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That was a good thing, but it takes more than that to get the job done.

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A few strips of cardstock help to balance it out.

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Health Care Renewal is officially non-partisan.

We do not endorse candidates for office, or political parties.

We have noted conflicts of interest affecting politicians, particularly the revolving door, and other shadings towards corporatism.

Her staff includes a seasoned generalist as well as a benefits clerk. Below you will find a list of topic suggestions. You may choose another topic with your instructor’s approval. LOOK AT IT!. This card was really simple to make, and it uses the Surf's up paper pack. I stamped the image from the Bright Sunny Day set. My tomato plants are doing great, I've got them blocked from the wind using sheets of tin from my old barn. There are several small tomatoes on the vines. Also found a nice, big spider egg sack. If you have notes from General Conference in random notebooks, or just want to do a better job taking notes. this Study Journal is perfect for you! First. The U. S. m. for a crewman lost off the fishing vessel Glacier Spirit near Sand Point. m. from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game requesting assistance in searching for the crewman. "My thought and prayers are with the victim's family and friends," said Capt. We've waited and waited, and wondered if it would happen at all. I just love wedding cake toppers. I don't collect them YET. A day when nothing but hopes and dreams were beginning. It's funny how I can look at pictures or a video of that day and still cry. Are the tears because that day was so special? Tears of the trials that brought us closer? Or tears for knowing God has truly blessed me? Picking out my wedding topper meant a lot to me. Now, after many laughs, tears, and peanutbutter and jelly flying through the air as well as straight out, unquestionable blessings, this wedding topper still stands displayed in my front room, strong and unblemished. and also vert, bleu, jaune, violet, rouge—and almost any hue you can imagine. Get yourcolorful pendants and light garlandsat La Case de Cousin Paul.

To see more, visit Beverly's meme.

Red door! This house on Burano is uncharacteristically plain. But the door kind of makes up for it—or tries, anyway.

"Happiness consists in being happy with what we have got and with what we haven't got.

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