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A man cannot hold a thing fast, unless he has a good understanding of it.

"Well, but what does the Church believe?" He said the Church believed what he believed, and he believed what the Church believed, and so it went all the way round. We do not want you to have that faith. It may be a very pertinacious faith, a very obstinate faith, but it is a very foolish faith. I used to have such vivid dreams, I wrote tv scripts to express the endless flow of imaginative, recurring concepts that came to life as I slept. I can't remember the last time I had a dream. That was until the first night I slept alone in my new bed. I've had vivid, intensely sexy, imaginative, and very trans focused dreams every single night since moving into my own room.

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But, who knows, maybe he was terribly narcissistic.

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Dr. Wes takes this article on in his blog and provides a very insightful analysis of the issue and delves into the problems that are involved with this type of retrospective analysis of administrative data. This is the type study that I like to call a "coarse grain" study, a satellite view of the forest providing no essential data about the individual trees. Dr. Wes says it well when he speaks of the study as:". .