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The “Original” Beach Street location has a historical reputation within the Rossmeyer repertoire, as it is the first Harley-Davidson dealership under the Bruce Rossmeyer name. The Store will offer visitors memorabilia, souvenirs and merchandise from The Original Bruce Rossmeyer’s Harley-Davidson Museum and from Harley-Davidson to purchase. Featured items will include HD Motorclothes, hats, coffee mugs, T-shirts and more.

The Original Bruce Rossmeyer’s Harley-Davidson Museum and Store will be open to the public for tours and shopping.

Good morning. It's Saturday. Yay for the weekend. So it's stampbook saturday today on the There She Goes Blog. So, I know plantar fascitis. Currently, I'm doing well, but I'm always aware of the potential for it to reappear. Sadly, I also have friends who battle it. One of my big allies against plantar fascitis is tape. I've tried both, and found neither to work perfectly. Happy Thanksgiving From Guitar Ted Productions! In perhaps an example of fortuitous timing, Bontrager sent along this belt from their "eco" line of products. Stuff that is recyclable and in some cases, like this, are recycled materials themselves. At least I won't have to let my belt out a notch! It'll just stretch! ha ha! Okay, I hope all of you are having a great time with family and loved ones. Be safe and don't eat too much!. We are so excited to be collaborating with our friends at Xyron this week! Their products include the multi-use Creative Station, Sticker Makers and awesome scrapbook adhesives! We love using their tape runner adhesive for our demos and Make and Takes. Our Design Team has some fabulous projects to share this week. It is the perfect Valentine! The offset scallops are just WOW! The little pearls are the keys really make this card super feminine and sweet!I love that Lea made the inside of the card. This is such a good way to use the sentiments in Just My Type and Just My Type, Too. It really dresses up a card to stamp on the inside! Just lovely!Thank you to Lea for sharing with us!Thank you so much for visiting!Have an amazing day,. I like licking glass, but aside from that I enjoy making interesting photos especially those that tend to the surreal.

I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing photographers and would like to keep up this trend.

Alex Grant Bow TieInspired by sailing and boat shoes, here's a look at the Alex Grant Bow Tie for The Style Cooperative. Details:Product Design: Rachel of The Style CooperativeShot by: Eric of BadtofuStyled by Chris of Fresher Than Chris. e. e. I've made a promise to go to the gym five times per week. It hasn't been working out that great. Last week I went three times. And now I'm mid week and so far I've gone once! I'm going to go this morning. What I can't understand about myself is that I know it's good for me. Every time I work out I feel better, gain more clarity, feel stronger and overall less stress.

But I find every excuse not to go.

Earning awards for the team’s highest scorers were Kristen Tran for the honors team, Sina Rahesh for the scholastic team, and Ethan Kohner for the varsity team. The members of the Summit Acadec team are Katie Lobodzinski, Kristen Tran, Elizabeth Hang, Sina Rahesh, Caroline Rodgers, Syeda Naqvi, Ethan Kohner, Felicia Freeman, and Jelicia Goff. The Summit Acadec coaches are Melanie Atkinson and Glenn Adams. I found this cute new blog called LucyKateCrafts.

I fell in love with this little project: And, this little project:They're both so cute and she's got tutorials on each one of these projects.

