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The Boko Haram conflict affecting the Lake Chad Basin area, particularly in northeast Nigeria, has resulted in large scale displacement and a significant protection crisis. Numbers are growing rapidly as aid agencies gain access to more areas. But it needs significantly more financial support to continue to provide shelter, displacement tracking and biometric registration, camp management and psycho-social help for people affected by the crisis. Alaska fishermen are renewing their pursuit of State Department action to protect transboundary watersheds in Southeast Alaska from adverse affects of mining. Fishermen are calling on Secretary of State John Kerry to secure agreements with Canada to protect transboundary rivers and indemnify from loss those who could be harmed by mining activity along the border, says Dale Kelley, executive director of the Alaska Trawlers Association. The transboundary watershed conservation entity Rivers Without Borders meanwhile noted that Chieftain Metals Corp. Scientific evidence does not suggest a risk to deep-sea corals in the Pribilof and Zhemchug canyons in the Bering Sea, and further studies are warranted rather than closure to fisheries, the North Pacific Fishery Management Council said Oct. Council members holding their October meeting in Anchorage approved a motion saying their conclusion was based on both the coral abundance model developed by NOAA Fisheries and the recent stereo camera survey. That evidence showed low occurrence and density of deep-sea corals, lack of substrate to support corals, and low vulnerability of existing deep-sea corals in these areas to fishery impacts. To be responsive to the purpose and need to evaluate the historical and current patterns of fishing effort, council members asked NOAA Fisheries to provide updated data on the distribution, intensity, and depth of fishing efforts in locations of both known and predicted coral abundance. You can calculate a distance up to hundreds of meters, even kilometers with this triangle method. You do not need to go to the object to be measured, but the object should be visible from a distance. This principle is used to calculate a distance in this triangle method. See the picture below, by drawing a similar but smaller triangle to triangle AB-object on paper, and the distance from A to B is known, then the distance from A to object and B to object can be calculated based on drawing scale.

PROCEDURE: Determine position A and position B with known distance between them, you can use distance measuring tool, vehicle tripmeter, distance markers on the street, etc.

Abandoned houses, unexplained disappearances, mutilated bodies, sightings of bigfoot creatures, Land Between the Lakes is an area along the Tennessee and Kentucky border that is filled with strange and creepy things.

Definitely not a place you want to find yourself alone in after dark.

I have two new postings in my etsy shop! One is a fun six card set, and the other is a cute Valentine's card. I am so excited about them!Here is a mosaic quick look:I hope to get another video up here soon! Have a great night!.

I will post the overall size when I have finished.

The ever vigilant Deputy Mark Martin was enjoying his day off on the boat when he found a bunch of trash on an offshore island near Marathon. Before going home, he made sure to collect all of the trash and dispose of it properly. Way to go!. The driver was in the process of leaving when the deputy stopped him. Inside, Deputy Whiteman found eight lobster, six of which were undersized. Bueno was charged with possession of six undersized lobster and possession of two lobster over the limit. Yesterday I talked about how my classroom is ever-changing.

I am constantly rotating materials in my centers, so thought I would give some examples for different center materials.

Once I gathered a ton of materials for a particular center it was much easier to switch them out frequently. Here are some photos of really great Reggio-inspired math centers. I did something unconventional with it. used the die as a nest instead of a maze! And the sentiment from The A-mazing Stamp Set went perfectly with the bird/nest idea too! The Classic Kraft cardstock was painted with white acrylic paint to make it rustic looking, then I stamped some branches from Peaceful Pinecones in Dark Chocolate ink. The little bird is from Happy Trails. The felt button was cut with Button Stacks II. To create the nest, I die cut the maze, but didn't pull it apart. Good-bye Peppermint Fancy. Hello Cinnamon Stars. After putting away some Christmas decorations today I decided to pull out this old thing and hang it behind my couch. I don't think I had it on my list of finished quilts so I thought I'd give it a post of it's very own. A scrappy saw-tooth border:I picked out some of the rusty reds, blacks and the background fabric many years ago, while shopping with my Grandma at Quilts, etc. Then I decided to throw in some other colors to make kind of a fall-ish type quilt. Although it's not fall right now, it still kind of works with the colors in my house. I think "Cinnamon Stars" is the original name of this quilt, but I'm not sure who the designer is. Great internal spaces!via. Oh goodness. I think because they were awesome years for me - made even better because I had amazing leaders? Yes.


