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The V-Twin Expo delivered solid results to its exhibitors. V-twin motorcycle dealers came looking for the latest trends in the v-twin industry, newest products and learning opportunities and the exhibitors delivered in spades. Increased dealer registrations were clearly visible Saturday and Sunday. Long running exhibitors as well as new exhibitors spoke about the overall success of the show. I go by the name of Dr. Ken. I've been a spanko all my life, and have lived in Minnesota all my life. Hence the name of this blog. Ken's Blog". Found this amazing photographer on flickr The way he makes action shots and puts himself in the landscape are incredible. For a couple of outings, I scrounged a Practika IVb off an uncle. Even East German utility jobs don't survive that treatment! I disinterred the Practika L. Still think the best cautionary tale about cameras and what they do is that of Bert Hardy and the 'Blackpool' Picture Post cover.

" Check his work here This is just a small selection Tomorow I will post part two of his amazing work.

The new Trump administration nominee for US Secretary of Labor is a former US Attorney for the southern district of Florida. In that role, he seemed to uphold the ideas that certain big corporations, particularly big pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporations, are too big to jail, and that top executives of big corporations should not be held accountable for their corporations' actions. He had central involvement in three big settlements of charges of corporate misbehavior which held no individuals accountable for enabling, authorizing, directing or implementing the bad behavior. In some cases, the failure to charge any individuals at the corporation occurred despite the corporations' history of previous bad behavior. In each case, the penalties seemed unable to deter more bad behavior by the corporations going forward. It was not obvious that any of the corporate integrity agreements were enforced. For every single bike, the gas tank, seat, bars, and most of theremaining parts of the bike are all hand fabricated. Nothing isbought except the original bike itself, and then it is spruced upwith Benjie’s own hand- fabricated parts. Here's a summary of the entries for the whole month of June. Mr. Ilsey - Headlights","ASAP Rocky - LSD","Dami Im - Smile","Disclosure feat.

Gregory Porter - Holding On","Drapht - Dancin\' John Doe","Fetty Wap - Trap Queen","Flume feat.

Andrew Wyatt - Some Minds","Jamie xx feat. They learned that there are drop boxes for injured birds at Crane Point if no one is there! Useful information. She must. Because I received this little beauty on my doorstep today. It's not my birthday. Hmmm. I better go google that. We had an evening out with our youngest daughter Jennifer and some of her friends. Her friends seem to accept us just the way we are. The food was great and we enjoyed the girl’s stories and laughter. The sunset last night was lovely. Some days I feel like the NON energizer bunny… time flies by and I go slower.

Then the idiot who praises, with enthusiastic tone, All centuries but this, and every country but his own.

According to the definition of h-index on Wikipedia: "A scientist has index h if h of his/her N papers have at least h citations each, and the other N − h papers have no more thanh citations each. Note: If there are several possible values for h, the maximum one is taken as the h-index. Hint: An easy approach is to sort the array first. What are the possible values of h-index? A faster approach is to use extra space. Understand the problem:The key of the problem is to understand the definition of the H-index.

H-index is the number of h papers, in which each paper has at least h citations.

