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Plus, the authentic Membrey's decoration gives this model a handsome look with eye-catching colors.

The side counterweights are removable, and they are even branded as well. The extendable outriggers help balance and support the model when the boom is extended. It is the last Monday of the month we challenge you to a tall & skinny sketch. A great way to try something a little out of the box, have fun! Julee has created this weeks amazing sketch, stop by the mojo makers blogs for details about their cards and to be inspired! Feel free to adapt the sketch to whatever length/width fits your fancy, though.

You can use either of the following measurements, depending on where you want your fold.

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She has also made a pattern for them, which you can purchase from Raverly.

Very nice gloves, I like especially the cuff part, and the stranded knitting makes the gloves warm. This dress came with both a low‐cut bodice for evening wear and a more buttoned‐up bodice for daytime wear. Many Victorian dresses, including this one, were made with both styles of top and the advantage of “Emerald Green” was that it kept its bright colour in both natural and gas lighting. Collection of Glennis Murphy. By mixing arsenic and copper, Scheele developed a pigment that would hold, whether in wallpaper, paintings, or clothing. It also happened to look fantastic under natural and new gas light, an important duality for the time. It was also highly toxic, even deadly, and it’s no coincidence that Baudelaire titled his book of tormented poems Les Fleurs du Mal — The Flowers of Evil — just as the death of a young artificial florist was being investigated. Politics is a series of ever less defensible choices. Convenience: Behind the podium in Tampa there's a giant debt clock so folks can see the continuing effects of the Bush tax cuts, the Bush wars of aggression, the Bush TARP stimulus spending. It does not include the added deficit that would be caused by the trillions in additional tax cuts Romney/Ryan promise to inflict on the country. Remember, the Republicans inherited a budget surplus from Clinton. It will benefit large corporations. Not this time, for they have no shame. Louis Bryan Piggy Bank: S&P does not view the bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as "imminent", but you might want to start putting your loose change in a jar. Now and Then: There are three reasons for the global rise in food prices/food shortages. The traditional: Climate change. Economics: China is exchanging its depreciating dollar reserves of US dollars for oil, rice and meat.

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Friendly Skies: More match making in the airline world, now that Northwest is engaged to Delta. United has apparently asked both Continental and US Air to the prom and Continental doesn't want to dance. American can't make up its mind whether to date US Air or to go steady with Continental, who is being quite coy. The questions I get asked! This was the one from my son the other day. and the answer was yes a couple of weeks ago but I have since donated it to charity. in my need to slim down the two of everything dilemma I have from having a home and making a home where ever I have gone in the world. why? Why did he want a spare banana tree? Its not one of those things that people normally ask you!! It seems that all the younger 'pooter types have these big fat headphones now. L -DRAGON. LION-, RENNY AMY. This last year- with the baby, the move and the challenges that occur when you make big changes- we've had to learn and re-learn how to be partners. We are still figuring it all out and most days we drive each other CRAZY but we are slowly getting accustomed to our new normal. Before you know it- you've made magic! This painting is for our bedroom and something we have been planning for the last few months- a large piece that brings together both of our creative strengths. I am only an "occasional" meat eater and the rest of the time I love preparing tasty recipes that make use of simple pairings of vegis and different flavors. One of my recent favorites is nori burritos inspired by a recipe from The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone. I LOVE this book and while it is a vegan cookbook, there is so much really great information on nutrition, inspiration for cooking and ways to "flirt" with vegan meals.

These nori burritos are super easy to change up, use your favorite ingredients and put your own unique twist on- which is exactly what I did.

The key to this recipe are the nori wrappers. If you eat sushi you will recognize this edible seaweed wrapper- they are made from algae and feel like paper. They taste exactly as you would imagine- a nice light seaweed or grassy taste that is not all all over powering.

If you haven't tried seaweed in some form at least once in your life then you haven't lived- it is quite delicious! I prepped all kinds of different fillings.

