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Efforts made so far to curb the menace and some enabling laws on children’s rights.

Street hawking has been roundly condemned as being unsafe, children in most cities in the FCT have continued to defy the government ban orders and sell their wares on some strategic roads. Philip Donlay's Donovan Nash series, the latest being Deadly Echoes, now has a sizzle reel. Check out the trailer and see what all the excitement is about! ECOWATCH from Amber Television on Vimeo. . Not a lot to report today. There are some beautiful new fabrics in at the Attic Window Quilt Shop. The fabric line is Locally Grown by Windham Fabrics. There is a lot you can do with this fruit and vegetable fabric. Jill made these adorable potholders. This is a close up of one of those pot holders. Jill also shows us this panel that is in the same line. MEMEMEMEME. There's that yarn, sitting in my closet, waiting for me to start mitering. There's also a whole bag of cotton close to the lavender in this photo, for a casual lace pullover for me. I could knit them both at once, if I wanted - I usually do two projects at once. All I have to do is finish this sweater and three scarves first. When I look at it that way, it doesn't sound too bad and suddenly I want to knit like the wind so I can dig into all that cotton and feel like I'm doing something interesting. The baby and I both have colds and are huddled down in front of the TV together, sipping water and cuddling when she's in the mood to hold still. I have found an execution list taped to my wall, it’s from a year ago. I have been looking at those names on that list, I remember each of these men. I wonder if next year at this time will some other man sit here in this cell and wonder at my fate? I want to still be alive next year at this time but if I am not I want to leave behind something that will make others remember me. All rights reserved. Hello Friends!What a great day today. The sun was out, it was warm but not muggy. It's Friday, My hubby's payday. and I got a box of goodies in the mail today!!!! YOUPEEE!!! My supplies arrived for my kit club and oh. inspektor_queso catsbeaversandducks.

a mixture of American and Australian.

It was a picture perfect holiday weekend at the lake but it's time to get back to the real world. There's new catalog buzz in the air - I need to be ready! I scooped bits and pieces of everything from my desk into a basket and then began sorting the larger pieces of paper. Who knew? Cleaning is definitely over-rated so I decided to stop and create a card using one of them. I remembered the scrap basket and thought of Patti MacLeith. I love when her posts begin with "Just had these scraps lying on my desk and I decided to put them together. . Izithakazelo zakwa-Hlongwa Khuluse, Gence, Shozi, Gabhisa, Mtumasela, Langa, Mbasha, Wena owehla ngomzungulu wasala wabola, Khawula!. This week on UnityTV. My heart is filled with such great joy and peace knowing thattomorrow we will be celebrating the birth of Our Savior. Bentley and I are so grateful to call you our friends. And we send our very best wishes for a Blessed and Merry Christmas toeach one of you!Please join me in visiting Seasonal SundaysGod Bless,Susan and Bentley. Today I would like to introduce you to Matthew About Me! Hello, my name is Matthew and I am currently in my second year of university studying Drama and English Literature in the UK. Tuesday's are your chance to ask any Filofax related questions you might have. So fire away. and we will collectively try to answer your questions or offer opinions. Made this for a friend who lost her Dad, Hope it made her feel a little better. My dear friends,Even if I'm young, I've found a work yesterday. This, and my studies, will not allow me to post as I was used to. I cannot say for sure if I will find the time to make even one single post in a month. Anyway, I hope my friend mmm. donuts will help to keep this blog alive with his interesting posts. Thanks for your interest,Andrea.

Inspirational Quote Of The Day: "I set free the phantoms of my imagination" - Frigyes Karinthy A decided emptiness fills the hearts of sliders as we greet another in a seemingly endless parade of mist-covered mornings in no one's paradise.

The rays of the sun may make themselves known, but shapes of consequence will likely not. If you seek an empty line-up, valet parking, and hours of hypocritical meditation, it's yours for the taking. Look towards the future, friends, as there is reason for hope just over the hillside, and tomorrow brings what should be marked improvements. CHANNEL: There is but a single paddle that makes the odd and occasional strike upon still waters. Even from a distance, one can sense the futility and frustration. The domain of ankle-biters and determined gulls, with only trawlers and maulers on the immediate horizon. PATCH: All the clouds turn to wordsAll the words float in sequence No one knows what they meanEveryone just ignores them. PACK IT IN. PACK IT OUT.

I'm in very dire straits.

I had thought it was just some kind of minor irritation, but it's been going on for several weeks and it's steadily getting worse. At this point, I can't even use eye wash, which only makes it much more painful. It feels as if something is lodged in the eyelid, but who knows what's going on. I dread going to a free clinic about an eye problem.

I've read the writeups of my local free clinics that appear online, and they're uniformly dreadful.

And given my past experiences, I'd strongly prefer to avoid the ER.

So I'd like to go to an opthamologist if at all possible. I've located what appears to be a good one nearby, and he seems to be reasonable financially. I. A Meeting in a Park He wondered why almost no one visited this small corner of the park. How peaceful and lovely it is here, he thought. A soft breeze gently rippled the water in the pond. Whenever we have a "mass shooting," the liberal establishment calls for tougher gun control laws. Likewise, the DOJ announces an investigation. Even though the totals may be the same, we tend to hype clustered totals. The same number spread out over days doesn't garner the same attention. The narrow nozzle attachment allows for you to style and design easily using your favorite hair styling brush as well as concentrate on shaping smaller sections of hair such as your bangs. Place drumsticks into a lightly greased shallow roasting dish.

Drizzle over drumsticks.

Season with salt and pepper. Toss until well coated.

Remove from oven.

Heat oil in kadai and add cardamom, black pepper, cloves, cinnamon and bay leaf. Add ginger garlic paste, red chili powder and salt to it. Stir carefully to mix well and heat through. .