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Well, a LONG time ago, my new pal Breda tapped me out for her little coffee cup meme. I told her at the time that I had taken the picture. I just now stumbled across it.

Sadly, this is exactly the kind of coffee cup that I drink about a pot of coffee a night with:Let's see what JPG is drinking out of.

Oh, and John Shirley. And my pal Tamara. And, uh, LawDog, who's got hot tea in his mug. FINISH: BR-Natural brass. LENS: Clear, tempered, and heat resistant glass with silicone gasket, fully sealed for underwater usage. MOUNTING: Fully adjustable mounting arm to provide light aiming. Fixtures are mounted on a heavy duty brass base for a firm and stable underwater placement. I came across this while reading Elisabeth Elliot's Passion and Purity, and copied it into my journal as an antidote to self-pity. from Calvary Love by Amy Carmichael, quoted by Elisabeth Elliot in Passion and Purityimage is from idafrock at flickr. Just a heads-up that Shockspital World HQ is now based out of the Freewheel Bike West Bank location. Easier shipping/receiving for the benefit of our mail-in customers is another. Stop by our new Lab to see the rest!. TEXAS - There’s a new Texas license plate that remembers the Alamo. Cool stuff from Speedjunkies. He has been assisting employers on immigration matters for over a decade, and has taught five semesters of ABA approved paralegal programs on immigration law. Among his publications, he is the author of "Immigration Concepts: A Primer for Law Students and Paralegals on the U. S.

Immigration & Nationality Act".

Sponsor: LexvidMore:. courtesy of on. ccJosie Ho and Johnnie ToMimi Kung and her daughter AshleyEason Chan states he would not do any interview, after photos he immediately heads to the movie courtesy of mingpao. Attending guests included Johnnie To Kei Fung, Josie Ho Chiu Yi and Mimi Kung Chi Yun. To Kei Fung said that Andy Lau Tak Wa showed him this film, which made he realize the existence of such a good film. He said, "This film taught me what truth and love was, after watching it I was very touched. I then asked Wa Jai if I could borrow it for a premiere fund raiser. The Chief Executive will attend. " He pointed out that he did not know how to make a film like this, after watching it he was even moved to tears. g. If not explain why not. m. Please join us and visit with the animals. m. Bring the family and visit with Santa, listen to live Christmas music, do crafts with Home Depot and visit with the animals. Being built as a coastal refuge, the house of Martossa is located in an exceptional place. From the street, it is only possible to notice its presence by the almost imperceptible view of the roof that protects the cars parked below. via. for my money, Wayne was the BEST TV Sports anchor in the Bay Area. It was revealed not too long ago Walker is battling Parkinson's Disease. We wish him the best. Andrew Lloyd Webber's classic adaptation of T. S. Tickets may also be purchased at the door. Note: This essay has been updated to reflect the criminal charge against Robert Bates. Others take part in “canned hunts” in which the prey are penned in and sometimes specially bred to be helpless. He now faces a second-degree manslaughter charge. Unlike the “real” peace officers on the scene, Bates’ first impulse was to apologize as his victim’s life ebbed away. They probably didn’t notice, given that they were too busy taunting the dying man. T. Everything she creates seems so delicate and unique, like something out of an old storybook. Faiyum Dig DiariesWe are currently continuing an intensive surface survey we began last year to understand the nature of the distribution of the archaeological record along the ancient lake edge. The landscape has undergone a lot of erosion since artefacts were originally discarded during the mid-Holocene, which means almost all of our archaeological record sits on the surface. This means we don’t need to excavate. While some may see this as a negative feature and unusual for archaeology, we believe this presents us with a tremendous advantage. Excavation is extremely time-consuming to gain a good understanding of large-scale horizontal distribution. Just beautiful. Love you so much. I snapped this from a bus as I was riding through Harlem early one morning.

To see more, go here.