How sweet!. Yep, Zoe got out of the crate once in a while too. She likes sleeping inside my sweatshirt. Here she is peeping out!. Jaime Derringer, editor of Design Milk and Dog Milk, lover of cheese, design enthusiast. This is where I work and play all day, every day. Although I have a laptop, I like working at my desk best - it motivates me to get things done. Otherwise, I'll get distracted and end up in a black hole of Bravo TV and Doritos. My desk isn't usually this clean, but I try to keep it fairly tidy or I can't work. While flipping through the Sanctuary blog, I see pictures of a wonderful interior by Kristin Perers. I wanted to Pin some of her images but many were in double image formats and besides, there were so many too choose that I decided to just do a special blog post about her. Chicago born but now living in London, she was a stylist, designer and now has found her home behind the camera. Take a look at her lovely style and soulful images:The raw concrete wall works perfectly with the statue fragments. Simple is always better. This makes me want to redo my kitchen. March Madness is upon us! I'm hoping for a fine showing by my favorite team, the North Carolina Tar Heels, in the year's most thrilling tournament. It's obvious, then, that you should pick the University of North Carolina to win this year's NCCA Tourney in any and all circumstances. Nostalgia isn't what it used to be. So, after many years, when the opportunity arose to finally get a look at Inside Daisy Clover in color, digitally-restored and widescreen, I couldn't pass it up. I should have left things as they were.

Natalie Wood as Daisy CloverRobert Redford as Wade LewisChristopher Plummer as Raymond SwanRuth Gordon as Mrs.

Advertised at the time with the tagline “The story of what they did to a kid. Dress: Faith Passion. Purple Peepers: Max Studio. Necklace: Lia Sophia. My work dept. Today we celebrate the Epiphany. What is an “epiphany”?If we have a sudden moment of clarity, we’ll call it an “epiphany,” or, an “‘aha!’ moment. ” So it works like this: Christmas: God is born a human being. But only a few learn of it. Epiphany: now the child is revealed to the nations. He’s not just a Messiah for the Jewish people, but as Isaiah said in the first reading, light for the nations. We are entering another one. Most of the northerners have already packed up and headed north. Mainly Canadians in these parts. I ran into a group of them today. They were wrestling their motor homes and fifth-wheelers into position to return to the Land of the Red Maple Leaf. They reminded me less of visitors to Mexico than transportation extras from an old television series. I, of course, had seen bolts of the fabric at Quilt Market, but there's something extra-special exciting about seeing it in a fabric store. It's my first sighting of a stitch in color in the wild and definitely a thrill. Pals Paper Arts challenged us to use ribbon and keep it simple. I used Nursery Suite DSP and skinny Marina Mist ribbon to create a card for my niece's soon-to-arrive baby boy! Yep a boy - unless of course there is a little glitch somewhere. A friend of mine once decided to let his young son announce the gender of an expected sibling at a family gathering Christmas Eve. He asked the ultrasound tech to print the test results on a card and seal it in an envelope. He then taught his son to say boy when he saw a B and girl when he saw a G. The big day came and when the little guy opened the envelope he yelled BOY! Of course there was cheering and celebrating! Thank Heaven before the evening was over Mom thought to pick the card up off the floor where the little boy had dropped it in his excitement. The ultrasound tech had printed on the card - Baby girl! Maybe I will make a pink version of this card. I have another talented artist to share with you today! Her name is Pamela Munger and she creates the most beautiful oil and acrylic landscapes. And here is the coolest thing about her and her art - she lives on a rural farm in Colorado where they grow hops for microbreweries, and her inspiration for her paintings is taken from the open land all around her. What a beautiful, simple life! She does both classic landscape paintings and abstract paintings, and I honestly love both.

Enigmatic InspirationA guest visited my home for the first time last week and as she wandered around she suddenly stopped, turned to me and asked, “where on earth do you get your ideas?”.

