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Considering the Lunar New Year week ahead, turnout was pretty good with strong representation in all pace groups for both HM and FM runners. Along the route, the FM trainees would have to tackle the mentally-draining Changi Coastal stretch as well.

The first half of the run was made easier with that immaculate cool, crisp weather of light winds.

To better keep pace and to avoid speeding too much, the respective group runners were chatting with one another to alleviate boredom as well as keep one another in check. After the U-turn, the sun came up, although the heat was not felt that badly as our backs were facing the sun by then.

Antoine Robidoux inscription, Westwater canyon, Utah.

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, said Dave Gaudet, director of the Alaska Marine Stewardship Foundation, which received the funds. It looks like several people are off to a good start. Wally has really challenged herself. Gail has been retatting the TAT artisan celtic motif because it just isn't quite right so she has decided to join us. Way to go everyone!. Carol M.

LangfordThis program gives viewers an overview of the rules pertaining to conflicts of interest, focusing on those set forth by the ABA and the California Bar Association.

Additionally, viewers will be introduced to the proposed rules in California advises them on how to best catch and avoid potential conflicts in their practices. Finally, Ms.

Langford instructs viewers on the proper procedures to implement if conflict prevention fails.

Title:Current Developments in Conflicts of InterestSpeaker: Before establishing her solo practice, Attorney Carol M. Langford was a partner with the California law firm of Carroll, Burdick & McDonough, where her main focus was as a litigator and ethics advisor. Today she teaches ethics at two law schools in the Bay Area. pearson. co. uk This is a guidance answer. your actual answer during the exam should be longer than this answer. Remember: when it wasn't popular nor wise only Howard Cosell publically backed Muhammed Ali's refusal to go fight in Vietnam. We haven't heard that much in all the post-mortem Ali stories but it needs to be told. Yes, the biggest anti-union guy is Gary Radnich himself who lambasted the local SAG-AFTRA as "group hustlers". His partner, Larry Krueger, also put a dagger, on-air, into the idea of a producer/reporter having the gall to attempt to get the union going. After that, union activity went bye-bye and now you have a lot of people at Knibber making minimum wage. So while Mr. The first good snow hit last night. I'm not sure how much snow we received but the moisture is appreciated. She knows I'm up to something. If Gates gets wind of how well the program is progressing he will have to increase his efforts to screw it up:. The game was good. Faint heart never won fair maiden and an on-side kick to start the second half was as bold as one can get. The Saints played their game, Drew Brees threw consistently, Reggie Bush delivered as needed and the pick for a TD in the fourth quarter sealed the deal. Half time was a technological tour-de-force with a light show that probably had even Billy Beck impressed with the programming. Musically it left a lot to be desired. It is sad when your heroes have aged and done so none too gracefully. Roger looked bloated and dispeptic, somewhat fearful of banging himself in the knee or the noggin should he try one of those microphone spins he made famous. Pete windmilled but simply looked like a characiture of a rock star done by a sixty-five year old man at a Halloween party. Depressing to say the least. Ditch the Jersey fedora and shave, Pete. Appeals to the most irrelevant relationships are supposedly important to voters who, as I've noted before here, are dumber than stumps. The rivalry between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox has escalated during the last decade as the two teams seemingly are always in contention for the American League pennant. Gather several million mouth-breathing fans of the once great national pastime and build rivalry to reap big bucks. It works well for NYC and Beantown. So in some sort of desperation we've got this:One must ask how much denial is this woman in? She's obligated to mention the Yankee/Bosox rivalry to gain some sort of credibility.

Then she suggests that Rudy Guiliani might be a supporter.

Remember he's a Republican.

And finally rips it with the assertion that Curt Schilling is a Yankees fan. Sorry I haven't posted the Purple article yet. yesterday I discovered the many videos on YouTube for children, including piles of Muppet Show clips. I've been playing them, and the Goober and I sing and dance. Occasionally the husbeast stops in and dances too. Remember this one?Ah yeah, good times. With these things, I find there's a fine line between not enough and too much—and I have no idea where that line is. Before you can reach into the chicken’s body cavity and pull out its insides, you need to cut an opening at the back end. My approach to this is to cut a small opening with the knife, then reach into the opening and tear it wider. So here we are at the posterior of the bird, with the knife in position to make a slice:Directly below my knife in the picture is the cloaca of the bird. The cloaca is also sometimes called the "vent. " Frankly speaking, it is the bird's butt hole. That is as frank as I will get. Notice that I am pinching and lifting the skin above the knife. And notice also that my knife blade is angled up a bit. Images - Rosie Sanders. Beautiful stretch of weather here in western Massachusetts. We feel like we are turning a corner towards spring. What a nice feeling. We are waiting for the grass to grow. The sheep desperately want to start eating their greens. It is warm now but we need rain. You can't put the animals on the grass too early. If you do, they will eat the grass right down to the roots and it won't grow back. The slices in the photo below were made with a rented "no-till seeder. " It's a machine that goes on the back of the tractor. It slices the earth and deposits grass seed at the same time. It doesn't do as good a job but it is quick and an easy way to revive a pasture where the grasses have died away and weeds have moved in. It's all a matter of timing, heat and waiting for rain before the grass is ready for the sheep. Took a nice little walk outside this morning with Winston. Ciao, Piccolo Mio. You are Universe now. We will be Universe together one day. Goodbye my Dear, Loyal, Beloved Brother. God keeps taking me to and bringing to me scripture that mentions the right path. The path that He designed just for me. He delights in every detail of their lives. He never ceases to amaze me at the way He provides just the word I need, when I need it! He has a specific plan for me and for you.

