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I'm not sure why, except that I love numbers and circles.

I also love letters so this room with oversized eye charts elicited a sigh from me from the Restoration Hardware catalogue as did this room with the subway sign. from the Restoration Hardware catalogue The chairs are definitely NOT my style, but they are certainly conversation pieces. As much as I love the Restoration Hardware look, I know I won't ever have it in my home, for a couple of reasons. The goose block is now one of my favorites stitched to date. Off to work on a few Noah & Matilda blocks. Wishing you all a very Happy & Productive June! every quilt tells a story. The Brontë Parsonage Blog posts a curious initiative by the Haworth Municipal Library. in New Jersey. Our library here is trying to reach out to Brontë fans everywhere to get some help for its expanding library. I figure anyone who's read and appreciated Jane Eyre or Villette or Wuthering Heights or Agnes Grey must have a soft spot for a place named Haworth. m. This new book group considers classics from youth: Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë this month. Jury selection provides a unique opportunity for attorneys to interact directly with jurors. In this seminar, Dechert attorneys and a nationally recognized jury consultant will discuss strategies, approaches, and best practices for jury selection. The panel will also discuss how to prepare difficult witnesses to testify in jury trials. Live Seminar Location: New York, NY Videoconference Locations:Boston, MA Charlotte, NC Chicago, IL Los Angeles, CA Philadelphia, PA Princeton, NJ San Francisco, CA Mountain View, CA Washington, D. C. Speakers:William W. Oxley Meghan Rohling Kelly J. m. A weapon was not displayed in the robbery. ". An architectural illustrator is an artist who creates imagery for the design professional that accurately portray the details of an architectural project. In contemporary practice landscape design bridges between landscape architecture and garden design. Get the look. Enough slacking, it's freebie hunting time. KCBS and KQED falter. Gavin Newsom was on Meet the Press Sunday. He's been doing a lot of TV and radio appearances. He has a book out and has been making a lot of speeches. Curiously, very little of his speeches has had anything to do about his current title, Lieutenant Governor of California. I think he eventually wants to be President. When you write books, make speeches, and get a coveted appearance on Meet the Press, there's a mission in mind. just purchased in July of this year! Buying this house was a leap of faith for me and I'm so excited to share it with you! The kids and I have affectionately named our little house Hydeaway Cottage. The Living Room. Yes, only shamefully "ungrateful" Mundanes object when police kill the innocent without accountability. Joshua Jenkins killed thirty-three-year-old Jennifer Chauvin by slamming his vehicle into her sedan at an intersection near AuSable, New York. According to police investigators, Jenkins failed to yield the right-of-way to Chauvin at an intersection.

Chauvin’s children, six-year-old Caleb and three-year-old Riley, had to be extracted from the backseat using the Jaws of Life, but they survived.

Her killer is still on the payroll. Jenkins was entirely at fault for the fatal crash. His punishment for killing a mother of two who had just put herself through college was a ticket for running a stop sign. Under the careful guidance of a strangely solicitous prosecutor, a Clinton County, New York grand jury declined to indict Jenkins, who – as anyone burdened with even a modest awareness of current affairs should have guessed by now – is a police officer. He was not responding to an emergency or pursuing a suspect, which means that he cannot invoke exigent circumstances to justify a fatal accident that resulted from his own culpable inattention. A stolen purse seine at Chignik. credit card fraud at a Trident plant. illegal shrimping in Southeast. Check out The Brig for lots of fresh crime notes, plus the latest Dutch Harbor report!. This year, during May, i started my Zumba class as i have heard a lot about it and have wanted to sign up. Had a gathering with my Primary School schoolmate whom we have not metup for a long time. My Zumba Instructor has been selected to be part of the Wushu Chingay which is taking place this year during Chinese New Year period and has been looking around for volunteers. My Zumba kaki keeps telling me it's fun as she has take part in it before and keeps persuade me to sign up for it. So next year Chingay will be my first time taking part in Chingay. Fautore dello scambio di saluti l'on. De Vincenti, abituale frequentatore dell'isola di Filicudi. Here are more pictures from the recent meeting of the Knotty Girls at the Attic Window Quilt Shop. This is a close up view. I am amazed at all her beautiful embellishments. She made this wool block then had it put under glass and framed. Isn’t it beautiful? Check out those cute little baby birds and the mother taking care of them. Maggie worked on this tulip block. It is one of the free blocks for the Sampler series. Oh, what's his name now? One of those Protestant rebels, um. No, not the monk. acidcow. She was an Aztec goddess. He was an Air Force pilot.

Or, rather, he was training to be one.

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