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I haven't posted on here in a hot minute, but I promise I will soon. I know your just dying for an update. S/N: BRITNEY'S ALBUM IS OUT SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Don Carson. John Piper. Mark Driscoll. Tim Keller. Mark Dever. Josh Harris. CJ Mahaney. Rip. Sync. Play. Calling this city Babylon the great is very interesting and seems to indicate that this is a euphemistic name for a city that we may know by another name as the ancient city of Babylon, at this time, is not permanently inhabited. Birds are used as symbolism for Satan in the Gospels. The symbolism in context here is unclean and hateful bird with devils and every foul spirit so we can see the intent. This city is so influential at the time of the end and so powerful that all nations have participated in her wickedness. Certainly, one wonders at any city today that has that much control and power. Rome of the first century ruled the Mediterranean world but most certainly did not rule China or the civilizations in what we call the Americas today. What will have to happen for Rome to rule the world if Babylon the great is Rome? The Vatican surely has no political influence over Red China or Islamic nations. The type of snow we get here lately is very challenging. Either it is too "sugary" or it is too shifty for the tires I have been using. The Big Fat Larrys showed some promise, but there were many times that the lack of lateral traction was quite evident and it made me frustrated at what might have been had I been using the widest rubber and rims. I should say that since I am a bigger fella this is more of an issue for me than it is going to be for those who are lighter weight folk. I'm solidly in the Clydesdale category, and I need those bigger pontoons, at least I thought so. Well, since this issue is limited to Winter, I didn't get right out and take care of this until last year when I purchased some Fatback Sterling tires. Yes folks, I have been slammed by this and that mentally and haven't gotten much sleep in the last couple of days, so my brain is a mish-mash of bits and pieces. When this happens, I clear the slate with a "Randomonium" post. This is what is happening here today. By-Tor- The Mukluk Ti. Ride Wright Wheels, Rampage Wheels, Bad Dad, Performance Machine, Supertrapp, Rivera Primo, Centramatic, LePera Seats, James Gaskets, Samson. The Ancient Skier carving before it was damaged. P. Legal, financial threats against DC’s pot legalization. Sure is a good thing that people NEVER say the words "REPEAL cannabis prohibition. " Right? If you want to be stop begging to be. Today is a very special day in a very unique and a much honored position. I am so happy to announce that I get to be a guest host writer for a very sweet and special lady! Her name is Vicky Hunt She is a teacher She has a very big heart. She loves to create and do crafts. Sometimes we are given a chance to promote another sister And to help out when not able to blog for any given reason. Dogman seems to have been sighted a lot this year. Here are some of my personal favorite encounters sent to me this year. Hope you all have a great new year! Thank you for all the support thus far. HQ Pictures, fan pictures and videos. Inside the theater pictures here and pictures of the cast and crew leaving the theatet hereVideos + Interviews from the red carpet hereHQs. In the midst of all the work, Rebecca was delighted to get her turn to go on a "hot date" with daddy. Rodney King asked the question long ago “can't we all just get along” and while that might seem like a simplistic approach to life, in a strange way that's what it's going to take to get our great nation back to normal. Maybe we should stop judging others who are different from us and just treat them kindly, when we disagree with their choices in life? I think most folks have walked around with chips on their shoulders for a long time, but for the most part they have kept those thoughts and feelings to themselves until social media came along. Why don't we try to treat others with respect, even when their choices and actions are in direct conflict with our own? In the old days, Americans were able to disagree with the actions of others without feeling the need to get in their face and demand they change or else. did want to go but didn't have the dough. but two friends Ian and BC went and took some sweet pictures. Veterama Mannheim is one of the biggest second hand moped, car motorcycle flea market events in EuropeVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorIan took the picture and he promised me some more. Van bubble visor. I've also heard that in the sport of fastpitch softball, the Jaguars will have a junior high team and a JV team as they did last year. This is the second year of having that type of set up for fastpitch. The good news to that is that I believe we're one year away from restarting the varsity fastpitch program which is awesome!! Let's start thinking spring!!!Labels: Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa Jaguars baseball. The easiest and the fastest way to apply styling on any SharePoint site is with a site theme. Work smarter, not harder. Conveniently, Microsoft has done some of the dirty work for us. What is a Theme made up of. When we talked to Ranger's Director of Player Personal Gord Clark about Hobbs, the thing that Clark keyed on was that Hobbs plays better when he is either playing with or against better players. This year an older and more experienced Hobbs is being counted on to provide a lot of offense. Not a bad job by Danny to earn our Prospect of the Night in just his second appearance as a Ranger prospect. Ranger fans will get to like this young man is these are the kinds of performances we see every night. The effort is known to the general public as "Trident replacement", but it is a very misleading name for the project, as what needs replacement is the submarine, not the Trident missile. The four Vanguard submarines, on the other hand, can no longer be life extended safely and effectively. So, here in the US, the debate rages over the health care bill. Well. Here is my reply to that. For this, we're defining 'health care' as anything a government does to look after the health of its citizens. To do anything else would be picking and choosing and slanting things. Health is health. But it goes back a little further than that. The first modern sewage system was built in one of the world's first planned cities, Mohenjo-Daro, of the Indus Valley Civilization, approximately five thousand years ago.

