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At that time, we noted that there is no "strong clear evidence that this drug is extremely effective and remarkably safe, i.

e. , that the drug is a 'triumph' that will cure nearly everyone without risk or harm to them, and therefore warrants a princely price. The assessment found some reason to think the drug beneficial, but that the evidence was sparse, left many questions unanswered, and was inadequate to assess the drug for some important patient populations. At this point, only a summary is available in English. I really need to get better pictures of this, but I must show you the magnificent sock-monkey HAT my friend Nancy knit for me:Is it not divine? It doubles as a balaclava if you're not concerned about your ability to see and breathe!Now I just have to make sure my sock monkey doesn't steal it!. I think my youngest daughter is a pool shark. I couldn’t remember how she learned to play pool. she reminded me that she played all the time in the recreation room at her grandparents resort.

She challenged her youngest son to a game, explaining the rules, showing him how to hold the stick.

It seems that Far Guy learned how to play pool in a real pool hall. He helped Adam. Hi gals, I can’t believe it’s Wednesday, it feels like Friday to me. I’m so not looking forward to a week of cleaning and baking. But now I have to finish up his invitations, so I can get them out tomorrow. I have dozens of photos from Saturday and Sunday uploaded to the Sauk Centre Herald photo gallery. The downside is that we're using a new format and new gallery, and for some reason the photos are not sequenced on chronological order. Uuf Da, I have some learning to do with that gallery. Be sure to read about the new launch in this week's column by Dave Simpkins in the Sauk Centre Herald. Labels: brooten mn. The Jaguars scored early and often tonight against the visiting Cubs, who found the going difficult any time they went to the basket. Photo courtesy of Images by Marguerite of Kimball. Somebody call the Cake Boss. It's on. That's right.

I have a new maid.

She also works for several of my friends and I have heard nothing but good things about her. The question remains to be seen if the messages were received and how so will the teams in question respond. The Drakkar playing a more physical game were hitting everything in a Mooseheads jersey and it payed off. Michael St. After church, my MIL stayed with the kiddos so that we could go out for lunch and take a trip to the nursery. My favorite nursery. Things haven’t always been easy, but the challenges have grown our marriage closer to each other and to God. It’s amazing how my whole destiny changed when I gave my life to Jesus and began to delight in Him. Every two years there is a week long photo festival here in Augusta. This is the first time I've participated. learning lots! The first two days I went to classroom workshops. Day one a basic digital photo workshop. Well after a week of "all things golf" here in Augusta today we have a bit of rain and a bit of normalcy returning to the area.

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The only thing I changed was substituting ultra suede for the felt - ony because that is what I had on hand! Also I used boiled wool/felt for the center and stufed it with wool scraps.

Perhaps more technology is not the solution for problems caused by technology.

Fairness Doctrine: The Republicans keep claiming they will not raise the debt ceiling because they have to rein in the President. But the debt, every penny of it,- exists because the Congress - which, much to our chagrin, has had a goodly number of Republican members for a long while - keeps telling the Executive Branch to spend more money than they see fit to raise. In the American system, the different branches of government are designed to act as a check on one another. The Executive Branch would be well within its Constitutionally mandated responsibilities if it could find a way to stop this irresponsible behavior. You know it. I know it. It is a cheap writer trick. But here I go, any way. My former work colleague, Roy, and his sister, Marcia, booked the Mexican cruise before I moved to my small fishing village by the sea. They wanted me to spend the day with them in Puerto Vallarta. Det føles litt slik, som arbeidsleir, når ferien først er et faktum.

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Helst skal alt gjøres i løpet av en dag! Men det går jo ikke, og man skal kose seg og. Dessuten så spiller ikke bestandig været på mitt parti.

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Bland rosor och bladlöss har hver uke et nytt tema på Blommig Fredag, det er bare å bli med. Play Hero Tower Defense! Alright well we're back up and running after some technical difficulties. Hopefully that doesn't happen again but you never know. You tend to run into some speed bumps no matter how much you plan ahead. Speaking of speed bumps, the transition to the new graphics system is going well. We have to take things one step at a time since this is our first go at setting things up this way but once we have a system in place things will speed up. Kevin and Bill have been working on some new Creature concepts and we've also picked up Josh, another enthusiastic artist who is excited to work on some concepts for us.

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This is it, the big week. Tomorrow I've got some videos to shoot with the awe-inspiring Tom Mylan, plus a laser appointment. And then we've got Tuesday. And then I hit the road. Austin, Tulsa, San Francisco, Denver, LA, Philly. Today is full of fun. we are blog hopping with RRR to showcase the monthly ribbon club assortment Sweet Pickle & doing a bit of early cross promotion with Peachy Keen stamps . You should have found your way here from Ms. Gloria's scrumptious blog. At the start of the party, we randomly selected two entries. All four ladies will receive a fat quarter set of Sparkle by Riley Blake Designs. Thanks for inviting your friends! We also gave you a chance to "Pin to Win" on Pinterest. She will receive a Pearl Bracelets - Tonals Fat Quarter Set.

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Carissime sono in partenza per. LONDRA. dai, non ditemi niente, lo sapete che sono la donna con la valigia!!!! Ho un affetto particolare per Londra essendoci anche vissuta da giovane e quindi ogni tanto. Sad loss for party. besides the fabrics, of course. I am sure many of you finished this long ago. For me it is like starting a brand new project. Linda made this quilt and I believe it was a block of the month at Quilter's Harvest. Remember that really cool quilt shop that is no longer in business? It was in an old church in Shadeland, Indiana. Just a wonderful building to house a shop that specialized in Civil War fabrics. They had lots of other fabrics, too, cute baby fabrics, and lots of homespuns. There was a loft that they hung quilts from and I bought more than one pattern because I saw a quilt hanging there that I just had to make.

While searching for a photo of Quilter's Harvest, I came across this video that I hadn't seen before: Anyway, back to Linda's quilt.

Have your flashlight ready, and the covers over your head!. Today's card is one that I made back in August for Verve's big Anni-Verve-sary celebration and neglected to share here. It's not my favorite card ever, but it does have two things going for it. the "i" and the "u," which I die-cut out of cork with Verve's awesome new I Heart U Die Set. The light yellow twine is a color I picked up from The Cat's Pajamas, and the cork is from My Favorite Things. I'm already looking forward to our family's annual beach vacation later this month.

Until then.

a beachy card.

That’s why the “clarification” they issued within days of being exposed came across like nothing so much as the late Gilda Radner’s Emily Litella character on the original Saturday Night Live show. Remember how she’d go on a rant about a subject she misheard? Then when advised she had everything wrong, look right at the camera, smile and say “Never mind”? That’s pretty much what ATF did in a newsletter addendum titled “Nitrocellulose Update. - I re-read my post on the Breeders Cup from Sunday morning, and it was pretty negative. Of course, it wasn't all bad, particularly the win by the fabulous Ouija Board. ESPN gave her the attention she was due, and British reporter Nick Luck, who did good work all day, interviewed her owner Lord Derby prior to the race. Can't say I saw that. "From the furlong pole to the wire, it was just a time to enjoy the moment - and that doesn't happen very much. .