Hello Ai friends and happy Thursday! Today I am sharing a card using one of the hilarious Girlfriends sets. I have used the sentiments several times since they coordinate with so many Ai images but this time I colored up these sweet ladies as well! I started with a pre-printed card base and added my panel with a paper doily torn and ruffled along the bottom. Some pearls were added for a simple accent. The first lady has some rose-colored glasses but the pink color doesn't show well in the pic. I may go back and darken the lens a bit. One of my favorite mugs is a green polka-dotted one hence the coloring on her cup. Have a great day and… happy stamping! InLinkz. Neighbors are outside working on their lawns and the birds are chirping. I'm thinking of making some yummy TEA. This week's stamp of the week reflects spring. Have a lovely spring day!. This bunch is of my all time favorite flower Peonies, I also added Snowballs from another fav of mine, the Snowball bush. I love this chicken wire wrapped vase I found at TJ Maxx, so shabby! I decided to add a little Stampin Up! to it by using the new Apothecary Accents framelit and Layered Labels stamp to create this little sign poking out of the top of the bouquet. Attach it to a bamboo skewer and there you have it! So romantical! love this shade of pink Not the best up close up , but you can see the sign there with striped pretty in pink ribbon. Here is a better one, see stamping isn't just for cards!. i really hope it gets here soon. They've been making them to earn money for our trip to Savannah. You'll need a stick ballpoint pen, silk flower, floral tape and hot glue. I prefer the pens pictured. They are inexpensive, but write well. I've been buying silk flower bunches at the dollar store and Walmart. For a fancier pen, you can buy nicer silk flowers. Are you going to be at PlannerCon USA in March? If you are, I am giving away a paid for ticket to the Plannerology event as a gift from Philofaxy to one lucky person. 'Why would you do that Steve?' If you listen back to the podcasts over the last year you might have detected that slowly but surely Karine has been working on helping me make better use of my own planner. So the lucky winner will be one of the few not the many. You can supply photos of your current planner to back up your text as evidence, but this isn't a requirement. I’m a bit stuck for time today so I’ll post a few pictures with the minimum waffle from me. I was at the farm today hoping to get more pictures of the shy Yellowhammers and the equally timid Corn Buntings. The photographer’s nightmare, half a bird hidden by its surroundings. Headless Little OwlWell I didn’t want to disturb the Little Owl so waited while it sat and dozed, looked around, ignored the crows and a Chaffinch that spotted it, called a few times and then sat some more, all the while keeping birds from feeding on the pile of discarded grain. After a while I drove round to the road where I had a distant view of the owl. Little OwlSo there are a few other photos, mainly from earlier in the week. Until I took these pictures I hadn’t realised what striking ear marks Brown Hares have. Brown HareBrown HareCorn BuntingCollared DoveChaffinchYellowhammerYellowhammerRoe DeerEventually the owl moved again. But as a precursor to the promise of rain for Saturday, the best light had gone which didn't make for the perfect photograph and the birds waiting to feed didn't return. Little Owl. Eli Grba was the "Original Angel". Unfortunately his problems with alcohol would cost him his career. The original version of this card contained the photo of a very recognizable Ryne Duren and his trademark glasses. If you are a regular follower of this blog you might remember the photo. It turns out that Mr. Mr. Jonathan Chait takes up this latest chapter of Mr.

Brooks' decades-long flight from the withering gaze of factual reality: David Brooks has a new reason to be disappointed in Obamacare.

It is mostly helping poor people obtain insurance, he observes sadly, rather than overturning the entire system. But we’d have had a very different debate if we knew the law was going to be a discrete government effort to subsidize health care for more poor people,” writes Brooks in his column today. I'll post periodic thoughts over the weekend, adding to this post from time to time, so check back as the event progresses. So lots of Ferraris are for sale to repeatedly run to the store and back. Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day: "Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life. " - Omar Khayyam A fine mist pervades the atmosphere and brings with it the mighty hordes of inspired surfers seeking the Holy Grail. S winds make hats, flannels and beards a must today while also putting a bit of texture upon the water. Tales and speculation abound as a new very long period S swell arrives and builds. Still mixing sporadically with a modest NW windswell to create conditions requiring imagination and peaceful contemplation. None of that will happen today as masses invade and all manner of watercraft and skill level is already on display. Bo City Rockers in effect. Find a wave. Share a wave. Just at the rear of our house, behind the vegetable garden, a path runs up to the back of the croft land and the meadow where I'm spending more and more of my time.

On my way back in this evening's warm sunshine, the black adder - see earlier post here - was lying, sunning himself, on the path where it crosses an old stone wall.

He disappeared too quickly for me to get a photograph, so I stood back, crouched and waited - and was rewarded when he stuck his head out of a moss-covered part of the wall. I took a couple of pictures and then we sat and looked at each other. ButterflyPoppiesPeacockManufactured by Case-MateI am now offering my artwork on Case-Mate high quality custom iPhone cases. This case ships to you in retail packaging from case-mate. They make great gifts! Email me if you are interested in an alternate phone, I can make the cases for almost any make/model phone, just add an extra few days for production. .