Her question brought me up rather short. inspiration. Everyone knows the old chestnut about creativity being one part inspiration and nine parts perspiration, and I suppose that is somewhat true. But, how about the mysterious ten percent? Obviously, minus the idea, all the perspiration in the world will not create a work of art. There's a theory I've often heard, and, I confess, often repeated. The theory states, basically, that you have better recall of things when you are in a similar state of mind to the state you were in when you first learned them. In fact, you may only be able to recall certain things when you are in a closely similar mental state to when you first learned them. This is particularly true of the radically altered states of mind that can be induced by the consumption of drugs or alcohol. In short, things you discover while drunk can usually only be recalled when you achieve a similar state of drunkenness. You may not be able to recall them when less drunk or more drunk than when you first learned them. This is particularly useful, of course, when trying to remember the whereabouts of that really good new bar you stumbled upon by accident in the middle of an epic pub crawl. Izithakazelo zakwa-Madela Longode, Ndaba, Gqigqqi, Jange kaHhoyiyane, Wena kaNzamela!. Aliens - B. O. PapercraftLittle Monster Papercrafts. so basically this is how i picture my day going. i recently had an appointment to do a kitchen backsplash for a house i am working on. i was talking w/ the tile rep and i asked him if he was seeing any new trends in tile? he said what i knew already, "subway, brick pattern tile is still what people are using". it's everywhere you look. or if they didn't, they had an extension of the material they used on their countertop: like calcutta marble would be the countertop and the backsplash behind the stove. i like the classic subway tile. Those of you who have followed my blog for any length of time are likely to be familiar with The Pulse. With so many talented and creative artists to follow, I thought it would be fun, informative, and inspiring to bring them together through a varied series of ongoing projects. Since the very beginning, The Pulse has taken on a life of its own. It began as a blog project with five online editions, all of which can be accessed from my sidebar. From there it morphed onto paper, first as a limited edition zine and next as the basis for my two books published by North Light: The Pulse of Mixed Media and The Mixed Media Artist. The project has been featured in magazines and independent zines. They called away to each other, tempting me to go and take a look, but it was too dark. Anyway I’ve tried it before and they just fly to their other spots where they continue their canoodling duet. Through Hambleton village a Little Owl flew across the highway ahead of the car and towards the darkness on the other side of the road. I was on the way out to the moss again hoping to kick off the migrant year with a Chiffchaff, maybe even a Willow Warbler. As I walked into the plantation I could see the local Barn Owl plugging away again in the distance but when I got back to the car the owl was gone, hopefully back to the barn with a vole or two from the frosty fields. Barn Owl I caught the Chiffchaff but not much else during an extremely quiet couple of hours. On the way home I stopped to check out the Little Owl pair where I found them both on the lookout for daylight food, and like me puffed up against the still cold air. There are freelance lunatics and nutso mobs of hysterical Trumpkins swelling and heaving and reeking like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch: From NBC Chicago: Joe Walsh: ‘If Trump Loses, I’m Grabbing My Musket’ The former Illinois congressman tweeted that he plans to take up arms if the Republican nominee loses on Election Day. From The New York Times: Beneath Cheers at Donald Trump’s Rallies, Dark Fears Take Hold COLORADO SPRINGS — Big crowds still mob Donald J. But beneath the cheering, a new emotion is taking hold among some Trump supporters as they grapple with reports predicting that he will lose the election: a dark fear about what will happen if their candidate is denied the White House. Others believe the nation may be headed for violent conflict. , said that if Mr. Whew! Here we are at the end of another fabulous release from Papertrey Ink. I've had so much fun crafting up holiday and winter goodies. In n particular order, here are some additional projects that I haven't yet shared: Cup of Cheer by Dawn McVey: Love this set soooo much! I paired it with the Stitched Tag dies to create a gift card holder. Perfect for party table decor. The handle just slips over the lip of the bucket. Enjoy the Middle Eastern Cuisine and learn how to make Lamb shanks with Middle Eastern flavours. Set aside.

Add tomato paste, pomegranate molasses, stock and figs.

Enjoy tasty Middle Eastern desserts and learn how to make Pistachio baklava. End your Springtime barbecue feast with this delicious, exotic treat. Process pistachios until roughly chopped. Salt is one of the most widely used ingredients in the world, both as a flavouring during cooking and a condiment at the table, as well as a preservative for fish, meat, cheese and butter. It has no aroma but a strong flavour, and brings out the flavour of both sweet and savoury dishes. Availibility All year round. Choose the best There are a number of types of salt to choose from. .