEET CAKES. Here are just a few of the things that I loved around the blog world this week. Actually some of them are from last week because I was slacking and didn't get a post up. I love this fall centerpiece from Layla at The Lettered Cottage. It's so perfectly fall without using typical fall elements. The link is in her sidebar on the right. She's so sweet, beautiful and talented. I would love to watch her on the show. parking on the GA apron.

parking on the GA apron.

parking on the Cambrian apron. by Dan Phillips How can we figure out what to think about the big issues of spiritual import?Well, we can ask a lot of questions, all centered around ourselves, or centered around other people. We can, for instance, ask how a concept makes us feel. We can ask whether it makes sense to us.

We can test whether it fits the contours of our own personal thought.

We can propose paradigms and syllogisms of our own crafting.

We can get into dialogue with others, and listen to them.

We can hear their stories, and let those stories move us and mold and form our thinking. We can get a broader sample by reading bios, looking at polls, reading the mainstream media.

We can embrace their questions and their rationales and their hierarchies, let them set the agenda for the endeavor.

FARR Ceramics Limited is one of the largest Porcelain Tableware Industries in Bangladesh. Since incaption FARR has strong presence both in global and local market. Now to meet the growing needs, FARR invites applications for the position of:Sr.

Up on the sea wall where the car heater churned out at full blast I could see the Whooper Swans in the distance where they seem to have returned to the safety of the outer marsh off Fluke Hall.

There was a lot of Little Egret activity both directly out from the car park and to the east or west as I counted nine of them in all. There was a fair amount of ground frost with noticeable Blackbird numbers searching through the whitened leaf litter so I had a walk about the bottom car park and through the bits of woody scrub. Emily St. R. R. With The Broken Empire, Mark Lawrence instantly established himself as one of the most prominent grimdark authors out there. Needless to say, I was relieved when Prince of Fools turned out to be Lawrence's most accessible and fun-filled novel to date. Hence, I was looking for the author to up his game and raise the bar in the second volume, and boy did Lawrence take the ball and ran with it. The Liar's Key is Mark Lawrence's most solid effort thus far! Here's the blurb:After harrowing adventure and near-death, Prince Jalan Kendeth and the Viking Snorri ver Snagason find themselves in possession of Loki’s Key, an artefact capable of opening any door, and sought by the most dangerous beings in the Broken Empire—including The Dead King. Jal wants only to return home to his wine, women, and song, but Snorri has his own purpose for the key: to find the very door into death, throw it wide, and bring his family back into the land of the living. And as Snorri prepares for his quest to find death’s door, Jal’s grandmother, the Red Queen continues to manipulate kings and pawns towards an endgame of her own design… Worldbuilding didn't play much of a role in Prince of Fools. Probably due to the fac that a lot of groundwork had already been laid out in the original series, the author didn't let the setting intrude on the storytelling. Today has been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Trevor is still sooo sick. He was up tossing and turning and moaning most of the night. I went to work and left him home with Tom. Same routine. JUKEBOX-rock & soul dance party-w/ CIRCLE RESEARCH & THE GILLESPIE BROS. The Gillespie Brothers have teamed-up with Circle Research to bring a unique blend of soul, funk and good ol' fashioned rock 'n' roll to the Underground. Toronto. We hiked to the top. Took photos of the horizon. Watched the sunset. Put on sweatshirts. Set up the scope. Focused in on the moon. Helped everyone get photos of it. Protected our food from the scurrying mouse. Rolled out sleeping pads. No, ya turkey, not the Reverend B. G. Graham also took some side-trips into Marvel's supernatural mags, like Journey into Mystery, Haunt of Horror, Vampire Tales, and Monsters Unleashed. Just a quick post this morning, with a quick and easy card to share. The sentiment is from Verve's Kind Words set. Which made it a perfect fit for the SFYTT layout. The chevron was cut from one of the Sugar Chic patterns. Don't miss the background pattern, which is a nice dark gray grid paper, not black as it may appear in the photo. I like to make The Blog Tech and his sweetie big brunches on Sundays. I made them jumbo biscuits this past weekend.

I made them home fries and the first ramps of the season.

This was the first time my future DIL tried ramps and she loves them. She wants ramps in everything now. Good girl! She fits right in here! I made them sausage patties and maple sausage links. Scrambled eggs with fresh chives and Double Gloucester cheese. And I also made tostones. These are twice fried plantains sprinkled with sea salt. R. .