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beads, cheap beads, faceted round natural agate beads strands, dyed, lightcoral, 6mm, hole: 1.5mm; about 60pcs/strand, 14.9", natural lapis lazuli bead strands round midnightblue 10 strands

I recently purchased two Pro-Lite LED signs on Ebay. They were easy to fix, I just needed to replace the capacitors in the power supply. They are the blue caps on the left in this picture. Here is a picture of both of the signs working. Good Evening. It really gives me motivation to "play". It was actually one of the first ones that I colored but hadn't gotten a chance to put it together. Since coloring this, I think I have gotten better but it's still cute!I used Stickles on the wings and Copics to color. The sentiment is from CTMH. Challenges: Just MagnoliaThanks for lookingHugs,. Because it is a long weekend and I don't have any scheduled travel I felt the boredom fortunately I saw the post of Jun - Lakwatserong Opis Worker on Fb, he will go to Manila and visit its tourist spots so without any hesitation I messaged him and joined him with his tour around Manila. Good thing is he is willing to guide me. Spontaneous tour around Manila.

we opted the first of our destination was the Museum of the Filipino People building because it is Sunday the NationalMuseum is free admission.

Bachmann cement tank weathered and ready for service Having reviewed the new Bachmann 'Metalair' PCA cement tank a few months back, I've finally got around to weathering it up for eventual use on my current mini layout project. Apart from a small amount of weathering powders, most of the effects were created with an airbrush, using some reference images as a guide as to how the real things look in service - there are certainly plenty of the prototypes working around my locality.

I've also received a pair of detail upgrade kits for both this Bachmann model and the 'depressed centre' Hornby/Lima PCA, from PH Designs, so I'll be trying those out in the next few days - accordingly, I just picked up another Bachy PCA, this one being resplendent in Blue Circle livery.

. Below are posts from fellow AutoCAD users with tips that are of equal use to LT users. Explore each link and start being more productive today. Works for LT as well. cad_notes: If you can’t disable uniform scale option when inserting AutoCAD block, this is the guide how you can fix it. To stop SMS updates, simply text UNFOLLOW LTISACAD to the same number. As I mentioned yesterday, Jessica and I found that we had fairly different tastes when it came to our judging. In terms of category we all overlap quite a bit in what we represent, but we each gravitate toward different types of writing. We each see different strengths and establish relationships with editors that we know are looking for those same qualities.

It makes for a well-rounded agency.

Not only will you get a sense of the types of books they represent, but also the voice they gravitate toward. From the earliest manuscripts of Charlotte, Branwell, Emily and Anne – written with a quill pen in a minuscule hand designed to mimic the printed page – to explosive novels, such as Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre, written in adulthood by Emily and Charlotte, the family’s writings continue to fascinate. Date: unknown Haha…my group is the first group to teach for my Methodology of Teaching Literature microteaching and I also have other microteaching as well today…I actually have no clue on how today is going to be because I am not sure whether have I wrote a good lesson plan which actually a collaboration with my group member, Shella Joseph. Well, surely I never thought that Madam Lim would ask my classmates to act childish and naughty, relatively how my future students would act during my practicum. How am I supposed to know if this is the real class would be, I never taught in any real class before!! Haha, I know how tensed I looked during the microteaching especially when my most helpful friends acted helpfully childish and fueled up my nervousness to teach. During the teaching then I know how messed up my lesson plan was and what have I done to make up to it could not cover the missing parts. Madam, what should I do if this happens in the future during my practicum??? Now my anxiety level is mounting again…My friend in the senior year now once told me not to expect too high for my students but never expects too low either. The students have no clue what I am going to teach but they can see if I am doing wrong in teaching them too. All the mistakes I did through out the semesters before this should be able to guide me next semester. courtesy of on. The new film was even given a category III film rating.

JM said, "It's beyond an actor's control.

The story is a little sensitive, but I feel that this decision is a little conservative. Category III is not necessarily something negative. If it can be more entertaining and go further, why not? Regrettably some viewers will not be able to see what they want to see. ". ". Having been away from my room for one week too long I revisited it through the lens of my camera. At first from afar. see yesterdays post. Far Guy is a jewel of a guy, he cooks most of the time and we split the housework. One day a few years ago I came home from town, probably after a horrible grocery shopping experience and he was cleaning up the ceiling. it was fresh. so he put it in the blender and made a slurry out of it. Facing them this time is twice as many bones as in the past. They still retain, however, a coating of sand that needs to be carefully brushed off over fine-mesh sieves.

Last Sunday my DH and I saw the movie "Red" in Winsted, CT.

