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For no particular reason, I was recently thinking about the subject of bogus history—historical "facts" that are very widely believed and flatly false. The example I started with is one of some current political interest, the belief that Herbert Hoover responded to the beginning of the Great Depression by cutting government expenditure. As I pointed out some time back in response to such a claim, it's the precise opposite of what really happened. e. By that standard, he makes Obama and Bush look like skinflints. For a second and unrelated example, consider the standard story of Columbus—that he heroically stood up for the scientific truth of a spherical earth against a flat earth orthodoxy, sailing west in defiance of warnings that he would fall off the edge. A spherical earth had been the accepted scientific doctrine for well over a thousand years and the Greeks had produced a reasonably accurate estimate of its size. We really only needed to go to the Co-op for some lacto-free milk. But Jaspers was just a few yards down the hill … well, such a good local emporium deserves your custom. Some of the boating blogs I read record journeys that the blogger has undertaken previously – sometimes often. These few days will take us through places we've been before, and it will be interesting to see how we respond to the experience. Today we met a couple on a hire boat from Middlewich doing the Four Counties ring, in a week. They've done quite a bit of boating, but had some friends along for whom it is all new. I asked about the pressures and the long days, and she said it was about recognising the limits of a week's hire, and setting yourself a challenge. Winning one of the Expo’s Excellence Awards, ASA Electronics held true to their reputation of being the leader in developing innovative mobile technology and took home the gold for Audio Product of the Year. “This national award validates ASA Electronics as a leader in V-Twin audio technology. ASA, in its quest to be the best, continues to push the boundaries for motorcycle audio,” Mark Wojtys, HD industry manager at ASA Electronics said. It is truly a plug ‘n’ play design that has the exact same footprint and wiring connection as the factory stereo. Their proprietary brands are JENSEN, JENSEN Marine, JENSEN Heavy Duty, Marine Audio, Voyager and ADVENT Air. From all your brothers at OVO!. Here's the video of his sketch. HD Just Rob's partYou can donate for Red Nose Day HERE. The money raised during Red Nose Day will be used to fund programs that address the immediate needs of children and young people living in poverty in the U. S. and internationally in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The money will be split between domestic and international poverty issues.

Yainea joins us today to share a fun idea for shaker gift tags made using Tag,You're It, Cheery Christmas and the Fuse Tool! She created a video tutorial so you can see her process. You can watch the video here or at our YouTube channel. Yesterday, on Charlotte Brontë's birthday, her novel Villette got a vindication. I think Jane Eyre, Brontë’s masterpiece, is kinda overrated. I know what I’m saying sounds radical. When I first read Jane Eyre as a teenager, I fell passionately in book love with it, and I was inspired to make the rounds of the Brontës, inhaling Anne’s The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, Emily’s Wuthering Heights, and Jane Eyre, over and over again. Jane Eyre spoke to my very soul, summing up all the adolescent angst that had plagued my uneasy transition into young adulthood. The Brontës and Jane Austen initiated me into the world of classic literature, but Jane Eyre was the book that felt most viscerally true and resonant. So it was with surprise that I realized, upon rereading it some years later for a college course, that I no longer found the novel virtuosic in its verisimilitude. As Heady shows, these authors question the ability of realism to contain the emotionally freighted and often jarring plot lines that characterize conversion. Contains the chapter: 'Must I render an account?': the ethics of genre in Charlotte Brontë's Villette. From a physician colleague, a dedicated professional, reposted with redaction of locale with permission. This speaks for itself. Naturally its messed up his work flow not to mention occupying hours on end of his ostensibly personal time. His reaction was mostly one of frustration. In another situation, the ABMS is acquiring near dictatorial powers over physicians' livelihoods by essentially mandating an expensive, time consuming jumping through of hoops in the form of MOC requirements which may well evolve into MOL.

Its a shakedown.

Physicians who are undoubtedly frustrated just play the game in a grim resignation. Where is the moral outrage? Where is the righteous anger? Another physician, a close friend of mine, feels exactly the same way. It would appear so. If this is the case, this CEO and his board of directors should be dismissed as a danger to the public. The CEO, William A. Hawkins III, being a biomedical engineer, would take special blame for this distorted attitude. In "Pre-emption' Cited as Major Case Is Tossed", Wall Street Journal, Jan.


