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Not only revived, but presented by its supporters, including President Obama, as what all economists believed in—a claim that provoked a newspaper ad signed by a large number who didn't. The truth is that, as Gary Becker puts it in a recent blog post, "The unpleasant fact we economists have to face is that there is not strong evidence on the actual effects of governmental spending on employment and GDP. The usual claimed effects are generally based on predictions from highly imperfect theoretical models of the economy rather than from strong direct and clear evidence on the employment consequences of different fiscal stimuli. "Which is one reason why, as Becker goes on to point out, the contrast between the current policies of the U. S. and the U. One area I have never touched on here is climate change. I don’t intend to get embroiled in the subject itself, but there is one statement used again and again that irritates me. “The science is settled”. What an unspeakably arrogant phrase. I think anyone who believes that any scientific matter can ever be “settled” should reflect on this quote by Bertrand Russel. “The triumphs of science are due to the substitution of observation and inference for authority. Every attempt to revive authority in intellectual matters is a retrograde step. And it is part of the scientific attitude that the pronouncements of science do not claim to be certain, but only to be the most probable on present evidence. One of the greatest benefits that science confers upon those who understand its spirit is that it enables them to live without the delusive support of subjective certainty. ”.

The Tailor of Panama by John le Carre is a spy novel.

The Elder Son loaned it to me when he found out I had never read anything by this author. This is a clever take on the spy genre, very amusing. There's a film based on it, and he loaned me that, too, to be watched after I finished the book.

from the back of the book:He is Harry Pendel: Exclusive tailor to Panama's most powerful men.

Informant to British Intelligence. The perfect spy in a country rife with corruption and revolution. What his "handlers" don't realize is that Harry has a hidden agenda of his own. Deceiving his friends, his wife, and practically himself, he'll weave a plot so fabulous it exceeds his own vivid imagination. By Margaret Bauman Alaska Lt. Gov. Treadwell cited the advice of the Alaska Department of Law, which called the proposed measure a prohibited appropriation under the Alaska Constitution. Treadwell said his office had received input from the initiative sponsor, supporters and opponents, which was shared with the attorney general’s office. Bill McKay, chairman of the board of the Alaska Fisheries Conservation Alliance, and a retired senior vice president of Alaska Airlines, said he was extremely disappointed with the decision. Clark Penney, executive director of AFCA, said he was struggling to see the logic or legality of the decision. “We are elated by Lt. Gov. There has been a new development on this issue, where a TiVo software enthusiast came up with his own fix for the problem. TiVo then stepped up to the plate and has released an official fix based on the work of one of their customers. for swallowing their pride and doing right by their customers. The primary and alternate counts is the best we have right now. The next few days should be very helpful to the overall count. Courtesy to KAT-ATM Group. Axa chose this motif designed by Jon Yusoff and the shape of it really appeals to her. Marta has created another sensational bracelet and earring set. Fox is DE-stashing and has posted a picture motifs tatted in the Valdani threads. She has decided to use the pink and green Flora with beads or course and she's loving it and her new tattoo, that she had darkened a little so she can see it better. Katherinne was tatting away on this edging with loaded shuttle so she wouldn't have any ends to hide, and even re-worked the pattern for it to be one shuttle with un-flipped stitches mock rings, and then. " Black Male Suspect: Kearick Joe. Watching North Korea play so well in the World Cup tonight I felt inspired to make this insert for Friday's launch:. It has been very quiet around here with a lack of life in the land of the blog, which as usual means that life in the real world has been busy.

There has been much sewing going on, and I finished this quilt.

So I just featured panels of them. A “review” of this kind is almost always an exercise in ratifying the illegal use of force by a police officer. The now-notorious video of the incident demonstrates beyond dispute that Massey posed no actual or potential threat to Gardner. He debated whether or not to go out on a limb and apply, then thought, "What the hell?" and found the office. "I'm looking for a job," he told the person inside. "We do have an opening," the employer said. "We need a human cannonball. " The man did a double take. "It's OK," the employer said, reading the man's reaction. ""Well. OK!" the man said, smiling nervously.

I always thought the reason people chopped down the rainforest was because of the lumber.

Boy was I clueless. That is why my favorite thing to eat is a tabouli salad. Per fortuna senza danni ai mezzi che transitano su quella trafficatissima arteria. Interessato, in modo lieve - sembrerebbe - qualche mezzo posteggiato. Anche se qualcuno. prova a transitare dai piccoli varchi lasciati dall'albero caduto Foto : Andrea Favaloro AGGIORNAMENTO - Sono intervenuti i Vigili del fuoco che hanno provveduto a rimuovere l'albero.

The Petes under former Ranger Assistant Coach Mike Pelino were looking to remain unbeaten in regulation and midway through the second period it was not looking good.

Yes we do believe Yogan has the talent to be on the same line as his linemates but the key is going to be for Yogan to keep his game to the fundamental basics.

"never would stop growing" by estampillas. It is difficult to see the value of either such status awards or such rulings if countries are allowed to ignore regulations but are permitted to maintain their privileged status. “Having not been excluded from the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List, after all the mistakes we have made, once more shows Istanbul’s value,” Tayfun Kahraman, chairman of the Istanbul Chamber of Urban Planners, told the Hürriyet Daily News & Economic Review on Friday, adding that the decision came as a surprise to him, but was very good news for Turkey. Thanks to Jayson for blogging on this odd UK video of Jess Franco's VIRGIN AMONG THE LIVING DEAD. ghoulbasement. blogspot.

This vintage VHS was released by Careyvision Ltd.

The name Cinema Shares Ltd.

Distribution also appears on the tape, according to Jayson.