Humpty dumpty had a great fall today.

China postponed its GDP to after market close, so speculators are thinking that perhaps the GDP is too high so the govt will impose interest rate hike or whatever means it can to curb the excessive economic heating. Apparently, this action is supposed to stop the market from crashing but well, it still happens. That's not a good sign. What we have now is a double top, a bearish market reversal sign. Haha, but i'm not worried at all, don't know why. In fact, I think correction is almost done.

The winner as chosen from Random.

Check out the education tag on the sidebar for my personal experience of primary schooling in Greater London. I'll be diplomatic and say it's poor and that there is more than a certain amount of Guardianista massaging. Nothing on a par with this though, courtesy of Rab.

I dare anyone left of centre to defend this.

Remember that Diane Abbott is still a serving MP. If this guy isn't drummed out of the education service sharpish, there is something very wrong with our country. Quite staggering. PapercraftLa Catrina Papercraft. They teach you stuff in advanced writing classes at college. Secret, weird, initiate-only stuff. One of the things they teach you is what to look for when editing someone else's work. Another thing they teach you is that there really aren't that many hard and fast Laws Of Good Writing. There are plenty of rules, but as Morpheus says in The Matrix, some of them can be bent. Others can be broken. When editing the work of others it is important to know what effect they are trying to achieve. You better not pout,I'm telling you why. They're making a list,they're checking it twice:Two well-respected US peace activists, CODEPINK and Global Exchange cofounder Medea Benjamin and retired Colonel and diplomat Ann Wright, were denied entry into Canada On October third. The two women were headed to Toronto to discuss peace and security issues at the invitation of the Toronto Stop the War Coalition. At the Buffalo-Niagara Falls Bridge they were detained, questioned and denied entry. Darlings, here are the beauty products that CC is loving lately. Lilah B. Gianvito Rossi triple-strap pumps, at barneys. Moschino zipper booties, at shopbop. Enjoy tasty Middle Eastern food and learn how to make Moroccan Lamb Tagine with Honey and Apricots. Heat a tagine or Dutch oven over high heat. Using a slotted spoon, remove the lamb from the pan and set aside. Repeat with remaining oil and lamb. A couple more scans of Greg. The position we are offering is that of STORE KEEPER OFFICER as an Employee of Canada Sea Food Center, Immigration Officer will process your working permit in Canada Home office. We are providing you with the contact details of the Immigration Officer so as to make things easier for you in obtaining the required travelling documents. The attached documents embody the approved Appointment Letter for the purpose of this contract.

We just got approval from Canada Embassy New Delhi on Immigration attache to guide you.

CONTACT THE IMMIGRATION OFFICER AT CANADA EMBASSY NEW DELHI WITH THE CONTACT NUMBER AND FORWARD THE COPY OF YOUR APPOINTMENT LETTER TO HER E-MAIL FOR PROPER GUIDANCE ON VISA PROCUREMENT. Contact Person Name: Mrs. Made the voyage down to Whittakers gun store today. I couldn't resist picking up a Golden Boy. They had it on sale at a more than reasonable price, and I have been wanting one for years. They also actually had bricks of. So, I came home with one of each as they only allowed one brick per customer. Tomorrow will be a plinking day, weather permitting. Haven't been to the club in a while. Its design is subject to criticism both in terms of what was offered to the patient volunteers and what was likely to happen in terms of results?GSK was faced with the task of designing and executing a large clinical trial that had been brought about because of concern that salmeterol might be harmful to some patients with asthma. An earlier trial in Great Britain had shown a numerical increase in salmeterol treated patients that was not statistically significant. One lingering popular explanation for any possible increase in salmeterol treated patient death is that these patients were either under poor control at the beginning of the trial and/or perhaps used the medications improperly or inadequately. So, what did they do?They recruited patients by advertisements, insuring a high proportion of patients who might not have been receiving good physician care, gave them either salmeterol or placebo and then provided only monthly telephone followup. At this point we have a group of patients, many of whom were not under good control or receiving regular physician hands-on follow up, who were given a medication that was purportedly possibly harmful and not monitored other than by telephone calls. They could not be accused of "cherry-picking" their study subjects in this trial. .