District Judge Richard H. Judge Kyle did allow that "the Court recognizes that at least some plaintiffs have suffered injuries from using Sprint Fidelis leads, and the Court is not unsympathetic to their plight," he wrote. Nevertheless, he said, the plaintiffs' remedy "lies with Congress. Whew. what a long title! :pI received two packs of dry rub to try out last month and have finally had the chance to taste them!One package of Cinnamon Chipotle BBQ Rub from good friend Bill Mothershead at Black Eyed Pigz , and a package of Ross's Holy Smokin' Chipotle from one of my favorite people in the whole world, Ross at Grilling Smoking and Baking. I decided to try both rubs at the same time on some venison and dove. I cubed up a bit of venison meat. S. Residents are eligible. D'oh!.

The plight of the Canadian I guess.

Dust Blower BirdSometimes I take an object from home to make something out of during my lunch hour. This was yesterday's challenge for myself. My wife and daughter think he's cute, so I guess he's a success. I was very sad to read on Tony Cagle's Archaeoblog that Lewis Binford has passed away. Not familiar name in Egyptology he was, however, a landmark in his own right in Anglo-American archaeology. His influence on how modern archaeology evolved was remarkable, partly due to the discussion and controversy he inspired. See Tony's blog for links to obituaries. He says that she wrote the piece mainlyto explain to him more about what the JAMA writers had done, and what they had and what they hadn't shown. Here's a very short extract but go to the above link to see the full post, which is excellent. I pretty much have to take the anatomical data, and the egyptological discussion, on faith - I have insufficient knowledge in either of those fields to examine the data critically. Though I suppose it beats the alternative. Since I started working out, I've been having problems with my ankles. Truth be told, they were bothering me before that, due most likely to the sudden thirty-pound weight gain I had last winter. So, tonight, we went out to the outlet mall and got these:New tennies. I did not, in fact, pick them out to look cool. They were these. The dog in question was a Scotch terrier. He was one day observed to appear from a corner of the garden carrying in his mouth, very gently and tenderly, a live frog. He proceeded to lay the frog down upon a flower-bed, and at once began to dig a hole in the earth, keeping one eye upon the frog to see that it did not escape. Killer obscure thrash metal from Montreal Canada. They were a three piece on this demo, pretty sure these guys only put out an LP after this demo as a four piece. I recently heard that one of the members was recently murdered. Enjoy. Share Dyoxen-apocalyptic dreams demo. Santa really did take it easy this year, and didn't buy TOO many gifts. Even so, Santa still spent too much money. Holland opened her gifts and picked out two little pieces of her Playdoh set to carry around the rest of the morning. Eden first opened a matchbox airplane from her stocking, then didn't want to put it down to open more gifts. The second thing she opened was a tube of three little plastic Sesame Street characters. Her airplane went flying, she grabbed Elmo and Zoe, and refused to put them down the rest of the time! Holland had to open all her presents for her, and Eden wasn't the least bit interested. She sure loves Elmo and Zoe though. lolsht. I am a poor excuse for a brother. Today is a very important day for the Cotton family. No, not Pearl Harbor day. We celebrate some rather odd things, but not the start of World War Two. For years, I have celebrated it on these pages. I need to set this oversight straight. As is true of a lot of dining experiences in Mexico, she was not open. We are not an easily-discouraged family. This is a photograph of my garbage can. Well, it is a photograph of the place my garbage can was supposed to be the other morning.

It wasn't.

All of my neighbors dump their garbage into small plastic store bags and then drop them in vegetable crates or empty paint buckets on the street corner. "All," that is, except me. Those are our personal garbage day. The can is usually emptied by the time Barco and I get up the next morning. Not any more. Måtte jo vanne! Der hvor den staudeerteblomsten sto har jeg satt ner den siste pjusken av klatrerose jeg tok opp i potte i sommer. Ikke stor, mulig den ikke tar seg, men den klarer seg sikkert bedre i bakken enn i potte over vinteren. Here is senior godson Matthew and his brothers dressed up for Halloween. You may remember that Dave was severely burned in a shower accident while working as a contractor in Iraq. As you can see, the prayers worked and he is fully recovered. Playboy magazine has stopped publishing nudes. Something’s going on. Should we duck or run for cover? Of the three, Playboy seems the most ominous. Men no longer have to buy Playboy to find out what women actually look like under all those clothes they wear. Friends, I am off again. insert big tired sigh here. It is back to Colorado for more work on the book and thankfully I can fit in some family time too! I will be blogging from the road so check in for more fun and inspiration.