We didn't have to wait in any long lines and we weren't bothered by people talking during the movie. It was just us! Before the movie started, I got up and took this pic to show you. That's my DH you see there. It wasn't like this when we lived in New York! Yes, I did put my feet up. I'm not a fan of action movies, but I enjoyed this spoof. Retired CIA agents get together to do a mission. No gore, and the good guys win. ORLOFF and two Maciste films, YUKA and LES GLOUTONNES. Get busy. Nothing makes me happier than spending some quality time with my dear friend Stephanie. The US goes to war, killing people in order to help them. All of which costs more. But because everyone must pay equally, the well will pay as much as the chronically ill. And both are going to pay more. A whole lot more. And that's just the ante. Preferences:Republicans oppose Chuck Hagel for Defense Secretary because he thinks war should be the last resort, not the first. Little America: America has – by ever larger steps – gone from a nation of laws to a nation of powerful men making laws in secret. Just wanted to shout it from the rooftops. She chose a trip to Chuck E Cheese as her big surprise. We've even gone to parties, hippotherapy, long car rides, restaurants, etc, with very few accidents this week. Head snappers. You know them when you see them. Those news stories that make your head spin fast enough to use that chiropractic gift certificate you received from your son-in-law last Christmas. I saw one this morning: "Kevin Costner to help in Gulf of Mexico oil slick clean up efforts. "Kevin Costner? Oil slick? What was he planning on doing? Dancing with wolves on his field of dreams?The fact that the story had a dateline of "London" made me believe the whole thing was a hoax. It turns out my cynicism was the culprit. It is a real story. He would even bring his toy car to bed during naps and sleep. Maybe he's thinking of bringing cars to his dreams. Ha! Ha! Talk about his favourite movie, it's definitely Disney 'Cars'. Carlos Berlocq of Argentina has been added to the brflines site. The only picture I have of him is attached above. Next blog entry will be Monday.

BBC News - Peru snow state of emergency extended to more regionsThe Peruvian government has extended to nine more regions a state of emergency called to cope with unusually cold weather and heavy snowfall.

Tens of thousands of animals have frozen to death over the past week. Earlier in the week we shared what we love about our homes and the work we do there. Now let's carry on highlighting what we love about our simple lives. Today we're going out to the backyard to examine what we love out there. You may be growing fruit and vegetables, you might have chickens, pigs, goats, a house cow or bees. Or are you harvesting water, generating electricity or recycling? We want to know what you're doing in your backyard, why you're doing it and why it's important. It's much easier to sit and read a book so why do you want to work outside instead? I hope some of the men join in today.

I know you're out there.

You've seen photos of our backyard and will have probably have noticed the line of trees along the back boundary, behind the chicken run. I don't want to advise anyone as to what they should buy. I know I'm lucky to live in Australia and to pinpoint it more closely, in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast. Not only do we have a beautiful climate and adequate rainfall here to grow a wide variety of backyard food, year-long, we also have a lot of producers' markets and small local markets.

Just up the road we have a dairy and whenever I drive past on that back road, I see those healthy goats and Guernsey cows roaming freely over rolling hills.

It’s time for recalling the past year’s highlights of birding, ringing and photography.

In the early part of the year we holidayed in Egypt at a time when the country was undergoing a revolution, but the confiding birds hadn’t joined in the turmoil and just behaved naturally for a visiting Brit. Egypt proved to be a wonderful place for bird photography and so difficult to select just a few pictures, apart from the Kingfisher which is just about my favourite photo of the year, taken with a decent choice of aperture for once. Kingfisher - Egypt Cattle Egret - EgyptI’d left Will counting Siskins building up by the hundreds in his garden, together with a dozen or two Brambling and Lesser Redpoll. Within days of returning from Egypt I joined him for some memorable ringing sessions and notable breakfasts. I took the liberty of making it a Washington "Nat'l Lea. " short print just because I though it would look cool. Thanks Paul for letting me borrow your image and letting me take your original idea and beat it like a dead horse. The Prioress' Tale, a painting by Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones.

Coulter's second choice was Scott Brown, the former Massachusetts senator who became the first person who served in the Senate to publicly endorse Trump.

Hey everyone! Emily here again! Today I wanted to share with you a fun canvas that I altered. I added lots of mists and just kept playing and adding more. Who knew you could add a really cool photo to a canvas and make a neat home decor piece! I believe I misted pretty much any type of fabric or ribbon on this project. Photos by Chris Lund. This is an import-export scam. westafrica-importexport-scam. d/b/a PublicDomainRegistry. Charlie Taylor forwarded this photo recently - I had seen it months ago and wondered how such an amazing lineup of machines came about. Coburn Benson, New England Vincent guru, had advised me that I needed a "B". He was right. Mickey Mouse Antiques of Amherst MA sold it to me - cardboard boxes packed with rust and mouse nests. It became my daily rider for several years, and is the Vincent I wish I'd held onto. 'Norton arm' was akin to 'Vincent knee', which I sometimes had. The former was permanent, and the latter temporary. .