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"Father, not as I will, but as you will".

The ideal life is one, we are told, in which all options remain open to us at all times despite any promises or choices we may have made in the past. By necessity every choice we make eliminates other choices. I cannot ask the person who is speaking to me to believe I am listening if I am texting while she talks. It's been a while since I let you know how we're going, and how you can pray for us. The year started with me feeling rested and eager to get into things. I guess I'll take this one person at a time. Two days later, he woke with red swelling up the side of his face, and couldn't give his Bible talk - unheard of, this close to the start of the uni year. It turned out to be erisypelas, a rare, serious infection of the skin that required injected penicillin. I love to think of the Christian life as a path. It's a path with steep hills to climb and deep valleys to traverse and lovely, still places beside quiet waters. It's a path with wrong turns into easier ways on either side. It's a path which leads to a golden city, our true home. The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn,shining ever brighter till the full light of day. He tells his son to keep to the good path, the "way of wisdom". It will fit in a cupboard next to the Stirling alternator/battery gizmo, with the cables running to the gizmo's output lugs, from which heavy cables run to the battery bank. So now we just need to order the solar panel itself. We've delayed on that until we can ensure we are on Erin Mae when it's delivered, in a couple of weeks. I have always admired and followed Annie's inspiring blogs and IG account. I love Raffaele Paolucci action shots! He's one of the best photographers in the motorcycle scene that I know. Check his blog streetracker for much more. No worries, I'm back Tried to break a leg in the Czech Republic last week but that just ain't my thing. Had a lot of fun in the snow. Here is some cool stuff from El Corra Motors. It is a great opportunity to meet with other volunteers too. Pizza lunch provided. RSVP Required. Clemens near the circuit court and county administration building. ". It is not often that we get Purple Finches back here in the Oaks. This one visited. At least I think it is a Purple Finch…. didn’t seems large enough or have the right amount of markings to be a Pine Grosbeak. The bird book describes a Purple Finch as being a sparrow dipped in raspberry juice…and I can see that. For about two years I have had this bird stuck in a basket near my desk.

Time to move it out! I found him at Craft’s Direct at Waite Park, Minnesota…that is some place to shop.

You need hours there and you still walk away knowing you didn’t see the whole store. "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive. "I Didn't Know What I Knew When They Told Me What I Then Knew But Don't Know NowAll Those Charts and Memos and Briefings Didn't Exist. They Are Always Lying to MeOnly I Was Able to Break the Mystery of the Missing StrawberriesHow Was I to Know That? It Wasn't Defined As Torture Until This YearCan I Help It I was Misled?Why does all of this cause me to recall Humphrey Bogart? Has the Speaker found her bearings?. Per le foto grazie a Bartolo Giunta.


