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Scroll rub-on on bottom: Fancy PantsPink flower: Making MemoriesWhite flower: craft storePink velvet ribbon: PrimaBrown ribbon: OffrayGem: DoodlebugCredits for Sweet Piggie Tails:Digi journaling card, heart and ribbon by Pamela Gibson: oneofakindscrapz. The lively peppermint flavor is the regal gift of spice. Check out a small sampling of our selection below! Or check out our full selection of Ertl and Spec-Cast. A cold but productive morning. Anders LeeSaturday night was about teams trying to take control of their own destiny as New York Islander and New York Ranger prospects took to the ice jockeying for playoff positioning. This is the time of the year where we find out which players can handle the pressure of a playoff race. Not a lot of front yards in Manhattan— around here, we deck the fire escape!. I've been MIA for a few days and I feel like I am way behind on so many things. First I finally got to open a box from San over at Gypsy Quilter.

I love the old catalogs and saw a couple of quilt designs that I've spotted at local antique shops.

Thanks San!We also had our evening and morning guild meetings this week. This is our youngest "member's" first quilt which she sold to her Mom! Below is a BOM from People Places and Quilts down in Summerville, SC. They are not see through, so they are a must for older kids. They are lined with a soft and stretchy knit material, so they feel much better against the skin than the crochet tops. I have recently started selling lined tutu tops in my other etsy store.

I'm receiving a lot of queries everyday on how to use lined tutu tops to make tutus.

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