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And now.

pig selfies! NOT EASY! And rescue hen LeMay was fascinated with my iPhone.

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When I was a kid, my friends and I always knew that the bloke at the end of the road was "dodgy".

We didn't even know the word paedophile, or anything about sex for that matter, but we knew damn well to steer clear of that bloke. No formal charges need be made, no official pronouncements or registers demanded. Equally, in larger and more unsettled areas, then such social information and judgement must be absent. When people do not know their neighbours, how can they know whether they are Good or Bad? This effect of social mobility and isolation must play a part in the reasoning underlying Sarah's Law. If it is, then it has the distinction of being the only strand in this mess that has any coherence. On the face of it, it is obvious that we should be told if there is a danger in our midst. The first step is to admit you have a problem:I have a white bowl problem: there it's been said. See previous post hereThese aren't all of them either, just the ones in the drawer. Oh, for shame. a sad smile, a happy smile, a crazy smile and lot more. my happy smile, it means I'm totally happy for sure. My sad smile, it means I'm sad for sure. I felt cheated because I was baited into it, so that set me thinking. It's not the same topic however, but certainly in the same general area of personal finance. What is your life's expectancy? Your solution to this question is going to be as good as your inputs and hence your assumptions involved. Let's apply it to myself. The Welsh Assembly recently held a public consultation on their 'public health' white paper, and the results are now in! Well, they're officially called 'public' consultations but - as I've mentioned many times previously - these would be better described as public sector consultations. Most of the public don't know they are even happening but fake charities, state-funded bodies and quangos are paid from our taxes to write responses to them. This one is no different, which you can see for yourself by reading the whole thing here.

Except for one particular question, that is.

It should be the end of Drakeford's nonsense, shouldn't it? I mean, if you ask the public a question in a democracy and they overwhelmingly tell you to go boil your head, that's pretty final. But just you watch them wriggle away from such an inconvenient statistic, because there are signs in the document that they're already working on it. ” The issue is not with immigrants as a whole, the issue is with illegal immigrants. Nevertheless, many of us have told you this, over and over. But you just don’t seem to get it. Why do you continue to twist the story? Why do you not tell the truth? I expect this sort of stuff from the Washington Post and the NY Times but not the Catholic Standard. For shame, Mr. Zimmerman, for shame. But I've also been looking into some glicee prints as well. The women both has enviable wardrobes and though their approaches differ in the extreme, each "turns out" beautifully. Hannah Berryman, Conde Nast's new creative director of film, made the video for Vogue. read the notes British Vogue here. To my inspirational and lovely-inside and out- Mother, always saying when Beauty was discussed "Pretty is-as Pretty does. In her case-this has been True. Me, my GrandMother, and Mother c.

Many of our Mother's Day photographs were taken in the Hospital where she spent the last years of her wonderful Life.