Dominican TodayEgypt’s new military authorities have reissued the license to Dominican archaeologist Kathleen Martinez to resume the excavations in the historic search for the tomb of Cleopatra, an investigation that has piqued the interest and obtained the support of the leaders of the United Arab Emirates. Martinez made the announcement Friday, but also revealed the theft of many of the artifacts she had already unearthed and the “disappearance” of the excavation equipment during the year-long turmoil in Egypt. “Some pieces were destroyed by the humidity,” she said. Museum curators use the rest rooms as storage places. Preliminary reports said that the pieces are rarer than others displayed in major Egyptian or foreign museums, and that they have a high value. I think I found my brain. it was in a puddle of green snot, over in a back corner of my skull. Oh yeah. Knitting. That's what I did yesterday. Cast on in the morning and happily knit off and on all day. The cast-on edge turned out perfectly, if I do say so myself:Still have some spinning to do, but I'm using the old 'knit alternating rounds from different balls of yarn' trick to avoid the more obvious weirdness. When I was in college my expository writing professor intensely disliked it when students used the word it. "So vague and uninteresting," she would say in her nasal Yankee voice. The way her nostrils flared and her shoulders shrugged you knew vague and uninteresting was bad - very bad. " Today the answer to that is "you betcha!"I have been unpacking, sorting, cleaning, repacking, and putting stuff away for what feels like forever. The block of granite which was an obstacle in the pathway of the weak, became a stepping-stone in the pathway of the strong. It's Mothers Day and your webmaster is off to Portugal for a week's holiday with husband Gordon and Bobby and Helen Faulds. All in one neatly-wrapped package. Conservative peer Lord Blancathra asked a very pertinent question about the ban on e-cigs in the Lords. This has ensured that the policy is simple and applied across the whole Estate. I recognise that the position on e-cigarettes is changing and we will keep this matter under review. For regular readers here, the fiasco of a campaign in the UK in favour of plain packaging will be well-known. This without mentioning shovelling taxpayer cash to vested interests to lobby government with, making demonstrably false claims, and blatantly misrepresenting the results of their own research. Like I say, this is by no means an exhaustive list, far from it. So it is interesting to see the same grubby techniques of truth-avoidance and disinformation being played out in Ireland as they embark on their own fraudulent exercise in anti-democratic ideology. In early skirmishes, we've already seen loopy anti-smoking minister James Reilly threatening to ban small boxes, John Crown preferring to make an arse of himself than engage in debate, and an Irish GP glorying in how wonderful it will be to copy the Soviet Union! However, Forest Eirann's John Mallon today describes how the Irish procedure is not going to be like the corrupt procession we saw in the UK. A number of things happened on this leg of the journey that have never happened to me before. As I was piling my things in the gray bin at security in Colorado Springs, a tall blond TSA man across the counter leaned over to me and said, without preliminary, "First Corinthians eleven, right?"Right. I sat beside a young woman who, at first glance, struck me as someone who runs marathons. It turned out that she's actually a smoke jumper, headed for headquarters in Missoula, Montana, and works all over the West. They jump in to the hot areas with food, equipment, water, etc. Per la fiera L'Ago Magico ho realizzato questi simpatici uccellini di carta riciclata. Hanno avuto molto successo e quindi ne ho rifatti da regalare alle mie amiche che vivono lontano in quanto sono piatti e leggeri, insomma facili da spedire. Continuano ad arrivare foto dei lavori tratti da Simply Xstitch Natale e vi ringrazio moltissimo, appena possibile le pubblicherò. Sono tutte bellissime!!! I made those lovely sweet vintage Christmas birds for my market in Milan , I made more last week to send as a Christmas gift to friends who lives far away. Just perfect for Christmas tree orny, or decoration for the front door!I left only five of them if someone is interested in please just write me an e-mail. and I would like to thank so much all the stitchers who are sending pictures of works made with Simply Xstitch Christmas magazine,I'll publish them ASAP!!!THANKS!!!!. When not spending quality time with loved ones, I enjoy writing and making cards. I am still in the process of discovering my style, but let’s just say colors make me happy. I am currently on the design team for The Ton and Butterfly Reflections Ink. I look forward to connecting with other crafters and sharing my joy with the world. I can be found at arareruby. blogspot. You can't beat this club to build up your - go to - stamp collection. Happy FRIDAY!!! woot, woot. Totally OTT charade. Australian news services are including the progress as if they are on the road to sainthood, for all that is truly important they omit the salient fact they were destructive criminals who got caught and after a decade of sometimes unfathomable tortuous legal manoeuvring they were executed. Now the two drug barons and I have to say it is quite satisfying to see the puppeteers facing the ultimate penalty rather than some poor thicko as represented by "Our" Mr de Malmanche who is clearly a mere pawn, are very dead according to reports and that dear media ghouls is the end of it. Just like Monty Pythons Norwegian Blue without the obvious ongoing entertainment value of Cleese's parrot they are dead, deceased, gorn, no more, have ceased to be, bereft of life, rest in peace, so just put them in the dustbin of history and try and find some real news about something that matters. Hello, My Friends! Have you seen the Sizzix Stamper's Secret Weapon? The Stamper's Secret Weapon kit includes a double-sided Stamping/Piercing Mat and Paper Piercer. The smooth side of the Mat is the ideal surface for cleaner stamped impressions. powerful. H/T iOwnTheWorld.

There's a story out about "dino-chickens": To understand how one changed into another, a team has been tampering with the molecular processes that make up a beak in chickens.

To begin to understand this, the team trawled though changes in the ways genes are expressed in the embryos of chickens and several other animals. They looked at the embryos of mice, emus, alligators, lizards and turtles, representing many of the major animal groups.

They found that birds have a unique cluster of genes related to facial development, which the non-beaked creatures lacked.

When they silenced these genes, the beak structure reverted back to its ancestral state. So too did the palatal bone in the roof of the mouth. Then they suppressed them using tiny beads coated with an inhibiting substance.

The team found that two proteins known to orchestrate the development of the face, FGF and Wnt, were expressed differently in bird and reptile embryos.

In reptiles, the proteins were active in two small areas in the part of the embryo that turns into the face. In birds, by contrast, both proteins were expressed in a large band across the same region in the embryo. The most important trick in making this recipe is to chop all the ingredients finely with a sharp knife. Ezmeli kebab is one of the traditional tastes of Gaziantep – a city located south east of Anatolia. Instructions The following recipe has been tested and edited by SBS Food and may differ slightly from the podcast. Enjoy bread recipes and learn how to make Al-Kaisar Bread. At Oilex, we believe in maintaining a happy, harmonious work environment where employees can fulfill their true potential achieving their professional and personal goals. We understand the importance of investing in our people and have created a nurturing environment that encourages, shares and rewards success. .