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Instead of finding some weekend reading for you, this time I have some music. Listen. it's sublime.

This is Australian man Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu singing Bapa.

Geoffrey has been blind since birth and he sings in "language". Before he married the beautiful widow Elizabeth Wydeville, King Edward IV of England is said to have secretly married Lady Eleanor Talbot who was, like Elizabeth, a widow. His younger brother Richard duke of Gloucester, as is well known, seized the throne that summer, claiming that Edward's bigamous marriage to Queen Elizabeth rendered their children illegitimate.

By virtue of the late king's first marriage to Eleanor Talbot, his children by Elizabeth were bastards, and as such had no right to inherit the crown.

The majority of modern historians have dismissed this allegation, viewing it as evidence of Gloucester's depravity as well as his remorseless desire to attain kingship at whatever the cost, but Ashdown-Hill takes these allegations seriously.

He concludes that King Edward probably did clandestinely marry Eleanor some three years before he wed Elizabeth. Following his unexpected accession to the throne, Richard III's first Parliament was responsible for passing an Act that declared that 'King Edward was and stood married and troth plight to one Dame Eleanor Butler, daughter of the old Earl of Shrewsbury'. Now on to the promised post about brakes- disc or cantilevers. There is a bit about what I think to be found in the first post- here. Secondly, I must post the TK inspired disclaimer, one more time:NOTE: Large doses of "my opinion" will be handed out in gloppy dollops today. You've been forewarned. The following screed about brakes is not about you guys and gals. This is about why I think it makes sense for the average Joe and Jill to have a certain kind of brake. Yes- I would likely "like" it as well, but that's beside the point! Secondly, I am neither for, nor against disc brakes on road bikes. Tuesday my blood pressure went from mildly elevated to "Get down here to the doctor's office immediately!" just out of the blue. I'd taken one of my two-year-old Diovan pills that morning but learned, the hard way, that when they get that old they didn't work any more. My blood sugars were fine through all of this, though I didn't feel like eating when the BP was that high. In the past Diovan dropped my blood sugars a bit, so it will be interesting to see how it does with the Januvia. appointment with the BP still very high and no way of getting out of our steep, long drive way. Before then we can expect days of flapping by our trio. Since this is "Blog Action Day" I thought I'd talk a bit about food packaging. When you buy ingredients in bulk and cook your own food, the amount of garbage goes way down. Kids' lunches are one area where these wasteful convenience foods have really taken over. Juice boxes instead of thermoses, cold cut/cheese/cracker bubble packs, individually wrapped cookies and candies, it goes on and on. None of this is necessary, and the foods you are feeding your kids when you use these kinds of individual servings are very high in carbs, additives, and preservatives many from China. With its highly anticipated debut, Red Bull North America wanted to do something special to promote this iconic movie. Roland Sands contacted KTM North America and they were on board to have RSD build the bike and help tell Kurt’s story, and raise awareness of the Kurt Caselli Foundation. Hope you like it. This is especially true for those who live on and travel through the Big Pine Key area. Sheriff Rick Ramsay would like to remind everyone to be patient. Expect delays and try to get out early in the day before traffic is at its heaviest. Most of all, drive safely. It is NOT a whole book from Four’s perspective. It is just a scene. Have a good one!. via. Happy St. Patrick's Day!. Thank you to Skyhorse Publishing for providing me with copies of the following books. As I've mentioned many times on the old blog. I have a bit of a design book obsession. My recent design book acquisitions. You can read about my friend Stacy's book here. Today we are going to take a look at three NEW John Deere models from ERTL that have just arrived. Now, we turn our attention to the big brother of the model above. It features an extremely detailed cab, front weights, and fine paint details. carved to make two beautiful and fabulously-designed items: this us sign and this mid-century table. I have been posting items from San Francisco shop Eden & Eden in various collections, but today I would just like to say: I am in love with it. I am going to have to stop in the brick & mortar shop next time I visit SF.

apocalypse warrior More NJ thrash metal that is some how connected to No Refund.

