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First I created a simple background using Kuratake WaterColors. Then I stamped the Birthday Cake Layers with Tim Holtz distress inks and sprayed them with a little water using a mini mister and stamped them onto the water color paper. That's what gives it the wonky lines. If you were to stamp these images onto regular paper and not add the water, you would get a nice crisp line! But that wasn't what I was going for! Want to Win this stamp set?? Just visit the SugarPea Designs blog to enter for your chance to win! . Oh my, this is rich. Here we have Willem Buiter, self-proclaimed genius and mediocre economist extraodinaire, suddenly discovers that there is a problem with the development of "Anglo-American" macroeconomic theory. See his little diatribe here. We all have our own pet peeves with the way macroeconomic theorizing has progressed over the last few decades. My beef with the NK paradigm is this in a nutshell. It is a model that ignores money and typically, financial markets too. The Dewsbury Reporter acknowledges the active fight of campaigners to save museums in Kirklees, particularly the Red House Museum: Passionate campaigners have told Kirklees Council why they think two threatened museums should be saved from the axe. Under budget cuts the historic Red House Museum in Gomersal and Dewsbury Museum in Crow Nest Park face closure. Chairwoman Jacqueline Ryder said: “We were always hopeful that the council will recognise the importance of Red House not just in North Kirklees, but for Yorkshire and, with the Brontë connection, internationally as well.


Aylwin was one of the great Latin American statesmen of our time. His struggle for democracy, social justice and human rights will remain an inspiration for the region and the world. The Chile of today is a testament to his democratic legacy. Patricio Aylwin Azócar was a Christian Democrat who rejected both the Marxism of Allende and the Militarism of Pinochet. He charted a middle path that avoided hatred, violence and embraced all Chileans as fellow citizens. Christian Democrats the world over are mourning his passing and honoring his memory. I was honored to meet President Aylwin at his home on two occasions and engage him in conversation.

It is an appropriate day to honor this man.

Because today is the feast day of St. Maximilian Kolbe, the patron saint of political prisoners. These are the disciples of Dr. Ricardo Bofill. His name is Dr. Ricardo Bofill and over on the opinion pages of The Miami Herald, filmmaker Joe Cardona penned an opinion piece on a founder of the Cuban human rights movement that for the most part I am in agreement with but have one disagreement that will be raised at the end of this essay. Cardona offers a first hand description of this pioneer and his importance: Human rights activist Ricardo Bofill helped redefine the struggle against Fidel Castro. He is a beacon to present-day opposition leaders within the island, yet to many exiles, the soft-spoken, mild-tempered Bofill remains an enigma. The burgeoning, nonviolent dissident movement that grew within the island turned the paradigm of anti-Castro exile politics upside down. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. She also unveiled a blood-donor bill of rights she promised to publicize. Sen. 'What we saw today was an admission of inappropriate practices in the past and a promise they will be fixed,' he said. Her salary was not discussed at the hearing. Like others in the industry, FBC gets its blood for free from donors, tests and repackages it. This post is from Wes Porter. Wes teaches trial advocacy, evidence and white collar crime at Golden Gate University School of Law in San Francisco. The fall mock trial season is upon us. In recent years, the most dramatic change to my approach with trial teams, and with our adjunct professors and trial team coaches, has been with these initial meetings and the instructor’s role. Deferred prosecution agreements may be made between federal prosecutors and corporations, including not-for-profit corporations. courtesy of mingpao.

"I have been planning in Malaysia for awhile.

This is the first step of director Cheng Kin Kwok and my great Southeast Asian film dream. " Ah Jat's friends and fans all liked the idea and congratulated him on breaking out of Hong Kong. Chief Executive Leung Chun Ying earlier encouraged Hong Kong young people to look for development opportunities outside Hong Kong. Some joked, "You indeed listened to the Chief Executive!". The direct link is here: LINK. Actor and San Francisco native, Danny Glover is none too pleased with Tori Campbell and KTVU. The colors are really great together. My card was inspired by this card. My book. Perfect to give to those you love during the holidays. Available at Amazon, bookdepository. Was just passing by and not a soul in site. Here's a few grainy shots, not good light, well that's my excuse anyway!.

Past Horizons Libyans are being warned to guard against looting of their cultural heritage amid the country’s turmoil.

