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Howdy All,The first full week is done. What did you think? What did we think?We are extremely happy by how the neighborhood has responded to us. We already feel like we've been accepted as a neighborhood fixture. It's great to see not only people working in the area stopping by for lunch, but also the students from Stuyvesant H. S. But it hasn't all been perfect.

It is our first week, and no matter how much time we spent getting ready, it's not until you open up, that you see what works and what does not.

A tale of two brothers and their sister "You have to pay a great cost but it is worth it to pay it. Because when you live in a nation when the most elemental rights are violated to submit to it, I think is to pay a greater cost then to confront those who violate those rights. That is to say that I have made mine a phrase by Henry Thoreau, the North American writer. I used it a lot in prison when they asked me why I didn't accept the proposal made to me to leave the country in order to leave the prison. I always said, like Thoreau, that in a country where fundamental rights are violated the best place for an honorable man is a prison. I preferred prison to being on the street and witness that my people's rights are being violated and do nothing. Finally had the time to do some personal Di work for some looonnnggggg over due pictures. well. luckily in a way it was for myself and not for a client. e. Now for all of you old school Marvel maniacs, I am going to present the news in a manner you may find strangely familiar. Jason is a true believer of the first order and our conversation will give the curious an excellent introduction to the premise of the book. I've done some other interviews that will be on-air or online soon and I will notify all and sundry as to dates, times and locales. Check it out here. I may have a few more lists in store- scratch that, I will have a few more lists in store for readers of this blog that will give you guys a better idea of some of the issues I'm working through in Spandex. After the first day they met up in the bar. "Ah, Pierre," asks one, "'ow 'av you been doing?""Merde!" answers Pierre. "I 'av 'ad ze most terrible day. Terrible!At seex zis morning I was woken by zis beeg 'airy sergeant. 'E dragged me out of bed and onto ze parade ground. " "And zen what 'appened?" enquired his mate. "I will tell you what 'appened! 'E made me climb urp zis seely leetle platform five ft off ze ground and zen 'e said "Jurmp!""And did you jurmp?" asks his mate. "I did not. I told 'im - 'I am a French paratrooper. I have a problem now because I don’t know if it is a male or female anonymous person. For a member of the opposite gender to touch any part of the person’s body – it is considered prostitution in Kuwait. That includes having a man cut a woman’s hair and vice versa. is my Etsy crush of the moment. Laser-cut wearables positively dripping with cuteness. I'll take one of everything, please. The Attic Window was a busy place when the Applique Bee met recently. There was lots of gabbing and show-n-tell. Above is the Sycamore Rose block that Judie M. was working on. I wanted to show you this jacket that Judie also made. Wonderful! Above is Cathy M’s Table Runner.

The Great Lakes Modern Quilt Guild is having an online activity.

You can read about it here. I want to participate and made the above Paper Pieced Kaleidoscope Block as my contribution. Any participant posting online or bringing blocks to the November meeting will be entered in a drawing to win all the blocks! Wouldn’t that be fun to win all the blocks? Check out the Great lakes Modern Quilt Guild for the pattern and instructions to participate. MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW:The First Annual Jingle Bell Hop will be Monday, Nov. The four shops participating are Attic Window, Pressing Matters, Custom Quilts Unlimited, and Queen Bee. Black Friday Stitch-In will be held Friday, Nov. Sundström has also written an appendix to Miriam Rices book Mushrooms for color about chemistry of mushroom dyes and this is quote from it:"Anthraquinones. Alizarin, the dye from madder and cochineal, physcion from orange lichens and emodin from buckthorn bark are highly valued natural dyes belonging to the anthraquinone group, characterized by a quinone ring sharing sides with two aromatic rings, which carry many different auxochrome groups.

The anthraquinones occur by themselves or as glucosides, which need a vinegar rinse to make the color fast"In his books he says that a vinegar rinse is necessary for mushroom anthraquinones, but I have used it when dyeing with madder or cochineal as well and have found it good.

YouTube link. Bernie Taupin wrote "Daniel" while inspired by the events of the Vietnam War. "'Daniel' had been the most misinterpreted song that we'd ever written," explained Taupin, in the Two Rooms tribute project. "The story was about a guy that went back to a small town in Texas, returning from the Vietnam War. They'd lauded him when he came home and treated him like a hero.

But, he just wanted to go home, go back to the farm, and try to get back to the life that he'd led before.

I wanted to write something that was sympathetic to the people that came home. ". Every journey, just like every relationship, has its own arc. From the elation of something new with the inevitable grudging acceptance that things are as they are. I certainly have ridden that road over the last few days on this cruise. But, this morning, as I was sitting on the deck eating a full breakfast that was brought to my cabin by a cheerful attendant, I realized how lucky I am. Here I sit on the Adriatic with a view that people pay huge sums of money to enjoy. And I get to start the day with a cup of tea, an omelet, watermelon, and marmalade-smeared croissants. It really could not get much better than that. The trip has had its ups and downs. But this morning helps to make up for most of the downs. THIS WAS REQUESTED BY MIKARU. As soon as the leaves start to change and the temperatures cool off, I remember how much I love fall! Lately, I've been so motivated to decorate around the house. This week, I worked on the kitchen. Basically, I just used items I had around the house. I pulled out my fall Pottery Barn napkins and decided to design the table around them. I also used my Pottery Barn runner which is always great this time of year. As you can see, I only had four of the green printed napkins so I used white ones on the end. These guys don’t have a sense of the average folks out there,” Biden said according to the pool report, “They don’t know what it means to be middle class. As they dined on grass-fed New York strip steaks and white truffle mashed potatos underneath a outdoor tent, Biden criticized Republicans for being out of touch. For the story: go here:.

