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I love that bold sentiment! A simple hello is sometimes all it takes to brighten someone's day.

My favorite hello this week came from one of my very best friends who lives three hours away. It was cold and rainy when I returned from the grocery store the other day. After I pulled in the driveway I gathered some things up from the front seat, stuffed them into the front pouch of my sweatshirt, put my hood up and started to unload the groceries.

And then I heard a voice in my sweatshirt saying hello? hello? Honest that cell phone of mine has a mind of its own! Somehow it knew that a quick call to my friend would make me laugh and feel so much better about lugging groceries in the rain.

I am going to toss that phone into my sweatshirt pouch more often and see who "calls me" next! .

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In Blr. We get Awala or gooseberry almost all the year round.

Yet the Awala in winter is the best.

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Charles. Sorry the quality is so lousy. Awesome display, Kathy! Sure wish I could have seen it in person. See here for an enlightening article from WSJ that goes -at least to some degree- behind the veil of the powerful AMA brain child, the RUC. This is encouraging to those who felt a major problem with the RUC was lack of baseball hats and bowling. Once again kudos to the tireless Dr. Go here for his latest review of that situation and information about some recent efforts that have been somewhat successful in revealing what goes on behind the RUC veil. .