Her belief was to stay curious-and interested in Life, That She Did!. parking on Golf. posted by Phil JohnsonYour weekly dose of SpurgeonThe PyroManiacs devote Monday space to highlights from The Spurgeon Archive. The effeminate deity of the modern school is no more the true God than Dagon or Baal. I know him not, neither do I reverence him. We, of course, are thought to be harsh, and narrow-minded, and bigoted: nevertheless, this God is our God for ever and ever. There has been no change in Jehovah. POPULAR PHARMACEUTICALS LTD. Popular Pharmaceuticals Ltd. As a fast growing pharmaceutical manufacturer in the country, we are poised towards growth in capturing a much bigger market share for our products both in domestic and overseas markets. We are embarking on creating a culture of excellence which rewards people for performance & contributions and also reinforced by continuous learning and development lo drive cur Human Capital to greater heights. To support our growth, we are looking for a young and highly energetic professional to be a pad of our team that thrives on challenges and makes things happen. We want someone with potential leadership qualities, good analytical skills, integrity, and the ability to interact with all levels of people, if you have what it takes, please send your resume for the following position. Soooo busy here! My younger son, Anthony, and the love of his life, Leah, get married next weekend! This past week, I made three different dresses before finding one I liked enough to wear to their wedding. This is the vintage Vogue pattern I used. The dress is all black linen except for one sleeve and half of the bodice…which is red linen. My son, Anthony, is an architect and has an artist mind…therefore, the wedding is a black and white wedding… with a tiny touch of red! The girls are wearing black satin dresses and the guys are wearing black suits, white shirts black ties and red plaid socks! And Anthony is very much a modern minimalist kind of guy. So figuring out what quilt to make them for their wedding was reallllly difficult for me!! I was VERRRRY worried that they would not like whatever I made. My sister, Tricia, made this for my birthday several years ago. The various symbols are things she and I have shared over the course of our lives. We two are symbolised beside the heart, which contains my name. I love the look of this piece and the feeling of love it gives me when I look at it, but I see more in it. It's a significant part of my life's treasures. Demain je vais au tribunal. Faudra t-il payer. We had a wonderful time and lots of adventure. So I will share pages from the book as well. Ha Ha!Catching up with Carolyn. I most certainly did not take enough photos of friends this trip. what an adventure we had!A great reminder of hard work paying off. Let me deal briefly with a few preliminary matters. Some may view my concern, which I am hardly unique in feeling, about the likelihood and consequences of a U. S. attack on Iran as "alarmist. " I desperately hope such critics will turn out to be entirely correct. I have never wished so deeply to be wrong about any issue in my life. However, in light of the large body of evidence to date, that is not a chance I myself am willing to take. "Your power is not unlimited. You can't go anywhere and do anything you want. Now I wonder why Iran might conclude it needs some deterrent ability of its own. I just can't imagine. I've noted this kind of reversal before. They would be in a better position to topple moderate governments, create chaos in the region, and use oil revenues to fund their ambitions. Many of you probably know all about this story, but the Guardian has a nice write-up of a blogger's successful efforts to unearth some illuminating documents. "Hard to get good case. Need to move swiftly," the notes say. "Near term target needs - go massive - sweep it all up, things related and not. "The handwritten notes, with some parts blanked out, were declassified this month in response to a request by a law student and blogger, Thad Anderson, under the US Freedom of Information Act. Anderson has posted them on his blog at outragedmoderates.

The Pentagon confirmed the notes had been taken by Stephen Cambone, now undersecretary of defence for intelligence and then a senior policy official.

Gary Habermas recently published an article with Joseph Bergeron on psychiatric hypotheses that attempt to naturalistically explain Jesus' resurrection appearances.

My opponent has bribed the dealer to stack the deck in his favor.

To the contrary, I'm taking countermeasures to restore the balance. Make an unfair situation fair again. Call that counter-cheating, to rectify the disparity. Indeed, the very concept of cheating presumes a situation in which most folks play by the rules. If nobody plays by the rules, then there are no de facto rules. Blindly trusting establishment Republican judgment on Supreme Court nominations gave us Warren Burger, who declared the individual rights interpretation of the Second Amendment “a fraud,” and David Souter, who voted with the gun-grabbers in the Heller case. Congratulations to: Annie Anesha Susana Mel C. Swissie Margaret A. Debi B. Petra Bad Kitty PST Ursula Suze Please visit my online store to select a set of digital stamps. You know I bake bread a lot. For years I have been looking for a really good French Bread recipe and this is the best one I have found so far. This is a fake job scam! There is no job! Do not send documents or money! Read and you are not interviewed face to face, in person, the job offer is Always a scam! . As a practitioner I am always looking to learn how to better assist educators at all grade levels. Our goal is the purposeful integration of technology to support or enhance learning. We not only want students engaged, but also want to see evidence of learning aligned to high standards as well as the development and application of essential skill sets. Image credit: The other day I had the unique challenge and opportunity of working with elementary teachers in the Spotswood School District. This was a particular challenge as the teachers of this particular school serve students in only grades pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and first. The goal was simple, to introduce and train them on some age appropriate technology tools while identifying natural pedagogical fits. I had a few in my toolbox, but needed more. .