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There is only one human being who does it great.

Cully. He is the true master. This drawing is a boring one I did recently. My client, Joe Clifford, put together a guest post for Chuck Sambuchino's blog on Writer's Digest called "Elements of a Successful Book Trailer.

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Joe believes in his work and it shows, which is very attractive to agents and editors. In the end, there's just not a bad angle for this car. "Black Conversation Heart," by Gingiber. I guess if I had gotten laid. it might have been perfect. Well, a little flirting happened. This was going to be a shot of the cat in the window—but the moment I stepped into the room, this über-snuggly kitty came looking for some love. The advantages of this method is that it also removes windows, downspouts, and nearby vegetation. Salon has a slideshow of some representative hailstones and the damage inflicted on automobiles. Hail storms, droughts, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, super storms, and more! Why are these happening with ever increasing frequency? Arguments are raging around the world as to the reality or otherwise of climate change.

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