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Okay we are back on air and ready to roll. If you have read my past blogs you will know that right now I'm concentrating on security, so this week's update will be all about that. Unfortunately new content will have to wait while I make the game secure. But just like last week I will squeeze in a new pokemon hunt along with a new achievement. The pokemon hunt and achievement will be like before the hunt will get you the non shiny version and the achievement will get you the shiny version and also like last week it will be a pokemon that you can't capture in the game currently. Speaking of achievements, I made a change on my achievement server code. The Olde Pro was in town with his lovely so we rode a bit. The past few days the weather has been beautiful so it felt good to be out and about. Saturday afternoon I worked on the very last of the BROjects in the garage. Hello! I hope you are all having a wonderful Saturday. I'll be adding new items often as I've got loads of goodies to share. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday. Inspirational Quote of the Day: "I'm barely at home enough to enjoy the simple lifestyle that I want to live. " - Justin VernonIt's just after high tide now and the water is beginning to look like a surf zone. A NW swell is building as are the hopes of many. Only a certain few can achieve what they wish and the rest must consult a crystal specialist to be in the realm. CHANNEL: An outgoing tide is just right for the calm morning of today. A sitting party has gathered until the next set arrives and then back to the basics they go. Knee high. PATCH: Sled sliders and knee bumpers jimmy and jive to create something new. We're cleaning house and making room for our new rental gear. We need to move out of all of last year's demo gear and everything must go. Good morning. Onshore breeze. The patch looks ankle to shin high and the channel is a bit larger with shin to knee high sets. It's pretty bumpy out there. Good beginner day. Bring that longest board. Right after the Salish epiphany. A long time ago when Plums were in season I made this cake. This one is a beauty not only in appearance but in flavors too. Plus like most of my cakes it is light and how I love to bake with fruit. The plum on baking concentrates in tartness and sweetness and the fragrance is heavenly as you bite into a piece. This is an upside down cake so it is given that the place where the fruit and cake meet is soaked and soft. If you prefer to have your cake dry then using this same recipe make a plum sauce and dress up the sponge. The star anise in this cake lends the spice notes that make anyone happy, its unusual in a cake!When I baked this cake I did not have a single whole star anise, it was all broken in my spice box and was waiting to be used for a longish time. I don't use star anise much in my curries but preserves are another thing. I wanted to bake it again when I had plums and a whole star anise to stud the cake and make a glamorous picture for the blog but then I waited long and the plums went out of season and I did not get to buying star anise again. It hits every now and then. So I put every single thing on sale. At substantially reduced prices. And whatever doesn't sell. The next to last pic looks like Sagi Kalev, no?. For further information on these Scams, please Read . The year – and in particular, the elements – has been difficult and draining, throwing many spanners in the works, preventing or delaying plans. It began this time last year, with gales ripping apart my studio, sometime later a fire destroyed a barn containing the year's fleece, then we lost our prize Icelandic tup to a bacterial infection. A working trip to Shetland culminated in the first of the autumn storms beginning their rampage across the British Isles trapping us on the island of Vaila for several days. Back at the farm, our old stone buildings developed structural problems which were then exacerbated by rain and flood waters. We feared for a number of our ewes spending the breeding season in the North Lakes in the middle of the worst of the flooding. In lulls in the storms, we travelled up to bring them home surrounded by rising waters as we travelled. At home, we worried constantly, watching the waters and the weather by day, listening to it rampage all around us at night. .