Today is the day that the winner is announced for the tote giveaway.

This morning I walked outside to the crisp, autumnal, flow of an upstate New York morning. I tended to my small farm, a farm I bought.

This is my land, and I walked outside my little white house like a proper Hobbit about to start on her adventure.

I was adorned in a red plaid flannel and hand-knit hat. A hat knitted from my very own sheep! I grabbed hay from the red barn and fed it to those woolly beasts and my handsome horse. The same horse I could slide a halter on, tack up, and ride up a mountainside with a hawk on my fist and coffee in my thermos. Manchester last night was so lovely! The author space was packed, chairs filled, and the audience was full of friends and strangers alike, some traveling as far as Wisconsin! I read from Cold Antler Farm, a few passages, and then there was a nice, long, conversational Q&A with supportive and energetic folks of all ages. I saw old friends from my office days I had not seen in ages. I met fans from all over the area, and Nation! And I got to spend a lot of time taking photos, signing books, laughing, and drinking that amazing Mocha Joe's coffee that have on tap over there in the Spiral Press Cafe. It was a lovely part of the CAF tour and books were sold in numbers. I was so glad to be there and look forward to returning with my next book!. sometimes- It is Greek to me,Veruschka self portraitbut I like it. Today I would like to introduce you to Alison.

Hi, I'm Ali, a.


a. I am a self-employed crafts person with a passion for papercrafts, although I sew a lot as well. Most of my work involves making wedding and party stationery, planner accessories, decorations, and some calligraphic work. Permaculture is a design system started in Australia, originally for permanent agriculture and homesteads, but now the principles have spread world-wide and the design system is much more far reaching. Last year I wrote about how the permaculture could be applied inside the home as well as in the garden. I got a reminder recently that this subject might be an interesting one to write about again and hopefully by doing so I can encourage you to look to permaculture principles to examine your home life closely. I am not a trained permaculturalist. Linda's book showed me the possibilities lurking in backyards and even before we arrived here I'd decided to continue vegetable gardening, install a water tank and buy more chickens when we settled in. It was a gateway into another kind of life. We had a wonderful mixture of resting, planning and working over the weekend. We're getting ready for our new season vegetable garden and both Hanno and I are excited by the all the possibilities ahead of us this year. We produce food in the backyard almost all year. Our growing year starts in March with empty garden beds, builds up as the cooler days pass by and ends, of a sort, in November. We stop planting then but continue harvesting until it's all gone. That varies every year. Last season we had tomatoes until Christmas and the capsicums/peppers, Welsh onions a few herbs and chillies are still growing now. Hanno went along to the local market on Sunday to pick up some seedlings to get us started. Happy New Year to all of you. Too much to drink last night? No. good. She is professional, sweet and helpful as can be! I strongly urge you to check her out. I cant wait to have it all done!I'm heading up to Wisconsin for COUNTRY THUNDER this evening. Ill be seeing a few small known artists. There was a time when my husband and I had a running joke that if he came garaging with me, it was the kiss of death. We would find absolutely nothing. The dad is gone, mother has moved to retirement home in Montana, and they needed to clear out a bunch o’ stuff. The parents were professional musicians who played in orchestras all over the country, including the Oklahoma City Symphony where I ushered for concerts when I was in high school. The mom was a cellist, and we saw a wonderful watercolor portrait of her playing. Dad played a wind instrument, but I can’t remember which they said. tard le soir . Groove-ophile John S. saw the splash from this Supergirl saga in last Friday's post and asked that Ol' Groove share the whole story. enjoy!Cover art by Bob Oksner. Enjoy the Middle Eastern Cuisine and learn how to make Lamb curry. Whisk until the sugar has dissolved. Heat the groundnut oil in a large casserole dish or wok and heat over a high heat until hot.

This is the sign that was posted at Vernon Downs last week by track owner Jeff Gural.

Gural also ended the fall race meeting early in defiance of the State Racing and Wagering Board, and is threatening to shutter the casino next month. Faraldo called the action "childish. " On Monday, after he argued that the closure was in violation of the HHACNY's contract with the track, a judge ordered Gural to keep the barns open and to resume maintaining the track pending a full court hearing scheduled for Friday. It would increase some New York tracks' revenue cut from their racino operations. .