It's amazing how that little guy can bring so much more joy to an already-loved activity.

We all had so much fun! Matt and Jake make the same candid faces all the time lately, and it's my favorite. I've written before about the donation quilts my guild makes to raise money for a camp that serves children with cancer. Well we were so close to having the next quilt-top finished when I got the "knock on the door. " The quilter with the last block had used a steam iron on it and the blue batik ran. spreading blue into the pink and then as we tried to fix that the blue ran into the orange. After checking that there was enough fabric to make another if needed. One Day: Two Albuquerque, NM police officers will stand trial for murdering a homeless man. Keeping the video of Seneca, SC cops killing an unarmed white youth secret seems to have muted concern over the random use of deadly force.

Two former Atlanta, GA police officers will stand trial for killing a handcuffed with repeated bursts from taser weapons.

A Hamilton County, TN deputy has been placed on leave after video recorded the officer using “unnecessary force” on a handcuffed prisoner. A Charlotte County, FL grand jury knew that police had killed prisoner Mathew Walker in the County Jail, but declined to indict them in the murder. A cop in Virgina will face murder charges in the death of a suspect who had is hands raised when the officer killed him.

Yes, you read that correctly - cranberry ketchup.

Have you ever heard of such a thing? I hadn't until I received a jar from our friends Kay and Michael who are excellent cooks, former chefs, and bakers.

It's nice to have friends like that! A couple weeks ago I picked up some cranberries and decided to give the recipe a go too. I'm planning to give it as favors to our Thanksgiving Day guests. I'm a sucker for old cookbooks - I love to read through the different recipes and think about times gone past. Sometimes you find some real gems in these old cookbooks even if the methods are a little different than current methods. What is Cranberry Ketchup? It is a spread made of cranberries, sugar, vinegar and some really nice autumn hued spices. What can you do with Cranberry Ketchup? I'm going to use it on a turkey sandwich the day after the holiday. It would also be nice with cheese and crackers. As you can see from my banner, I am quite the fan of Miss Fanning. Even in the pictures of them as children, Elle has a much more soulful look. She just has a great face and is adorable in interviews and I can't wait to see what she does with her career. I already think that she's like the Nicole Kidman of our age. Observation: When the book of the Law was found and Josiah read it, he humbled himself before the Lord in repentance and brokenness. He tore his royal robes and cried out to God and wept before the Lord. When he did, the Lord said he was heard by the Lord. Application: God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble. We must be people who continually look to the Lord and cry out to Him. He loves it when we acknowledge our need of Him. Derek Acorah, cuckoo ghost-whisperer, on quitting smoking. Giving up smoking has been one of the biggest and most important challenges of my life. I have done it, but it was because I wanted to do it and not because anybody told me I must do it. The time was right for me. All the scare tactics in the world didn't work on me – all the pictures of diseased lungs on cigarette packets, all the television advertising, nothing. I had to reach that point where I wanted it for myself. Very true.

And something that anti-smoking fucknuts will never truly understand if their stubborn adherence to those very same failed methods be the judge.

Hi all, As you all know, scheduled publishing will not run automatically unless you enable PublishAgent task in Sitecore config. By default, all items that are in publish queue will get published when this task triggers. This includes all items in the final workflow state and all items that don't have workflows. Sometimes this is not what you want. Maybe you don't enable workflow on media items and you don't want the items to go live when they are not ready. The workaround is to create your own PublishAgent task. It's getting close. just a couple more months. J.

Just a short post today because I'm a bit busy, but I do have a few things to update you on.

Most readers would know that Sharon was very sick last year and a couple of times we thought we might lose her. It was really frightening but thankfully she survived after a long stay in hospital. She's been back helping me behind the scenes here, especially with the apron swap, and on the forum, but she's still sick and may have to go back to hospital. She's also supporting another member of her family in their illness. I would like everyone to give Sharon a cyber hug and let her know how much we appreciate her and her work here. I can honestly tell you that she gives me a lot of support behind the scenes and she really does help keep this place going. Thanks Sharon. I send love and hugs to you and your mob over there! Get well soon. I'm pleased that more and more of you are taking part in these weekly discussions. Let's hear from more of you. No invitation or introduction required. just join in we are all Filofax friends around here. . Imaginer la suite.

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