And to see more of Our World, go here. He who asks timidly makes refusal easy. Words, Too Many Words: The Fed announced it would sell short-term notes and use the funds to buy longer-dated Treasuries. It will also roll the proceeds from maturing mortgage and agency bonds back into the mortgage market. Bernanke said this would cure all our problems. The market was not impressed. Don't worry, be happy! Here's The Plan: International experts say the best way to use less gasoline is to turn off the engine. It turns out that the only thing that’sjust as good as cash is, well, cash. Michael S. Rozeff. Black / White: Last week, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino downplayed Admiral Fallon’s possible retirement, decrying “rumor mills that don’t turn out to be true. ” I was one who repeated the rumor that Admiral Fallon's days were numbered. Today turned out to be day Zero, as his retirement was accepted with “reluctance and regret. Have a lovely Saturday!. Seinfeld: "I've been doing it for forty years. With proper instruction, anyone can effortlessly transcend the busy or agitated mind and directly experience that rejuvenating inner source—to enjoy real and lasting benefits in daily life. One has to wonder sometimes if ASH tell lies in their sleep. I mean, seriously, BBC 'journalists' have reduced the art of reporting to an unskilled profession which could just as easily be performed by trained chimps - but Beeb journos aren't paid peanuts, more's the pity. However, while richly rewarded professionals with huge resources at their disposal are parroting this arrant nonsense, an unpaid blogger, with just a copy of the report and a keyboard, is able to effortlessly expose the claims as farcical. As you can see, the decline in admissions in the year after the smoking ban was larger than the year before but smaller than the year before that. In the Oct. In it, he discusses the bailout and how it needs to take into consideration the poor and home foreclosures. He reminds us that “moral decisions must favorably consider the effect on the poorest members of society. Fair enough. But what Mr. Hi folks! There is a fun new challenge over at the RRR blog! It is an "Orange you glad it is Autumn" challenge. Fun, fun, fun! Hope you will join us. anything Fall themed as long as you use orange. It gave me a chance to sneak in one more Halloween goody before the holiday is gone. Also good excuse to use a wee bit more Authentique Mysterious collection before I put it away. I used a mixture of black and orange seam binding along with Baker's Twine in black diamond metallic. This is new twine and I love it! I added some fun feathers from a feather boa. I became enamored with Craigslist when we were shopping for living room furniture. It's a website broken down into lots of localized spinoffs where you can advertise almost anything for sale, ask for things you need, and lots more. He is obviously a slow learner. Dr. RL Miller is an attorney, climate/enviro blogger, runner, quilter, keeper of chickens. This week on UnityTV. Finn the Human papercraft from Poethetortoise, based on the Adventure Time series. Think outside the box by going INSIDE the box and creating a unique, personalized time capsule for your memories. Everybody will start with the same, unadorned box and cover.

You will be introduced to a series of mixed media, painting and collaging techniques to turn your box into a one-of-a-kind treasure.

Seats for the workshop are limited and must be reserved in advance. I bypassed Pilling this morning and made my way north to a local lake. Not quite “The Lakes” with the daffodils made famous by William Wordsworth, more the erstwhile pool at Conder Green now transformed to a deep-water lagoon by recent storm driven high tides. That’s quite a list and the old pool doesn’t disappoint, the only bird missing today being the Kingfisher. It’s a pretty awful picture of a Spotted Redshank, the Curlew slightly better. Curlew Spotted Redshank I walked the old railway path to Glasson Dock and for my troubles found a few passerines, not the least of which was a single Fieldfare, a scarce beast of late. You can view that page HERE. All of these projects have beautiful Fall colors. The treat box can be used for a gift for a friend and the art journal can be used to keep record of birthdays, addresses or even converted into a mini scrapbook. I look forward to hearing from you. Scan de Naoki D'autres posters Made In Japan de notre ami Naoki. Good evening all,I'm sure we're all busy salivating over the most recent publication from House Beautiful. I love that wonderful apartment by the ever-groovy and stylish Miles Redd. But, easily my favourite article is the "One Day Makeover. " Jonathan Rosen so clearly exhibits the great power of careful styling, editing, and having a 'fresh eye. are you sure your ready for this. Recipe for the best Lebanese moutabel dip. Like hummus, moutabel is regularly found on nearly every Middle Eastern table. In this recipe the eggplants are grilled, however they can also be fried. You may be familiar with a form of this dish known by another name, baba ghanoush.

During the month of Ramadan, moutabel is eaten every day.

In the past the eggplants would be pounded and mixed with all other ingredients by hand in a large copper bowl.

The Smithland - Seasoned Grassfed Angus Patty, Smoked Gouda Cheese, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Grilled Onions & Chipotle Aioli Sauce. .