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Good morning!! It's been a quiet week around here but I have had lots going on. I took a quick trip to Savannah for a long weekend. I have a close friend and a coworker that have been fighting over all of my Uptown Girl cards. I loved these beautiful reflections on the love of God from mothers. Sharon Hodde Miller The amazing thing about my love for my son is how purely illogical it is. My love was instant and unconditional even though I had no history on which to base it. I loved my son before I really knew him. I loved my son before he could ever do anything to earn my love. In fact, I loved my son in spite of the many ways he inconveniences me. I love him in spite of the physical pain I endured on his account. I love him in spite of the sacrifices he requires me to make every day.

I love him even though he is unable to reciprocate my love.

My son has done nothing to deserve my love. John E. O. K. Jemisin, The Hundred Thousand KingdomsBummer. I haven't read any of these. That makes me question the list, to be honest, although the Bujold has been on my to-buy list for ages. HT: SF Signal. More marathon training. My legs are pretty tired, but feel like they can just keep going. Then two more long runs before tapering. I'm feeling really good about my fitness, but also looking forward to an easier weekend. HomePage - Flickr Katja Hentschel is based in London and Berlin. Ipswich Star reviews the current Red Rose Chain in the Forest Wuthering Heights production: Joanna Carrick, who is so adept at adapting works, wrote the piece, and brought it to the stage with verbal energy, skill and humour. Rachael McCormick is a strong centre as the story’s narrator, housekeeper Nelly Dean. Laurence Pears as Edgar Linton, Anna Doolan, as little Cathy and Joel Johnson as Hareton are beacons of hope in this sorry tale. Today I am going to tell you a story about a king. As you know, a king usually wears a crown made of gold, silver, and precious jewels. The king in our story wore a different kind of crown. Listen as I tell you the story of "King Backward. " Once upon a time, a long time ago, there lived a King. He was no ordinary king. He was different from other kings because He did everything backwards from the way other kings did them. From the very day he was born, you could tell that this king was going to be different. Most kings are usually born in a palace, but this king was born in a stable surrounded by donkeys, sheep and cows. courtesy of singtao. Yong-Hwa said that before the shoot he had no cooking knowledge, only simple ones like frying eggs. Thus when he got hungry he would order out. Luckily the production taught him a lot about cooking so he could finally proudly say, "Now when I am hungry I can cook!" He even said that during the shoot Ting Fung taught him a lot. What would he cook to thank him? Yong-Hwa thought for awhile and said, "Tteokguk! Because it is a must have for New Year in Korea. Daniel WuSunny Wangcourtesy of on. ccSong Hye-KyoLiu Shishi says her relationship with Nicky Wu is doing well courtesy of mingpao. To her it was a memorable experience, and she hoped that the audience would enjoy the film. You can bookmark this page URL. But I finally finished it, and I hope you'll all love this pretty cushion as much as I do. Here she is in all her ruffled glory. I've wanted to make a pillow like this for a very long time, but I wasn't sure what sort of fabric I wanted to use. Then as I was looking through my latest round of PB catalogs, I noticed that felt pillows were everywhere! And that's when my inspiration hit, and I decided to create this beauty out of felt. Yep. Felt. And since we're heading into winter, I thought that snow white felt would be the best fit. Escape Rooms are a huge trend right now, and they are popping up all over the place with good reason. I have been to two different escape rooms this year, and they are SO much fun! What are they you ask? They are interactive adventure games where typically participants are locked in a room, and they must work together to solve fun and challenging puzzles before time runs out. I wanted to create an escape room in my own home for the monthly dinner this month. This is a daunting task to write it all yourself, but lucky for me, Juliana & Ariel came to the rescue! These two ladies are the co-creators of a new table top game, Escape Room In A Box. You will see that werewolf aspects, science/medical tools, locks, and chains were incorporated into much of my decor and food. Invite: My guests encountered an initial puzzle when they first received their invitation. At this point, they did not know the theme or anything yet. I just included this for fun with the intention of making the puzzle pretty easy to decipher. Yun and I like the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. In fact, we are members. The joint is very close to our apartment, so we have easy access. I noticed something odd that happens there though. There is a big beautiful field with rows of cherry trees on either