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Her family will fall all over themselves offering to cook and do laundry, certain people in church will realize that they should actually do something about problems they observe rather than expecting the minister or his wife to solve them, her husband will appreciate her with unwavering devotion expressed by serving tea in bed every morning, and all the people in her life who talk too much will take up journal-keeping instead. As I said, this would be a work of fiction. I’m open to ideas for the title and further story lines. While I still miss my Rocky Mountains, I really do like it up here in this little corner of the world! Summers are much more bearable and I've had a killer gardening season. I hope you stop by my little blog this week and say hi!" Check out this great journal page Amber made: Be sure to swing on by Amber's blog each day this week for lots of great inspiration and your chance to win some Unity goodies!. Hooray! I have noticed that I am starting to get through these storms more easily. If I stay distracted I don't panic so much. Last night I was talking on the phone with a fellow blogger and I was enjoying the chat so much that I hardly noticed the thunderstorm. When we finished our lengthy and fun chat, David asked me if I noticed the thunderstorm. I told him that I did but I didn't sweat it because it was a small one. He laughed and said no, it was actually a fairly big storm. I was both surprised and pleased. That's a good thing! I am so proud of myself I am going to treat myself and go to our library this afternoon and check out some books I have been wanting to read. Should the scale go here or here? Y'all know what I am talking about. The way something was arranged in one home may not work in the next. Perhaps you just want a different look this time. It's all about playing house. Do I hang that "old bears" sign that I have had in our kitchen since we were first married or is it time to say bye to bears? Well it may all depend on just how sentimental I am feeling. I have lots of old copper pieces that have not found a home yet, but have been freshly polished by my meticulous Mom. That is the number Labour have to get to in order to bring ONE new MP into the beehive. Can anybody remember the last time Labour managed that in the polls, let alone an election. Kelvin Davies is on a knife edge with his place and as a Northlander I really want to see him win Northern Maori. Good times. Throwback Thursday Ok this will be a quick and dirty post I will try to actually publish every Thursday. I will make a retro card of a current player from the era of the throwback uni he is wearing. I say a "version" because the general design is the same. But as you can see this is a modern button-down uniform. Sun is gone and we have coastal overcast and cloudy conditions. Light fog in town but no wind and mild temps which are making for good surf conditions. New uptick in swell activity is producing some nice waves with a bit of energy today. Overall fun surf today. Patch is thigh high + and breaking on inside and outside as well. A top ally of House Speaker Paul Ryan has outlined the GOP leadership’s strategy to isolate and block President Donald Trump’s populist campaign promises, likely including his popular immigration reforms. Just no. The point of Lost and Found is to level the support playing field. When LFCA works correctly, the newest blogger with the smallest readership can receive the same level of support as the oldest blogger with the largest readership. Please support the list as well as anyone posting announcements below. Connections AboundMISCELLANEOUS NEWSNewCreme de la Creme: the Creme de la Creme list continues to be updated, so please check back and read the posts at the end. When the Creme de la Creme is updated, the sticky box at the top of the blog called On-Going Projects is changed to show the date and time of the last update. Password Protected: Dee is taking her blog private. The blog Health Care Renewal discusses the good times had by officials of Southwestern Medical School with funds donated to the school presumably for expressed reasons other than providing the good life for the bosses of the school. He points out the large, gaping disconnect between the mission statement of the school and such activities. Thomas Sowell has provided his readers many insights as to how things work. If the leaders of the medical school received grants that consider to be unrestricted one might expect little in the way of constraints. In this instance the major mechanism of control of conduct may well be the feedback.

If you get caught with your hand in the cash register and the local TV station lets folks know about it may be the behavior gets toned down a bit.

Poses of HCR for what we can only hope to be some behavior changing light shinning. But, on the other hand, I am not sure that what I am about to say, should be said. Oops! The dilemma is that I have a good idea when this will happen, from some good reasoning and some good sources as well. However, I remind you of the post I wrote about the "Black Friday" high traffic problem that could result if everyone knew exactly when it was going to actually go. .