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Captured on film.

With custom built Shovelhead Chopper by Gangster Choppers. . Here's more pictures on our Big Block Chevy motor build. The Harley Davidson Factory in Kansas City, Mo. Seventy-five of those workers are full time casual employees or season workers. The hometown hero gives the young boy some shine. good lookin.

Sorry for the lack of recent posting.

I had to get the Tatted Lace Pattern Collection newsletter done and out before I could spare the time to blog about the challenge.

So here's a run through of the amazing laces that have been done since the last posting.

To get things rolling she created this interesting design with interlocked rings. That was so much fun she did one with square rings. Keith Shaddix said in a statement. They are being held in the Carroll County Jail. ". While having a tidy round my room over the weekend I happened upon a couple of back issues of Yuck 'n Yum magazine. I sorted out some of the grammar and punctuation and it bears up very well in my view. I urge you to check out some examples of her work. "Quit Playin' Games With My Heart"Val Norris at the Collective Gallery, EdinburghWe're in love, you and I. The first time that I tell you "I love you", I have told you my first lie. I believe I love you and I want you to say that you love me. This serves to give me reassurance and I will feel the agony of my isolation a little less. We are two little birds perched on an eternal branch in a daffodil idyll, basking in each other's ideas of enchantment and joy. Pink blossoms break out in scrawls of hysteria all around us and I tell myself that this must last forever. I feed the pony you sit astride as a butterfly flutters in your palm. As I play you my Michael Jackson records the King of Pop will sing of our feelings in a primal squeal that transcends his damaged features. Sometimes you get cross and the sky turns to blood and shattered glass. A cartoon puppy on a sticker gets banished to the doghouse as you cry “YOU BREAK MY NERVES” and I cower in fear and shame. It has been so dry that our lawn hadn't grown or been cut in a couple of weeks, but after one hard rainfall the other day, things are greening up surprisingly fast. We got a bit more rain yesterday. We had crunchy brown lawn until just the other day. She's well-camouflaged against the petals. If she'd just back up a bit, you wouldn't even notice her. Busy getting ready for the show, making lots of samples to share and a few projects too. This is a sneak peak at one of them, which I really love. Now here's something you don't see every day — a yellow halibut. The crew of the fishing vessel Atka Pride caught the fish in mid-September near Atka in the Aleutian chain. That's skipper Don Malcolm below holding the curious catch. Thanks, Joe, for sharing the pictures of this bumblebee halibut!. Here's a follow-up to a post we had back in September:U. S. Today's listing makes the site eligible to receive federal funds for long-term cleanup while EPA seeks to recover costs from the responsible parties. "We look forward to cleaning up the Salt Chuck Mine site in collaboration with the tribe, the U. S. Forest Service, the state of Alaska and affected stakeholders. Cordial Invitations by Keetra Dean Dixon. Niin ja onhan morsingon toista satoa vielä maassa. Viime viikonloppuna meni ensimmäisen kerran hallan puolelle tänä syksynä ja nytkin juuri ja juuri, mutta onneksi olin ottanut kukkivat väritattaret kasvihuoneesta sisälle, varmuuden vuoksi.

Kun olen korjannut niitä värjäykseen, niin olen leikannut aina kukkalatvat ja pistänyt juurtumaan maljakkoon.

Kaikkein ensimmäisenä kukkia tuli jo elokuun lopulla teräväkärkiseen muotoon ja sen kukkalatvat olenkin jo pistänyt purkkiin multaan, kun ne ensin tekivät juuret vedessä. Ne ovat nuo mustassa purkissa olevat, ja niistä olen aika toiveikas, että saisin siemeniäkin, koska ne ovat jo kukkineet niin kauan ulkona, luulisin kukkien pölyttyneen. Siementen kypsyminen vie vielä aikaa toista kuukautta ja sitten pitää testata itävyys, joten varmaan vasta tammikuussa selviää onko minulla tänä vuonna ylimääräistä siementä myyntiin. What will happen to all the empty houses? The Emphasis Game: The Case-Shiller house price index is out. How are things in your neck of the woods? It's A Gas!Insiders are suggesting that the extracting natural gas from shale isn't all it's fracked up to be, that shale gas is “inherently unprofitable” in today's market and that boosters may be. The St. Reportedly, the two ladies fought over dirty tea cups and Samsonova did the only rational thing: she killed her friend. According to The Daily Star, she wrote: “I killed my tenant Volodya, cut him to pieces in the bathroom with a knife, put the pieces of his body in plastic bags and threw them away. ” disinfo . It will cover all aspects of the development process, from optimization through setting specifications. Posts will cover techniques, software, innovative ideas, and interesting applications.