♥ Even BETTER news is. "Yer Dad home?' the rancher asked. 'No sir, he ain't,' the boy replied. 'He went into town. ""Well," said the rancher, 'is yer Mom here?'"No, sir, she ain't here neither. Anglers CP: The first BLACKCAP of spring was singing behind the Vis. mig. bench. ,Haw Park Wood: A Tawny Owl was calling. Just a few images with very "in" beautiful bamboo. the brands… sweater, skirt: Limited. shoes: Nine West. Hello! I’m on my way… This sweater and skirt were two of my finds. Perfect for Fall! Maybe I’ll check those emails more often…!. Last week Josh and I traded in our car for a Honda CRV. It sits higher and has four wheel drive which will be very nice for traveling the gravel roads in the Winter. It will also be nice for when we get to take Andrew with us, much easier for me to get to him when he needs me. In these actions Jesus is showing himself to be the new Moses. Moses went up the mountain, he received the Law of God, and then he gave it to the people. But here is a difference: Jesus does not receive anything on the mountain, because he already has it – because he is more than Moses. Moses received the Law from God. Jesus is God! That’s why Moses would say, “Thus says the Lord,” while Jesus simply says, “I say”! This moment on the mountain is what Moses and the Prophets and God’s People all looked forward to. And you and I are there with them, hearing Jesus speak to us. He is speaking directly to each one of us. So what matters here, right now, isn’t what Father Fox or anyone else says about this passage, but what Jesus says, to you and me, to our very hearts. jimmyr bitsandpieces.

Theories of Failure: There are some theories to predict the failure of materials at certain amount of applied load.

Theories are checked experimentally and they are supported by the experimental results too. For brittle materials, maximum principal theory is considered to be satisfactory because they do not fail by yield stress. This theory is satisfactory for the brittle materials but it has its drawbacks. She is reading a book, with her sunhat pulled down over her eyes, and she is the picture of peace and serenity. Meanwhile, a few feet away in the background, a large white foaming crest runs the length of the boat. She doesn’t turn a hair. She is absorbed in her novel. For this is the friendly trade wind, the southeast trade in mid-South Atlantic, where the water is warm and deep blue, and the sky is dotted with little puffs of cotton wool clouds. The trade-wind belts must be proof that God loves sailors and wants to make up for all the storms and hurricanes that He creates in other parts of the oceans. There is a magic to the trades that no landlubber can experience, a fair breeze that speeds a small boat along on her course for weeks at a time, surging and dipping in a welter of foam as the sails swell with power. The square rig was the ideal one for the trades, of course, and I often think that modern sailors who try to run downwind in the trades with goosewinged mainsail and jib are either too lazy to do anything special for the trades, or else are simply ignorant and therefore condemned to suffer the rolling and jibing and chafing of the damned. m. m. Image from wordle. So far, this decision is bothering me, and not a single post has fallen nicely into any of those areas.

I'm still hoping this isn't a big deal or too annoying to any readers I may have.

This research blog has been the hardest one to start, because I am still wrestling with issues of open science. But I am still concerned about taking a full-on dive into open science. Winner Time Hope you have had a great start to your week. Nous partons un peu plus au nord. Un peu de Louise Misha Thanks a lot MAV The new Bobo Choses collection June's Lullaby et bien d'autres choses encore.


Strollers, strollers, strollers. Strollers have been consuming my thoughts ever since Sunday. Lets rewind. Recently, we started using our Graco stroller more often. Cold nights, still possibility of frost, clear sky. Cold north wind in our faces on the way back. Last night I finished the first stitchery of Fernhill BOM. Second one should arrive soon. Enjoy your weekend!. Greetings, Happy Christmas y'all! Cheers, Scot. Alexandre Vauthier Bouchra Jarrar Chanel Christian Dior Giambattista Valli Jean Paul Gaultier Valentino Viktor & Rolf Zuhair Murad Which of these pretty pieces do you prefer? CC is smitten with the sweet Giambattista Valli! xoxox, CC. Liston Matthews attempts it with an anti. For further information on these Scams, please Read . .