These guys were from Bloomfield NJ I believe. The song "Circle Of Death" is the winner on this tape. It totally reminds me of early Exodus. Nearby wildlife rehabilitation centers were all full, so Priami and his family nursed the little critter back to health on their own. After the red squirrel—who they named Arttu—had recovered, Priami discovered that the animal’s eye was damaged, rendering him partially blind. Knowing that Arttu wouldn’t survive on his own in the wild, Priami decided to raise the squirrel and provide him with a loving home. Arttu quickly became a wonderful, affectionate pet. He was free to run around the house and even roam outside under supervision. I needed to make a decision. My usual method of choosing the first right turn was not going to work. The GPS was of no help. Neither the one built into the Escape's dashboard or my far more sophisticated Garmin. Neither of them are any good once I leave a major highway. The list below will be updated daily until the fashion week is over. A. M. B. I've always been a bag lady. Most knitters and stitchers are, aren't they? I've got bags all over the house hanging on doorknobs and chairbacks filled with projects and yarn and needles all in varying states of doneness. I suggested a "book bag" size - not too big so the knit fabric wouldn't stretch when the back got heavy but big enough for knitting projects or books and magazines. Here my bag is on the backcover of Interweave's new "Bag Style. "And here it is inside. I wanted to add some embroidery to it but wasn't sure if she would like it. Observation: I see here that the sins of the king were not only personal, but because he was the leader, his sins affected the whole nation. God gave Israel up because of the sins of Jeroboam. Because of his sin, the whole nation was judged. He was blamed for cause all Israel to sin because he built the altars to other gods. Application: Jeroboam didn't force people to sin. He simply gave them an option of worshiping other gods and the whole nation was judged because of it. He wasn't demanding that people sin, they still had a choice, but giving the the option brought punishment upon them. As leaders, our sin affect everyone around us. When a leader sins, it has larger results. Leaders must be careful because what they do affect those under their leadership. I find myself going back to this book, time after time. It seems like I find something new every time I open it up. Even so, the inspirations are timeless. This week we let Cody Pickren take a turn as our guest photographer. See if you can guess which photos are the work of the spunky fifth grader. And speaking of photographers, it looks like one of them has been off-roading in Point Washington again!. You can scroll down for my day from the beginning. In conclusion I will just present these photos and say nothing more but that these people leave me in awe. You can't believe how fast these men move. It's the night of the winter solstice and our back porch is all aglow. They like to lounge on the porch furniture. It's late and it's pretty cool out so they are nestled in a safe place somewhere, but Bentley does not know that. He is still on the prowl. We put some snowflake lights above the potting bench. It gives the back porch a fairy land look at night.

It is so still and cool out here.

It's the third night before Christmas. We are so happy and cozy in our sweet home. Mom turned in early and David has fallen asleep in front of the telly. A. Madame Travolta. The Denaturalization of Americaand Obama To Americans: You Don’t Deserve To Be Free. However, THIS IS NOT WHAT MITT DID. Mitt deliberately paid MORE taxes than he owed, thinking he could “fool” us. He leads me by the still, still waters, His goodness restores my soul. And I will trust in you alone, And I will trust in you alone, For your endless mercy follows me, Your goodness will lead me home. He guides my ways in righteousness, And he anoints my head with oil, And my cup, it overflows with joy, I feast on his pure delights. This post is for those attending the retreat in October. JudyL has offered to do a mystery quilt if there is enough interest. It's a lot of work to prepare a mystery quilt and we don't want her to feel like she has done all this work for nothing. So, if you are interested in participating in a mystery quilt, please let me know by this Friday, so Judy can get us started.

If you know someone that will be attending and you know they don't read my blog, please let them know also.

We do have a waiting list, so, if your plans have changed, please let me know.

In an attempt to preserve the native language there, school children are required to attend French speaking school in their primary years. My negative colouring project from last week has finally resulted in a card! I decided to start with the sweet pea image, and matched it with some pretty blue and very soft yellow paper, which is actually flocked with little flowers. Stamps: Beccy's Place. I'm excited about our new Victim Assistance Unit and how it's reaching out to victims of violent crime. It was one of my first priorities. Within three days of my appointment to Chief, I picked a director who could put the Victim Assistance Unit together. Check out this story about the Unit from our Informant newsletter: Often before a detective is even assigned to an aggravated assault case, a victim assistance specialist in the new Victim Assistance Unit already has reached out to the victim. It is staffed by three sworn officers and a civilian who was a former officer and crime scene technician. But they don’t wear uniforms. “We just tell them we’re victim assistance specialists. Oftentimes, their cases haven’t even been assigned to a detective yet. .