Posts will also cover Measurement System Analysis, setting specifications, Statistics, and every other phase of the development cycle.

Your participation will guide this blog in the direction you want to go. Teachers and consultants from Objective Design of Experiments will be the blog authors. You can learn more about Objective Design of Experiments at you for reading. The goal of my blog is to share my life with the people I cherish, to gain insight and perspective from the adventure we call LIFE. I never would of guessed that this is where I would end up but in the last year I have fallen truly in love with this place and the people in it. It is funny how some of the most unexpected twists and turns in life's "yellow brick road" turn out to be positive. Cold Antler Farm is a scrappy place. The fences sag, everything needs improvements, and the layout is suspect at best. But I love it. You can see the front of the house in its winter moldy glory. The plastic siding needs to be scrubbed and my little stepladder/mop idea isn't holding up to proper homeownership levels. Since we have a barter system between our two farms there's a good chance it will cost me some livestock like spring meat birds but that's fine by me. Cold Antler will always be a scrappy place, but I would like to keep doing my best to make it less so. I went back to bed and on my return discovered Shannon had adjusted the Blog on his way to work. As I always say, things are under control here!. Happy Tuesday, Angie Blom here today with a project for DT Tuesday I am featuring some of the stamps from this month's SMAK kit. Added some epoxy hearts from Doodle Bug Designs I also randomly colored the image with copics. Hope your day is full of love and inspiration. . I have to confess. this card almost went into the trash. lol. I recently wanted to do a black & white card with some pop of color but with the images I was using, my card looked just awful! But when I pulled out this new Michael's set, hmm. Roxanne Evans Stout - Earth Tones embroidered over with millions of silver flowers where olive leaves were twinkling in every wind that blew Thank you Supria, Jill, Roxanne, Rita, and Veronica for sharing this experience with me. Angela Rockett chose Red Journey because it was my very first purely abstract painting, and as such represents a big turning point in my art career. I had spent most of my life until then believing abstract art to not be real art. I had spent a lot of time studying and creating realistic art, even going so far as to get a masters degree in illustration. Adrian replied, never saying what he thought about the premise of that post, but saying a lot about charismatics and cessationists. Part one was followed by part two, like a starving dog following a meat truck. Which brings us to part three, wherein I respond to a series of Scriptures that burst forth from Adrian's gattling gun. Well, my poor wife, Valerie. But no one else! Okay, my oldest son, Matthew. Truth is the most deceiving of lies. - L. E. MODESITT, JR. From the Washington Post: Could the GOP be facing an intellectual exodus? I dunno, but I tend to think not. We had a good summer and it has been a good September - still warm, with just enough rain to keep everything looking fresh. DH and I did not venture very far in the heights of the summer, our little garden was the best place to be, but now is a good time for days out. I can never get my head around these numbers! The Stone Circle is now looked after by National Trust and English Heritage. You can see many more pictures here . friggin hottie. The set is designed as a two-step set. each image has a solid, shadow stamp and a separate spiral, line-art stamp that can be layered on top to add detail.

I thought this particular line-art detail stamp would make a nice flourish to frame something.

NYRA is either REALLY excited about Aqueduct opening. Or, they REALLY don't want you to think about the Belmont fall meet just concluded. - It was the day after Xmas, with no work nor HRTV in sight, and kids hanging around the house. So what better day for a late afternoon excursion to the Meadowlands to catch opening day from Santa Anita? It's another sign of how behind the times New York is that there is no off-day simulcasting available at NYRA tracks. Nor, apparently, at Yonkers. But it was definitely worth the trip. For one thing, an extra two bucks got me my own little workstation and TV in the Raceworld room, and you just can't beat that. Plus, I was all hepped up about Kip Deville, and this time, for a change, I played it exactly the right way. Dr. This quote from a book he co-authored with Dr. Regulation must evolve. .