We discovered that the shadow is darkest at the point where it touches the object and the shadow gets lighter the farther away it is from the object. Then we experimented shading, hatch and cross-hatch lines for shadows. Nature objects were given to each table group. We make a big deal about respecting the objects because they're real and fragile. I also make a point of sharing with the students that I never "steal" a nest or an egg. All my objects have been found on the ground and obviously abandoned. It's late at night and I should be sleeping. but couldn't resist posting this nice head and shoulders formation from Dow intraday. You don't see this sort of thing in the Dolmio adverts, do you?PALERMO, Sicily - A Sicilian builder transferred from prison to house arrest tried to get himself locked up again to escape arguments with his wife at home, Italian media reported Thursday. Gambino went to the police station and asked to be put away again to avoid arguing with his wife. Police charged him with violating the conditions of his sentence and made him go home and patch things up with his wife. Poor man. Still, they do say there's always someone worse off than yourself. He should think it a colpo di fortuna he's not Jack Dromey. Werewolves and Candy Bars My parents told me not to be afraid of thunder. They told me it was merely the sound of the angels moving their furniture around. So I lay in bed on stormy nights imagining the houses of the holy being redecorated. Angels with their halos slightly askew as they shoved painted wardrobes into corners and four-posters nearer to diamond-paned windows to take better advantage of the heavenly views. The thunder would roll and I would see a large red ottoman being dragged across a golden floor. My head still fills with damask and toile in every storm that blows. They told me Santa would not stop at my house if I stayed awake.

Should Obama Use Executive Powers to Address Climate Change? - US News and World ReportIn order to cut carbon pollution, the president's plan said the country must invest in renewable and clean energy innovation, increase fuel economy standards and cut energy waste.

"As a president, as a father and as an American, I am here to say, we need to act. I have blown hot and cold with Filofax over the years but since having kids I'm finding I use one all the time now just because my memory is so bad. I only discovered Philofaxy this year though, and have learned a lot since then. I will be working on contacting the new swap partners today. Sharon, if you read this, can you email and let me know what still needs to be done. Thank you. Is there anyone I've missed out? Please let me know asap ifyou signed up and I haven't listed you yet. The swap is for four cotton napkins, you may send six if you prefer. It's fine to add something else to the parcel, it's fine if you don't. Every two or three years, Guy Gavriel Kay releases a new novel which never fails to amaze me.

Although Kay is doubtless one of the very best fantasists of his generation, I can't help but feel that he remains, outside of Canada at least, one of speculative fiction's best-kept secrets.

Having loved Under Heaven, I was thrilled when it was announced that the author would be returning to the empire of Kitai in River of Stars. This new work is not a direct sequel per se and there is no need to have read Under Heaven in order to fully enjoy River of Stars. And Kay at his best is better than basically every other SFF author writing today. A Good times machine, Yes. link: The Brothers Haifley link: Pinner. Not once were the hitters allowed to advance nor did he give up a single base on balls. The Giants offense continued to take what they were given. Only one of which was of the extra base variety.

An obvious track crosses the large field beyond the bridalway gate heading towards the canal.

The birds were either along the canal or in the smallish area of reeds off to the northwest of this track at ca. At the time he was writing for Boston magazine, and since then I've watched his career blossom and see his award-winning journalism appearing regularly in the New York Times Magazine. Recently, I noticed he finally published a book, so I went to his B&N book signing mostly to say hello. I knew the book would be good, but wasnt expecting it to be so. addictive. His writing is insightful and brutally honest. I regret that I have been absent from this space for so long. The past few months have been exceptionally difficult for many reasons, and my overall situation is not much improved at the moment. As I mentioned at the conclusion of one of my posts in December, two good friends have been suffering with gravely serious illnesses. T. and I had many differences and points of antagonism over the last several years, but I deeply wish she were still here, alternately to delight and infuriate me. She suffered terribly during the last weeks of her life, and I am profoundly relieved that her agony is over. But she left those of us whose lives she touched far too quickly. I think the title of this post is a useful way to frame the issue. Cambridge philosopher G. E. Moore once attempted to prove the existence of an external world by saying: How? By holding up my two hands, and saying, as I make a certain gesture with the right hand, ‘Here is one hand’, and adding, as I make a certain gesture with the left, ‘and here is another’ Now, some people might find it preposterous to say God's existence is more certain than whether my hands are real, but that's deceptively simplistic. To begin with, we need to distinguish between certainty and certitude. By "certitude", I mean a psychological state of absolute conviction or confidence. Let's say that I have greater certitude in the reality of my hands than I have in the reality of God. The theme at CCT this week is Snowflakes. I have used the super cute Happy Howlidays stamp set from Lawn Fawn, which I bought from Simon Says Stamp as they were only available from there. The images are coloured with Copics and the glitter is from Creative Expressions.

We went to a wonderful festival on Saturday.

I think this type of festival is my favorite kind. Everyone exhibiting here must replicate their craft exactly the way these crafts were done during the time period they represent.

Just hangin' out around the fire.

Learning how to cut stone. A trapper. And he was very happy to show us his pelts and tell us all about them. These mushrooms were growing all over the woods. They were pretty but probably deadly.

This woodcarver was so talented.

An herbalist was selling her potions. It keeps getting better in Lenoir City. Another Mexican restaurant that is better than the last! I guess we are just fortunate not having to drive into Knoxville and/or Oak Ridge. When arriving, the restaurant was relatively quiet.

It didn't take long before the crowds started to show! We were immediately seated and our waiter brought by great tortilla chips and a muy bueno salsa.

I might add, this is not like what you would be accustomed to. No chunky tomato version, but a genuine Ranchero salsa. Smooth, with a great kick in the pants. Nice, smokey, and seasoned just right.