side. For some strange reason, you can sit on the grass but you can't sit on a blanket. Adwick. Julie’s Doll Class was in session Thursday when I visited the Attic Window Quilt Shop. Above some of the women are hard at work on their dolls. It always amazes me how they make these small dolls look so awesome. This doll is getting her back stitched. I admire the patience these women have in creating something so small and so beautiful. This is a doll’s hatbox. Isn't it cute? I never had anything like this for my dolls when I was a child. This doll is staying put in her little coffee mug while the creator continues making her parts. These dolls are drying. They look like they have a coat of gesso on them. If you get a chance, take one of Julie’s doll making classes. She will make you look very professional as her creations are out of this world. -Unknown My son, if your heart is wise, my heart too will be glad. My inmost being will exult when your lips speak what is right. Well, there you are. Sit down and enjoy the view while I write this up. We are anchored off of the north coast of Corsica. At Calvi. A pleasant little fishing village. Once the property of Genoa, now French, even though the vowel-ending surnames in the cemetery predominate. It occurred to me, as I was sitting here reading and indulging in some incredible Corsican cheese, that I am a fortunate guy. When I was growing up in Powers, I don’t think I ever imagined sitting high on the deck of a cruise ship in the Mediterranean Sea. Doing nothing other than whatever I choose. When I saw noble, I suddenly remembered that they are going to go XA today. Haha, it just slipped my mind, if not I'll have calculated the fair value of noble before today. Seriously, I didn't really choose it. I didn't read closely and I suppose that the dividend is only for shares held before XA and doesn't include the new rights shares. The more one looks into the implications of minimum alcohol pricing - and I've only just started - the more of a sinister minefield it turns out to be. This will inevitably lead to an increase in your shopping bill somewhere along the line, whether booze is bought or not. Current advice from retail bodies is to err on the side of caution or face crippling fines. When you go to Tesco, Sainsbo, whatever, do you get loyalty card points on tobacco? No, course not, it's bad for you, right, so it's banned. Well, hey presto! With minimum alcohol pricing, this is exactly the result that is likely to happen for alcohol too. We took a break from our normal lives to play some records for you. orSTREAM IT HERE by next Monday night. A. Sesshomaru is Inuyasha's full-demon, half-brother. This is the card my club girls go in their packages this month. Stamps: variousPaper: Old Olive, merry moments, very vanillaInk: real red, Old olive, chocolate chipAccessories: real red ribbon, paper piercer. ONJ et une animatrice du show Home & Family !. W. Yet rather than bringing the hoped-for personal and national redemption, their efforts produced tragedy. According to Lears, the same cultural logic that justified lynching in the American South and the conquest of American Indians in the West eventually led to war in Cuba, the Philippines and Europe — and, a century later, to our own mess in Iraq. Lears is hardly the first scholar to address these themes. Richard Carrier palms himself off as a probability theorist. If you don't mind the technicalities, here's a critique by a Cambridge educated cosmologist and physicist: HT: Patrick Chan. DCM 'Substitute' SketchThis weeks challenge at DCM is to make a card using a 'substitute' sketch as Jo is poorly and couldn't upload her challenge. I have used a Penny Black hedgehog stamp. a hero Arts greeting and a pretty flower stamp by Magnolia. All the images are coloured with Prismacolor and Sansador and have glitter added for a bit of sparkle. The flowers on the paper are also glittery and are from a DCWV stack. I don't know what it is about Easter, but it sure brings out the Polish in me. There is so much Polish food that I want to make and so little time. I think it stems from the fact that I live amongst so many Eastern European descendants. At this time of year, every church kitchen in the city is bustling with perogie and halushki makers. If you haven't placed your order by now, you are out of luck and better know how to make your own.

You can watch little old men and women walking out of bakeries carrying boxes tied up with string to hold them all together.

The boxes are piled as high as the people carrying them. They are filled with paska, kolachki, paczki and cruellers. A sign that the lenten fast about to end. For further information on these Scams, please Read . This is a fake job scam. scam-job-emails.

I'm Phillip Kohler, a real estate developer and I am in urgent need of a Head Supervisor/Facility Coordinator to work in my estate here in Canada.

Your duty is to supervise all the workers in the house, taking good record of their daily activities and making sure all activities are well coordinated within the estate. .