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Chief executive Kay Krill told analysts on the first-quarter earnings call, that the retailer believes it can rejuvenate flagging sales by offering shoppers more exciting fashions—starting with its fall lines. Yesterday I was reminded of such a simple thing to do when you're feeling discouraged. The black dog was sitting on my shoulder all day. It was one of those days all mothers are familiar with, when you feel like you spend all day mooching around the house, listlessly doing chores and responding to children's tantrums, but achieving nothing of any value.

I did an hour or so's cleaning, but I also wasted vast acres of time: or that's how it felt.

By school pick-up time I'd lost any impetus I had when the day began. I was sitting, staring into space, close to tears, wondering how anyone - friends, family, God - could possibly love such a useless blot on the face of the earth as me. While I was cooking dinner, I did something I haven't done for a while: I put on a Christian music CD. It happened to be Valley of Vision, but it could just have well have been Jars of Clay or City on a Hill. And - just like that! - the black dog turned tail and ran away, and my focus shifted from my own glooms and inadequacies, to Jesus' death on the cross for me, and his wonderful, amazing, irresistible grace. Who is the Ultimate Survivor? Photo credit: Backpackers Are you a fan watching a reality game show the Survivor? Actually they shoot in different countries and Philippines belonged in that list. Guest. I confirmed that I will join them and to support my buddy ma’am Weng, Without knowing at the last minute I’m also part of the event OMG I don’t want to be stress, all I want is to enjoy the trip and to relax. I have no choice but to accept the challenge. Hahaha At the day of the event the van fetch us in EDSA Balintawak, everyone was excited and I felt nervous and I have no idea what will happen in that game. Majority of the guest was my first time to meet them. Spring is about played out here now. Farmers have been planting beans and the corn has emerged. Flowers are in the ditches and all the trees have leaves now. Spring has sprung, as they say, and it sure feels like Summer now. The first cutting of hay I've seen this year. The day was about as perfect as one could ask for. Warm, little wind, and bright sunny skies with a few puffy clouds passing over head. Music Rob is back. Rob played guitar on 'Birds' for the band Death Grips. ETA: Pitchfork posted more details about how they recorded that:It's been confirmed that this is true. Zach Hill recorded Pattinson's guitar with his iPhone and the band sampled the recording on the track. A few mica flakes and some berries punched from Scarlet Jewel cardstock finish it off nicely. ”The librarian says, “So that’s where the phone book went. After a while the supervisor became very curious and asked her about it. She replied, "It's for confidentiality. " "Confidentiality?" asked the bewildered supervisor. But I let it go for so long she got mad and did it herself. " His friend nodded.

This is all a very random kind of post and I really couldn’t decide how I was going to title it.

Maybe this morning it was because of the way the light was hitting the gold dome – I don’t know. The gold suddenly hits your eye and lights the path ahead. Which is not where I was last night… I cooked tashreeb and broke part of my tooth. There was a little sliver of lamb bone and when I bit into it, there went part of my tooth, so I have to get it fixed.

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Mary O'Neill knew from childhood that she wanted to be a writer. There she divided her time, as author and housewife, and she started to write children's books for Doubleday, of which Hailstones and Halibut Bones is the most famous. Mary O'Neill, a children's book author, died of heart failure on Jan. I dare you to watch it and not feel the tingle all over. These guys were out early on the bridge, refreshing the line that divides the walkers from the bikers. Unfortunately, the tourists don't always recognize this division, and tend to wander into the bike lane. YouTube link. YouTube link. Danke The Catholic Report for the link to Per Christum where this picture, plus a blessing of beer, appears. For me, one day is as good as the next. Well, it turns out I have a co-conspirator in letting my inner calendar run free. While standing in line to pay my TelMex bill, I ran into my landlady, Christine. She asked me how my Easter had been. I had just been in the garden looking for ants earlier in the morning.

It seems as if I just got back to Villa Obregón, but I am about to head out of town.

