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I may be a little late in posting this but for all you folks who are unaware of just how fab things are at Northern Spanking, here it is! The film is called "Ghastly Amelia Jane", and, well she is simply ghastly in it and a long suffering Mr Kennedy finally looses his patience and disciplines her in a manner she deserves. It starts with her being dragged out of bed in her jammies, protesting ferociously and spanked. When she's eventually dressed in her school uniform her tuition doesn't go well - she's learned nothing, can get none of the answers right to very basic questions and is truly ghastly to the poor engineer throughought, being spanked again and strapped all to very little effect. It is only when she's made to touch her toes for a thorough caning that any contrition appears. In the baking heat of an untypical Peak District summer, I met up with the rest of the Model Rail editorial team for a planning meeting in Chinley. After that, we mooched up to Chapel Milton to view the triangular junction that serves the remains of the former Midland Railway route to Peak Forest and thence to Derby. The freight originating from Dove Holes/Peak Forest, Tunstead, Hindlow and Earles Sidings/Hope, plus the regular 'bin liner' refuse trains sees DB Schenker and Freightliner locos thundering through the landscape. Coupled with spectacular scenery, the location is well worth a visit. And, as we can now attest, there are also some cracking pubs in the vicinity. Falling oil prices are forcing Alaska’s government to make deep budget cuts in all state agencies, and state legislators this week are holding public hearings to gather testimony from Alaska residents on where to make those cuts. Tell them, the email read, “that the seafood industry creates economic opportunity for Alaskans. Deep budget cuts result in less time and area for harvest, and reduced ability to market Alaska’s seafood. Hello! Okay, so I am obsessed with the K. Werner one layer challenge. I created the borders with the stamps in Sew Lovely. I love that you could keep stamping the swirl or flowers over and over!Okay, I better get to bed. I have stayed up way too late making this card and another one layer card, too. It's not the first time we read Samantha Shannon is a fan of Villette, but it's always nice to report it. In the New York Post: Villette by Charlotte BrontëIt took me a long time to get into “Villette,” as the narrator’s voice was quite unusual: cold, distant, emotionless — but I soon saw Lucy Snowe as one of Charlotte Brontë’s greatest creations. She’s a real enigma. She hides information from the reader and seems to go out of her way to conceal her identity.

It’s still the most memorable book I’ve read by any of the Brontë sisters.

Western Australia Today reports another piece of news we have discussed before. Health Care Renewal presents a guest post by Marjorie Lazoff, MD, a Board certified internist with a clinical background in academic emergency medicine. She is currently a full time freelance editor and independent consultant specializing in evidence-based clinical content and medical informatics. As an editor and supporter of evidence-based medicine I am both appalled by, and sympathetic to, how such widespread fraud could take place unnoticed. Seife describes how he discovered the doctored writings: The dubious papers aren't easy to spot. Taken individually each research article seems legitimate. Many seemingly independent research teams have been plagiarizing the same passage. courtesy of mingpao. The team at the end of last year went to shoot on location in Paris for over a month, mainly at Paris' largest park Parc de sceaux. The director shot on different locations in the park like the castle, the church, the great lawn, and the streams and created many happy, heartbroken and romantic scenes for the leads. Two new posters for the film would be unveiled today at the Hong Kong Film and Television Market. Goo Jai worked with Amber for the first time and praised her talent. "Hey, how would you like to move to Austin, TX and get paid to work with your favorite bands?"Would you say no? I sure didn't. Which is why I packed up my car and drove to Austin to work on this film. Nathan, our fearless leader and director, Rob, the man behind the camera, and Dave, the master of sound, have already gotten some amazing footage of White Denim and Trey Brown. We'll also be following the effects of the noise restrictions the city has imposed on the Red River District and the rift between the music culture and City Hall. We're trying to capture this music and its home in the most authentic way we can. All of us are pretty broke and are in it for the love of the work and the music - which sounds too good to be true, but it actually is. Finally, I am among my people. In fact, all the random knowledge I have about Austin bands seems to suddenly be a special skill. I'm not even sure what to do with that much awesome, but I'm sure I'll figure something out. Update: My bloggy friend Joanne pointed out something hilarious in this photo that I missed. I did not know Kevin Metheny. Of course, Mr. Metheny passed away earlier on Friday.

He left behind two daughters.

I offer my deepest condolences to his family and friends. While being a vocal critic of Mr. I'm not the, stay in a fancy upscale hotel kind of guy. Sometimes on business I have no choice. My hotel room in Seoul had the ultimate toilet. One of those Japanese numbers with all the bells and whistles. I was afraid to touch any buttons because unusual stuff always happened. Also the seat was heated.

Every time I sat down it was a very strange feeling.

Over time I got used to it, but barely. The shower was one of those all glass jobs so every time I took a shower you were seeing your self full in the mirror. Dopo i saluti e gli interventi del Presidente dell’ U.


E. R.

Gianni Rovelli e del Vice Presidente prof.