More new fabric has arrived at the Attic Window Quilt Shop. Above is Joyful Blooms by Studio e. I love the colors in these fabrics. In fact, I was just wondering…wouldn’t these flowers make a beautiful One Block Wonder quilt? I’m going to ask Vickie about that. I noticed that LeeAnne is having another Strip Street Bag class this Saturday. I made this one above when I took the class and just love it! There is still room for you in the class. ANOTHER NOTE: Did you go check out the Row By Row Shop Hop website? This is a must for anyone traveling this summer. You won’t want to miss it. I've been unable to post recently and maybe for a few more days as my lap top that held all my pictures and information links has crashed. Boo Hoo! I miss posting and was thrilled when Diana sent me this picture that she took recently at the Attic Window Quilt Shop. Yvonne B. made this Moose quilt. Isn't she adorable. When I wrote and asked Yvonne about it, this is what she wrote back: Pattern Name: Mama Moose and she was designed by Terry Griffin of Thankfullysew. Barb and her husband travel often and while on their travels they fell in Love with The Moose. When the four of us were traveling together in the UP we stopped at this Quilt Shop and saw a Mama Moose quilt. We shopped there and picked out all of the Fabric from the Village Fabrics, except for her bow, flower and ruffle which I got at the Attic Window. I made a few changes in the embellishments and had a good time making this wall hanging. Ancient Egyptian artists utilized the walls of tombs to carve silent caricatures and convey highly expressive scenes to the viewer. Examples of this can be seen in the image of an extremely skinny shepherd whose ribs can be seen under his skin herding a group of fat cows, or an image of a guard sleeping outside of the warehouse that he is supposed to be protecting. There is also the image of a monkey attacking a young boy who stole fruit from the market. In addition to these images and scenes etched on to the walls of tombs, the laborers and artists also carved images and exchanged drawings and caricatures. Being a daughter of celebrity parents is sometimes as hard as being the celebrity itself - the glamorous life with its impossible beauty standards is hardly inevitable.

That’s what Tallulah Willis, daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, had experienced.

Since then, she started to dress differently to get people’s attention.

“It was like denim short shorts, and push up bras so they were sticking to my neck,” mentioned Tallulah before she came to the consciousness that those ways of dressing led her to self-starving.

It was not until a year ago when she finally acknowledge her own natural beauty after putting on a simple button-up and pants. It is undeniable that her witty expression and stirring story in the video will leave you nothing but inspiration. Josh and I just left the hospital, with Andrew. So thank you once again for your prayers, they were very much appreciated and Andrew is definatly feeling better!!. While it says "In God We Trust" on our money,our actual motto is "What's in It for Me?" GIGO: Government data In, Garbage Out - at least with oil statistics. " Their analysis goes on to suggest the accounting method Ambac uses "distorts true economics.

Obituary: Fannie Mae will stop buying or guaranteeing Alt-A home loans by the end of the year, which pretty effectively is a death knell for Alt-A as a 'mortgage product'.

Over Eager : A report from London's Chatham House suggests the obituary for high-priced oil is more than a tad premature, and suggests a severe supply crisis will occur within the next five years. I personally read every application, every blog, look into all the galleries and make all the selections. I am very excited to introduce to you, My Next Team. S. A Diana Mironova-RUSSIA Jacqui Hunt- AUSTRAILIA Marit Calles- SWEDEN Meihsia Liu- U. S. Pretty detailed for a figure so small too. ”. Top mounter on the Carousel. I filled them with nerds and chocolate candies. Tutorial available. xoxo. I'm not quite sure how I ended the day in the black, albeit minimally. In hindsight, I was probably more lucky on that read than anything as I would have sat out the extension. I have had one of those seriously trying days today, and fortunately, they are rare. I swear that Mia was constantly testing me to see what she could get away with. She knows that I am going to count to three. Of course it doesn't help that the house looks like it could be declared a national disaster area, courtesy of Hurricane Mia and Tropical Storm Logan. Add a demanding dog who kept barking at me and then running away and you get one cranky mama. Geithner, the Treasury secretary and dean of President Obama’s economic team, is expected to stay through the president’s term after intense White House pressure, according to officials familiar with the discussions. But Mr. Geithner has not yet notified the White House of his intentions, and family considerations could still win out, advisers say. Mr. A Weatherford police officer is on administrative leave after shooting another officer and the man he was trying to arrest during a traffic stop Thursday night. That makes her a full sister to Rap Tale. Another cool thing about owning fillies is that they can appreciate in value, and drastically so, based on the exploits of a sibling. Like As was the case with Rap Tale, she's owned and bred by Edward P. Evans. I love using the Velvet ribbon on cards as a border, its also perfect for scrapbook pages too!! On this card I didnt want a bow so I added the Royal Blue Velvet ribbon as a border across my card. For further information on these Scams, please Read .

Yes, that is what we have here.

I got caught up on the laundry today! Miracles do still happen. I even took a short snooze with Noah. It was a good day. body. .