Just for a few days. This time. Well, not entirely a bus tour. We will fly to and from the peninsula out of the Guadalajara airport. But getting from Melaque to the peninsula will be the equivalent of driving from Seattle to Denver. kanskje nyte av de siste blomstene i hagen idag og ikke dvele ved det dårlige været som kommer igjen. Duehode, Chelone obliqua, den rosa kommer endelig med blomster, både i lunden og på baksiden. Den hvite har jo alle rede blomstret en stund. Bravo, Anna for including so many Asian girls, as well as new faces, in this issue of US Vogue. Keep up the good work. There are moments when that ember of anger permanently embedded in my soul flares up. The Prisoners Vote issue is almost guaranteed to have me foaming at the mouth. The moronic, childish and plain ignorant arguments that some of our leaders spout makes me wish that stupidity was made a crime - and they would get the maximum sentence. The reasoning on this issue seems pretty straightforward. Do we accept that there are limits on the power of the State to oppress its own people? I'm going to assume I can carry you on that, it's hardly a revolutionary concept. It's an idea the British State liked so much that our lawyers drafted an international Convention that set out the limits on Government power - the European Convention for Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. We wrote it, we signed up to it, we supply part of the funding and one of the Judges on the Court. A. lu pens from Alisa Burke on Vimeo. When I saw these jeans on urbanoutfitters. Worth it? GOP’s hyped-up climate meeting was kind of a bust - Salon. That does not send a positive message for increased public understanding of what this administration is doing on an economically consequential matter,” he said. The Known Knowns of Climate Change by Stefan Rahmstorf - Project Syndicatebefore millions of people are submerged, many will be struck by extreme weather eventsLake Superior levels only one inch below average, cold weather to thank this year's cooler water and air temperatures coupled with longer ice cover in the spring have helped boost Lake Superior's levels to its current point. Happy Saturday everyone. Kris here to show you one of my projects using the November SMAK kit. I think this makes up into a beautiful sympathy card.

Here's the kit I used.

Here's this month's beautiful kit. To subscribe, just go HERE and get all the details. I think I can promise. Your weekly dose of Spurgeonposted by Phil JohnsonThe PyroManiacs devote some space each weekend to highlights from The Spurgeon Archive. ust as they say fish go bad at the head first, so modern divines generally go bad first upon the head and main doctrine of the substitutionary work of Christ. Nearly all our modern errors, I might say all of them, begin with mistakes about Christ. Men do not like to be always preaching the same thing. There are Athenians in the pulpit as well as in the pew who spend their time in nothing but hearing some new thing. Actor’s order to sock an N.


A. No one in America any longer has any right to act surprised when they read about another mob of penis-impaired thugs strapping on an arsenal in order to terrorize people who disagree with them: 'Open carry' gunslingers confront gun control moms If a bunch of men with guns showed up outside a restaurant, it might make anyone inside a wee bit nervous. That is what happened at the Blue Mesa Grill in Arlington, Texas, on Saturday. The folks with the guns were a contingent representing Open Carry Texas. Open Carry Texas wants more, though. They want the freedom to carry any kind of gun in the open anywhere they want. "We were surrounded by armed men, including some openly carrying loaded semiautomatic rifles," Watts said. Remember a while back when I tried to make my own tinted lip gloss and failed spectacularly? Well, this time around I am definitely on the right track! I had ordered both beet root powder and hibiscus powder, intending to use only the hibiscus for this, but it's on back order. The color is both pretty and natural looking, things that are I consider a must for a lip product at the moment. Also, it has great shine and it conditions my lips nicely. The biggest advantage of this recipe over my previous attempt is that it doesn't taste horribly sour! In fact, it doesn't have a taste at all. Of course, I also love that I don't have to wonder about what is contained in my lip color. I used one teaspoon and put it in a small Tupperware type container that has a lid. I've had some very bad moments these last few days, but as I've been going through Beth's things, I've been finding some real treasures. She was a treasure, but with some flaws. As are we all. But there were ways in which she was unique, and she touched a wide range of people very deeply. Especially me. This may sound a bit crazy, but because of what I went through when she left for Iraq, and then when she went through leukemia, I feel as if I may have been inoculated against the very hard moments of grief that I might have otherwise suffered. I have had some hard moments, and maybe I am speaking too soon here. Also, I certainly miss her, and one of the things I miss the most is sharing things with her the things that she would have enjoyed hearing. For example, the kids and I are at the wave pool today. She loved days like this. And she's not here to share it with. It appeared that the ISF was trying to make a pincer movement and surround the central section of the Left Coast of the city. An armored unit and troops from the Golden Division had to be sent in to rescue the soldiers stuck in the hospital and secure their escape. An officer told Reuters that it appeared the insurgents let them into the neighborhood so that they could be ambushed. Very nicely, thank you!Now, what to do with all these lovely red peppers. So I'm back with another HPL LevelEditor feature update, the Poser EditMode. Back in the Amnesia days, whenever we wanted to add details which implied a unique skeletal model with different poses, we had to go all the way back to the modelling tool, set them up there and save them as a different mesh files. In a nutshell, it takes a skeletal mesh and exposes its bones to be translated and rotated in whatever way you fancy. There's not much to be added, so see it in action in this little video. .