Piero Airaghi, prenderanno la parola lo scrittore liparese Italo Toni, il giornalista e cultore delle tradizioni isolane Antonio Brundu e Catia Toni, Presidente del Circolo Artistico Culturale Eoliano di Lipari. It is Monday once again, the weekends sure do fly by quickly, don't they? The best part of the start of the week is a new Mojo Monday Sketch Julee created this week's versatile sketch, let's get started and create. have fun! To play along, just make a project using the provided sketch and upload it to your blog or online gallery. Then leave a link to your project using the linky widget at the bottom of this post. Please use a direct link to your Mojo post and not just your blog.

Verve stamps are NOT required to participate, and you can enter as many times as you want.

As always, if you don't have a particular shape, feel free to substitute. Entrance to the hypostyle hall and open courtThe scene below is one of several carved into one of the four panelsto the side of the entrance to the hypostyle hall, one of which can beseen in the above photograph to the left of the entrance. This one showsthe king being purified by Thoth and Horus. I felt slightly nurse-like with this white blazer, but for whatever reason I really liked it and found the nurse look a good one for today. Maybe it will help me embrace my nurturing side. ? Then again, I was also wearing a spiked cuff, so maybe not… Everything in balance, right?. We chose this path, it wasn't inevitable. Don't Let The Door Hit You: Germany's Bundesbank told Greece that their departure from the eurozone would be inconvenient but "manageable" - for Germany, and that it would be foolish to extend additional funds. The subtext seems to be Berlin telling Athens it won't be blackmailed into throwing even more money down that particular hole. Turnabout's Fair Play: Why is the headline “Stocks fall for no reason” acceptable for a down day, but you never see “Stocks wandered higher for no reason. ” ? Hanging Together/Alone: In an astounding act of stupidity, the world finished the latest round of international discussions on climate control without making any progress and - some claim – even undoing what little progress had been made a year ago.

" He went on to say that he would not do that because it would "throw the country into a recession or depression.

imgur. Good morning, gents. I added Gorka Elustondo to the archive this morning. Hello Ai Fans! Happy Easter. And Maude is a favourite Ai image. for a long time i have been dying to paint my interior doors a deep chocolate brown. i need to buy the paint and just do one door a day. so here's the thing.

so i am having a hard time deciding which highchair i want to get the baby.

so i finally took the time to "read" our pamphlet b/c i have no idea how to feed a kid. by Dan PhillipsChallenge: I believe Jesus was a moral example and a great sage and teacher. Response:. So I hope you have had a good week. Bus. Applicants must have first classes/divisions in all examinations. Applicants must have first classes/divisions in all examinations. Applicants must have first classes/divisions in all examinations. One litre/quart of that was eaten as yoghurt - with one cup reserved to make the next batch, the other litre/quart was made into quark cheese. Quark is a simple fresh cheese that doesn't require any special equipment and will be ready for eating as soon a you finish making it. Above is quark made on the weekend. I added finely chopped cucumbers that had been salted and allowed to drain for an hour, pepper and topped it with a sprinkling of paprika. This is an extract from a post I wrote a long time about about making quark. QUARKWhen you have your yoghurt made and you want to make quark, you need a large jug, a strainer and a piece of clean cotton cloth. Wash the cloth with pure soap, rinse well and wring it out so it's not dripping wet. This weeks challenge is a card challenge: “Spring Inspired” - use stitching of some sort well, I don't own a sewing machine so stitching for me will be "Faux" todayTake a peek at what the other ladies have done at The Shabby Tea Room challenge blog. Lora May, Sandra and Shine. My two favorites were the Gary Littlejohn article, shown HERE, as well as a nice feature on Chris Staab's "Fairy Duster" panhead and some other cool bikes features and a couple of technique articles. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy, and if you're looking to buy one and are overseas I would probably just contact Street Chopper through their website. Chloe Paraty leather bag. Gucci leather studded sandals. Bop Bijoux Spike earrings, at shopbop. In my original draft title, I used "will. Here's one last set of observations: Of course there are bigger fish to fry. That's not the point. If you see something objectionable, you object. Or at least I do. Broken windows and untended concerns 'n all. Plus, big abusers start out by getting away with small abuses. Trump was put over the top and in office by gun owners. Chicago police say they are sorry for destroying a daughter’s last message to her parents, which had been kept as evidence in the woman’s death investigation. " So much for the TV meme about the cop who cares too much and gets too involved. For God's sake, they keep frickin' traffic crash reports for eight years. scotoilandgas. Designers: Klas Ernflo, Nacho Valgañón Agency: Smäll Client: Romantics Country: Spain. You can view my new TOU here.

And then I thought it was about time to clear out some of the older items in my store.

FINAL REDEMPTION INSTRUCTIONS WERE POSSIBLY GIVEN. WAITING FOR FORMAL RELEASE. ALL USN ACCOUNTS WENT LIVE WORLDWIDE MONDAY MORNING. Trump is a big one, Mosul is huge and the new banking systems, auctions, eDinar, ATM'S LD's, no Dollar use clause. Take your pick!! But I've learned not to live on the edge of my seat but prepared for whatever time. .