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Later part, you’ll know why. Hehe. Yam, Dian and Roma came in just in time. I've written many times about what it is about the gravel road riding and racing scene that I find so attractive. I've written loads about what Trans Iowa is, and what it is not. That's all well and fine, but when you see someone else put things in a little different way that helps you understand what it is you are trying to say even more clearly? Priceless. It was a link to another blog. Hanging chain catenary and photo of the Gateway Arch, St. Louis. Photo by I. Peterson. The two E-mini charts below shows that prices are still within channels on two different scales. Until these channels break, the uptrend cannot be confirmed as over yet. Every time prices reached that shelf, buying took place. Yet there was a series of lower highs and the support shelf eventually did not hold. The channel up from November is still intact. Finally had the time to do some personal Di work for some looonnnggggg over due pictures.


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Are you ready to jumpstart another week? Well, we've got another sketch for you! To play along, just make a project using the provided sketch and upload it to your blog or online gallery.

Then leave a link to your project using the Mr. There is no time limit - you can always play any week at any time, but I will close Mr. That way there's no confusion which Mr.

I recently read that these changes are due to baby’s placement.

Well, she must have been dancing this morning because I was listening to music while getting ready for work and by the time I was dressed and ready, the belly bump was definitely showing. My little dancer. Libby got pink and I got purple!. It was oh so chilly in Cincinnati today, so I bundled up in layers before braving the cold outdoors. Hey guys, added a new guy to the site. I added a page for Marcello Melo of Brazil to the brflines site.

Go check it out!.

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Happpppppppy monday! How was your Easter? Ours was very low key, just the three of us together.

I hestitatingly have a bit of a tutorial to share today. I say that rather shyly because I am not very good at them. Hopefully I will get better at these as time goes on. PLEASE let me know what you think. Today I woke up and all be it quite cloudy it was sooo much warmer than it has been. It reminded me that my gardening is right around the corner and my flowers will be peeking out soon. I was inspired to try my hand at a gardening pocket. I needed a quick sewing project to jump start my productivity. And I need to stop losing my keys in my purse. Stephanie's Key Leash Tutorial on Loft Creations was just the ticket!I know I've seen other tutorials for these before, but this one came along at just the right time. The hardest part was figuring out how to arrange it for the photo. Oops. Then I'll just make another one!ETA: I made another one! This one is for my "For the Love of Solids" swap partner. I know it's a print, but that's OK for the extra little gift. So I hope you have had a good weekend. We can not guarantee people will read your posts, but we know there is a higher chance of people reading your posts and returning to read other posts if you make them interesting with pictures and good hints and tips. For some general tips on Filofax Blogging, please see this post And here are a selection of the latest Filofax videos for your enjoyment. I've written here before about how that's not right, that this way of living would suit anyone living in the country, suburbs or city, whether single or married, straight or gay, young or older. It's here for all of us, there is no doubt about that. My regret is that I didn't start sooner. I wish I hadn't waited so long to change. My right time came when I was burnt out and miserable and I doubt I could have done anything else. I can't help but think about Hanno and I living as we do now but at a much younger age. There would have been different choices made, no doubt, maybe we would have ended up in a different area, but we would have spent much more time outside the mainstream celebrating life and being who we really are. So when is the right time? From experience, I doubt there is one right time. It’s not a huge number in the grand scale of the millions in which Bramblings can flock in Europe, but it could mean many more are heading this way soon. Bramblings can be overlooked in apparently single species flocks of very flighty Chaffinches, the Bramblings giving away their involvement by the slim, white rump. Brambling I think the attraction at Rawcliffe is the nyger feeders and the small amount of mixed feed on the ground, a mixture which contains sunflower seed. As a species they were very dominant in the feeding hierarchy by chasing off most interlopers. An incident that left the three remaining riders Todd, Clarke Johnstone and Tim's sister Janelle all to show jump with no room for error. This is made from a Carousel Note card from the Occasions Mini. I found the tutorial here to make the pocket. These work great for treats, like Ghirardelli chocolates as well as gifts cards and other small items. I wrapped my chocolate with afternoon tea paper and stapled a ribbon on so it could pull out. Careful. these are addicting and easy to make!Recipe:Stamps: Circle of FriendshipPaper: Afternoon Tea, Carousel NotesInk: Wild Wasabi, blackAccessories: Styled Silver Hodgepodge Hardware, wasabi double stitched ribbon, stapler, white gel pen, corner rounder, guard removed. Jenna's hair things. So colorful!. Sorry for any inconvenience. USED foamie surfboard sale! We are selling off some of our USED foamie / beginner surfboards to make way for new inventory. Inventory going quick. Foamie boards are especially designed for surf schools and first timers as they are extra thick, wide and stable and are a safe and fun way to get started surfing and learn quickly and safely.

The wind is off and on and showers are predicted through tomorrow.

Surf:As of this afternoon, we still see some bumpy, messy surf. The threshold for disproving naturalism is exceedingly low. That's because naturalism is a universal negative. It only takes one good counterexample to blow it to smithereens. Consider physicalism. Hence, it only takes a few well-attested counterexamples to falsify physicalism. Technically, naturalism isn't synonymous with physicalism. It's possible for a naturalist to be a Platonic realist, Cartesian dualist, idealist, or panpsychic. and Amar Chitra Katha. How do parents know what a child would like to read? I am not a parent yet so this question.

Dad must have done some research I guess.

I don't know how many schools did it then and now but my school was different in many ways than one. I guess you have read that before. I literally grew up on Amar Chitra Katha and Tinkle like most my age. Uncle Pai was like a family member who put children to sleep daily with the dose of ancient history and legends. - A new post up at the Breeders' Cup blog now. - The Toddster took the second with Sunday Elegance, and I wouldn't necessarily attribute his dominant front-running win to a speed bias. Johnny V. did his thing nursing him on the lead, and he just poured it on to win by daylight. He was just cruising, as much the best. She's a daughter of Sunday Silence out of an Unbridled's Song mare making her first start two-turns dirt. Dan Loiselle from Woodbine was at the mike. - The rain has picked up, and the track is sloppy, damn. That's a blow to my betting plans today. Since I finished my Breeders' Cup post for the day this morning, I have some time for action today. Now for a walk down memory lane. Who remembers this cake? If you had an A&P around you long ago, you've probably eaten this cake. Why it is called Spanish Bar Cake I have no idea but it is one of the best cakes you will ever taste. And it is very easy to make. Hello everyone! It's time for a new challenge here at Really Reasonable Ribbon.

Please scroll down to the next post for the winners of the last challenge.

Create a card, layout, multi media piece, tag, ATC, hair bow, you name it. Just be sure to follow the theme above and use ribbon/lace or trim somewhere on your project. All of the sample projects feature ribbon from Really Reasonable Ribbon. A layout, card, ATC, home decor item, hair bow, or anything you can think of. .