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Chicky is the Hen of the Week for my egg carton cards.

Before you start making jokes about her name, I should remind you that it was given to her by a smart, funny, adorable five-year-old girl named Hannah. Chicky is the runt, waaaaaaay down at the bottom of the pecking order, but she has PLENTY of attitude. She also lost out on a worm this morning when Henrietta stole it from her beak. Actually, she only lost half the worm. The B-B-E Dazzlers dance team in action at Alexandria in early January.

She had been head coach at the program for at least the last four years.

Her assistant coach is likely to take over the program, although that has not been decided yet.

I'm not sure exactly how long she had been coaching at Melrose, but it does give me a chance to say how lucky we are that B-B-E Dazzlers coach Kim Kulzer has stayed with the program.

Make no mistake about it, the dance program at B-B-E is a very, very important feature of our athletic department. Other area schools who do not have a dance team are at a disadvantage in that respect. Labels: bbe dazzlers dance team, belgrade-brooten-elrosa dazzlers dance team. "Good Deeds," a crazy beautiful poster available at Help Ink. Australian designerMarco Meneguzzi. This post will look at numbering in the two regular battalions of The Royal Welsh Fusiliers. co. Use the regimental numbers and dates on which these were issued, below, to determine parameters for when your own Royal Welsh Fusiliers ancestor would have joined up. Note though that these numbers are only for regular enlistments.

This week's question:What Will President Barack Obama's Legacy Be?Don Surber: President Obama went in as the first black man elected president.

He also was a pretty good celebrity.

Domestically, he wasted nearly a trillion dollars on a stimulus that stimulated nothing. Obamacare failed because he failed to include Republicans in its drafting. Everett Dirksen got it modified and passed.

Most of it went to welfare programs, not infrastructure.

Internationally, he armed Iran, and North Korea, and recognized Cuba without seeking one concession. Rather than use beef or chicken stock, I used vegetable because it's Friday. I think beef stock is original, but I've used chicken before. I'm always looking for a way to advance science, and three recent articles pointed out some possibilities. So that leaves poop donation. It has only been recently that dolphin snot has hit the news. The promise for research breakthroughs seemed endless. Could we one day cure the heartbreak of plankton-induced asthma? Develop a new marine adhesive from porpoise boogers? Sadly, none of this is on the horizon. Dolphin scientists are excited about snot collection only because it is a good source of dolphin DNA, which has proved invaluable in the study of, uh, dolphins. It is my pleasure to invite my lovely daughter to present you with my Gundam Wing Zero custom. Actually, I had wanted to show you the size of the box and my dearest wife suggested to let our daughter hold the box to illustrate the size of this toy. This is a mega scale Gundam and isn't it nice to put Wing Gundam and Wing Zero Gundam side by side. Endless Waltz. Hi everyone! Here's the latest kit desgined by my hubby! Hope ya like it, he worked very hard on it!.

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" He said the media and parties had failed to give the public as much information as was needed about candidates on the party list.

"This is lead to all sorts of surprises when minor parties like NZ First bring in large numbers of MPs. Quite often we haven't heard of them until their eccentricities are launched onto the public stage. Of course. Lynskey Fab steps up. Sketch based on a photo. I've got to start writing down a reference for the photo because I don't remember who the model is. I'm pretty sure it's on my Tumblr though.

Such a nice bum.

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Sujal, my nephew is a big fan of palak paneer.

He can eat loads of it.

I wanted him to have a new experience with luscious veggies that he can bite on when licking up the palak and it had to be colorful too.

I mostly cook with whatever is on hand and rarely shop for ingredients dictated by a recipe before cooking. That makes the process all the more creative. That day I had pearl onions, tomatoes and palak. If you ask me thats not much but good enough to create a new dish. .