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Pizza and loaded nachos were devoured then we came back home.

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First solo release from AOI.

I've been wanting to make a video of a sheep giving birth for a couple of years. I bought Julia a "Flip Camera" for a Christmas gift knowing I would have as much fun with it as she would!Two weekends ago we were lucky enough to witness several sheep giving birth. This video is of an older cross-bred Romney ewe giving birth to a single, giant lamb. Enjoy our little slice of rural life and the amazingness of Mother Nature. To see the video, go here. Observation:Ezekiel was privileged to have many powerful encounters with the Lord. He saw many visions and dreams. In this vision, he has just received all the details of what the Temple will look like down to all the decorations and dimensions of everything. Next he sees the glory of the Lord filling the temple and his reaction was awesome. He fell on his face to the ground. Too late I realized I was going to snip out the cat to stick on the fence in front of the moon. Then I could have just used my black marker to stamp the letters. See, although having first met in the last millennium, we never got round to that weddingy stuff. until now.

So don't expect anything from this site today as I shall mostly be getting married.

Through Merlin I have learned that draft ponies and horses will be my equine future, so I would like to find a good home for this splendid little guy. If you are looking for a great first equine to actually earn his keep, Jasper is it. He is wonderful being lead by a halter and lead rope in harness and hitched to a cart or stone boat can carry firewood, light logging, and drive carts. Speaking of carts: I have a small red cart for sale as well that needs a shaft repaired but fits him! So this guy. I'll be gone next week while Pre is in town from the UK, but Calamity Janie will be filling in, so give her a listen. You won't be able to Paypal anymore. I only wanted that payment option to be available for people who wanted to pledge BEFORE my show last night. But snatchfukels, I gotcha. Two random winners are picked each week!congrats. As primary-grade teachers, we all know how important classroom storage can be. Let's face it, our grades require a lot of "stuff". This is due to the hands-on learning that takes place, and all of those manipulatives, games, and activities need a home. The table is pretty full! Dollar Store trays for every kind of paper: lined, plain, thematic writing, and coloring pages. Several months ago I saved a search in my Google Reader for blog entries on ‘garage saling.

But I loved two of today’s gleanings.

” Doesn’t that sound like fun? I would definitely attend, but I'm in California and the play is going on in Minnesota. Dang! If anyone goes, be sure to let me know how it was. Guess I'd better stay on this side of the border for now.

If you haven’t yet visited Southern Hospitality for Today’s Thrifting Treasures, get on over there and see what folks found this weekend.

And for heaven’s sake don’t tell the Canadian government about that estate sale I went to on Friday. They still are. A Gay Catholic Tory, An Expatriate Libertarian and the Ghost of Ronald Reagan Walk Into a Bar. No kidding. And in that bar they take turns holding forth on what "the left" really believes and why Ron Paul's existence is a damning indictment of the Progressive Movement and the Democratic Party. Because who would know better what sinister motives lurk in the dark hearts of Liberals than.

Glenn Greenwald and Andrew Sullivan? From Andrew Sullivan: The Ron Paul candidacy has proven a very fertile event on both right and left.

a very impressive man. At today's luncheon, Rep. Labrador spoke only briefly and spent over an hour answering questions from the attendees. My favorite question? Who should Romney pick for VP? Rep. Interesting. His personal choice for VP? Paul Ryan! While waiting for lunch, I took a few shots of the beautiful Spokane river from the windows of the resort. Looking South and slightly eastLooking South and slightly west with the Spokane St. bridge in the background. Darlings, CC is so excited to introduce you to Alpha Gypsy, a stunning line of spectacular silk and cotton scarves designed and drawn in Israel and digitally printed in India! The quality of these ravishing wraps is unequaled, and the prints are both unique and lovely. Here's a bit about the brand and the designer from the website: "Alpha Gypsy is an international fashion and design brand, showcasing and celebrating through their designs the brand’s core values : Love, Freedom, Creation, Fulfillment, Happiness, Individuality and Noble spirit. In each and every design piece that our studio create, we invest endless amount of creativity, intellect and love which makes our designs timeless and above trends. Our unique aesthetic allows us the freedom to channel all that we love into our designs creation: Vivid colors, rich textures, patterns, TV, biographies, fashion, coffee love, tangerines, romance, good conversations, books, nature, metropolitan, the web, rain, art, scents, textile, flowers, fabrics, dogs, typography, chocolate, collage and drawing, glossy Magazines, travelling, Alpha waves + Gypsy spirit. Alpha Gypsy was founded by Lilach Avissar a designer, artist and illustrator. She created Alpha Gypsy with a vision of creativity and individuality art and design platform. Our hectic and colorful studio operates from Giv’atayim, The Holy land. That the vast majority are strong supporters of Obama and then Hillary goes without saying. A youth cast shares the stage with several professional adult actors to remind audiences of the brilliance of this wonderful Tony winning Broadway musical. It's a musical steeped in "Tradition!" JACOB BOWMAN is Tevye in the production. Fiddler is such a landmark show and it is such a wonderful opportunity. Right from the start I knew it was going tobe a challenge because of all the lines down but once that's all donewith. .