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Watch: Animatronics Here are some fascinating stories from MuldersWorld.

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Maggie said she made this sample out of charm packs.

Colleen made this tablerunner sample. It would the perfect gift during the holidays. If you are interested in the pattern or class call the shop. Our first swim meet ever was a success. I loved being poolside yelling "go, go" to kids whose heads are underwater most of the time. Tomorrow, at the boy's next practice, they'll be handing out the ribbons. I know he'll do better as the season progresses. I put a call into the doctor today about the Picato skin gel. I am really thankful that Jasper loves being outdoors and Pearl is their adventure guide when she isn't doing her kindergarten lessons. ExternalClass. ExternalClass BODY. Not knowing this, I had begun thinking that the sand box area needed a good cleaning and should be replenished with fresh sand. Fortunately, we had bags left over from when we first set it all up. So with the sweat of my husband's brow and the vision of my mind's eye, the sand box area has been restored. Great. The kiddos have been playing outside pretty much everyday and the sand box is getting lots of playtime. Pretty flowers for the first day of spring!. The rule of unintended consequences is working overtime these days. As an ideal, law-abiding folk favor restricting the ability of narco-terrorists and tax cheats to shift money across borders for illegal purposes. Focusing on those two groups is simply a straw man argument to cover up some terrible consequences of recent banking regulations. My account at Banamex USA, the account that I used to turn my already-taxed pension dollars into pesos, was closed by the bank as a result of the FATCA reporting procedures. But there have been some even more perverse results.

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But a confounding factor is my age. The Janice Moodie Trophy had to be abandoned today at Windyhill Golf Club due to the thunder and lightening. We are trying to find another date for this - once we have sorted this out we will be informed of he new date. This ranks up there as pretty much one of the most obscene things I've ever seen:. It’s always a great day when I get to do a Tommy Robredo update. I added fifteen pictures of my love to the brieflines archive. Enjoy!. Here is my idea that I used for Valentine's Day. The other day I was at a local fabric showroom and came across this BEAUTIFUL fabric from Lee Jofa Groundworks:It is so beautiful in person.

Pricey, yes.

For a fraction of the price, you can get a "look for less" version at West Elm:. The temperatures dropped over night, well below freezing, but after the last few weeks anything above twenty degrees feels downright balmy. I think my body is just adapted to the new temperatures I have given it. My truck doesn't have working heat right now, at least not the vents that push it towards you in any efficient way, and I simply dress warmer inside it and weary toe warmers on my socks for longer trips.

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This is a very quick card using one of my favourite PB stamps and Nesties.

SuppliesStamps: Penny BlackTools: Pro Markers, Cuttlebug, Nestabilities, Glamour Dust, Ribbon. Dig it. .