The director of the UN cultural agency is also cautioning the international art and antiquities trade to be “particularly wary of objects from Libya in the present circumstances” because they might be stolen. UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova said in a statement that she contacted authorities in Libya and neighbouring countries to urge them “to protect Libya’s invaluable cultural heritage. ” She warned that past conflicts have led to looting and damage to artefacts and archaeological treasures. The Guardian With thanks to Larry Rothfield's blog for highlighting the relevant paragraph. Kesä on mennyt torin ja värjäysten merkeissä. En ole ehtinyt tehdä mitään kokeiluja tai muita mielenkiintoisia värjäyksiä, vain sitä samaa mitä ennenkin, lankoja tarvikepaketteihin ja myyntiin torille, ja on tuntunut ettei ole ollut mitään kirjoitettavaa tänne, siksi hiljaiselo blogissa. Elokuun lopulla on kuitenkin aloitettava väritattaren sadonkorjuu ja värjäys sillä. Kulunut kesä on ollut tavanomaista viileämpi ja osin sateisempikin kuin tavallisesti. Väritatar on pitänyt sateista ja kasvattanut paljon massaa, mutta saa nähdä miten väriaineet ovat kehittyneet niissä.

IN ENGLISHI have been busy all June and July with the market and dyeing yarns to sell there.

I haven't had time to do any experiments or anything else interesting, just the same old things: colors for the kits and to sell, and so it has felt as I had nothing to write here in my blog. The summer season at them market continues still until mid September, and after that I'll have more new yarns also in the online shop. May all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day full of friends, family, and good food. May your table be colorful. and your couch nice and cosy for that after the meal nap. Thank you all for all the support you give us here at the farm. From my family to yours. Here's another sweet idea for another use for the mini pallet I showed last friday. I haven't posted this past week as I had my parents staying with me and was trying to stay focused on the moment. But here goes. I used the mini coffee cups and filled them with silver chocolate kisses and decorated the outside of them with our new designer series paper called Floral Boutique. Beautiful navy and white paper. Pokemon Marowak papercraft created by the PaperPokes. Grow your career with us. Where everyone has the potential for fastest growing career path. Triple. We haven't made a trip to City Meat Market in Giddings, although we planned to hit it up after Snow's once. Didn't happen. We'll have to make our first official visit there sometime this year. Chris, however, stopped in for lunch on Thursday and sent me these pics. Here's his response:Yeah it was definitely overcooked and dry. With sauce it was pretty good though. The sauce is thinner than most sauces I'm used to, but it had really good flavor and plenty of sweetness. Olivia Newton John, solidaria con las mujeres con #CancerDeMama pic. . Whenever you have a new incident of a cop shooting a black, they exclaim: "See, I told you so! How many times does this have to happen before you wake up!" The problem is that cumulative incidents like that will never reach a tipping point, because it's irrelevant to the nature of the claim. It's parallel to gun opponents who seize on each new shooting spree as if that should be the tipping-point to support gun bans and gun confiscation. Or atheists who seize each new natural disaster as if that should be the tipping-point to renounce Christianity. But incidents like that never add up to a tipping-point. They will happen with a certain frequency. Indeed, they may happen on a daily basis. That's to be expected. Raw numbers don't establish a pattern. If the claim is that cops are targeting blacks, you need to document a pattern. Greetings, Today is the Feast Day for St. Andrew. the patron saint of Scotland. Cheers,Scot. - I went to the Mets game today.

Shea Stadium has seen its better days to be sure, and the sight of the seeds of construction of a new stadium out beyond center field foretells of its imminent, and well-deserved demise.

This is one of my big pet peeves, when you see a manager deviate from what got his team into the playoffs in the first place, and bring a starting pitcher into relieve in a tight game. You usually see it towards the end of a series, when the situation is desperate, or when the finish line seems so close that he can't resist. This Bizarro cartoon is brought to you by Friendship, Inc. "Being there at the right time with the right solution. "A good friend of mine from my old stomping grounds of Dallas, Taxes, asked me a while back if I would put his good buddy's name in my cartoon. He knows I use names on rare occasion and he convinced me this guy was a huge fan and would get a giant kick out of. Unable to resist the opportunity to sell another color print, I acquiesced and here it is. Of course, I've been hearing from Kevin Baileys from all around the country all week. Having a syndicated cartoon is a great way to make new friends, if you don't mind them all having the same name.