University did not seem to do much.

Washington Post did not report it.

Guess it will not be classified as a hate crime and therefore, no one will undergo sensitivity training on Catholicism.

Probably not.

Hear representatives from Catholics for Choice and Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom discuss how they incorporate their pro-choice beliefs with their religious beliefs. Once again, the Jesuits really can show everyone how to run a Catholic University. Where is Fr. Reese on this or is he still to busy defending the Most Merciful, the Lord High Barack Obama and stem cell research, and his visit to Notre Dame. Before I say hello. let me just say thank you so much for letting me share my loss with you. It means so much to me to be able to do so. I wish more would share with me. I got to go to one of my favorite places in the whole wide world on Saturday to pick out a Mother's Day present. from the man or the kids. Oh heavens! I adore this place! I could spend hours just wandering around breathing in the fragrance. I love everything about it. The colors. The smell. The dirt. They don’t. Our so-called conservative leaders have capitulated in the face of this onslaught and, always looking for a bandwagon to jump on, have handed victory to these anti-capitalist ‘useful idiots’ with barely a token attempt to defend the wealth makers in our country. That is a fact. Exactly how and why is still unknown. Anyone who tells you differently is selling you snake oil and taking your money. Gore: Climate change ‘deniers’ like 'an alcoholic father’ – The Lead with Jake Tapper - CNN. ”. I had a lovely afternoon tea with most of my Neighbourhood Centre volunteers yesterday. The one day of the year when we get together to socialise rather than to work. I took the opportunity to stand before them and speak about every person, thanking them for the individual jobs they do at the Centre, then gave everyone a stainless steel water bottle as a small token of gratitude.

After that we relaxed and enjoyed strawberry and mango ice cream cake from the local ice-creamery, little quiches, local cheese, crackers and drinks.

It was a nice way to bring the working year to a close. We have one more week, then we close for the holidays. One of my wonderful volunteers brought me in this spectacular bunch of fragrant roses from her garden yesterday. Today I have a day of catchup at home. Soon the sun will be up, I'll check the chooks, feed the animals and start my day's work. I'm saddened to tell you that we lost a chook, probably to the snake, yesterday. Hanno phoned me at work to say that Quince, our little half blind buff Sussex girl was missing. She always stayed by Quentin's side, and Quentin is still there, safe and sound, so we're guessing the snake came back late last night and took Quince. The need to move to electronic voting. The Preferential Vote count is, by definition, time consuming, especially when there is a close contest. It's now almost two weeks since the election and two seats, Hindmarsh in SA and Herbert in QLD, are still up for grabs. C'est l'acteur Barry Bostwick qui avait la lourde tache d'endosser le rôle de Danny Zuko. Vu sur Flickr. The casket containing the body of slain New York City Police Officer Rafael Ramos, one of two officers shot and killed while sitting in their patrol car in an ambush last weekend, has arrived at the funeral where his wake will be held this afternoon. . Mary Beth is a new customer and her quilts are absolutely adorable.

The first one was this snowman.

She uses lots of homespuns and likes only a meander. Look how cute the face is: And look at the scarf ends. How fun is that?. Enjoy the Lebanese Cuisine and learn how to make Vegetarian Stuffed Grape Leaves Recipe – Warak Enab. Stuffed Grape Leaves is an amazingly creative, tasty and healthy Middle Eastern dish. It is made of rolled grape leaves with rice and vegetable stuffing slowly boiled in lemony water. Stuffed Grape Leaves can be served alone as a full meal, or it can also be served as a “Mezza” appetizer along with other dishes. It goes well with a side of plain yogurt. Bred and owned by Albert Fried Jr. , who also bred and owned this colt's half-brother, the nice NY-bred Giant Moon, this son of Empire Maker just failed as the favorite at a mile in April, beaten by Bigger is Bettor, who won the Albany here last week. These beautiful cards are wonderful for so many occasions and with the large range of dies on the market you are only restricted by your imagination! Although they aren't quick and easy to make, the end result definitely makes the effort worthwhile.

Start by making a basic gatefold card.

Use a pencil to mark the centre of the strip and then fold each side into the centre.

Using this method you can make gatefold cards of any size.

The really cool thing about all these little exercises is, that they are designed for you to let go and have fun. I knew then that I had to, had to have one. The Indian Velo handles beautifully - if a little stiffly - with street-scrambler style. The Dalles hydroelectric dam. Between the dams and the wind farms, there's plenty of current in these parts. .